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10 st. patrick's day books for kids_imagine forest_updated
Reading Lists
10 St. Patrick’s Day Books for Kids!

St. Patrick’s Day is in a few days! We have the perfect reading list of St. Patrick’s day books for kids. Whether you’re looking for an informative book or a classic folk tale, here is our list of 10 St. Patrick’s day books for kids! All perfect for your ...

valentines day picture books for kids_imagine forest V2
Reading Lists, Valentine's Day
6 Valentine’s Day Picture Books for kids

February 14th is nearly upon us! Love surely will be in the air and not just for grownups! Forget that box of chocolates or flowers and buy yourself one of these outrageous Valentine’s Day picture books to give as a gift to another love in your life. Yes, your child ...

2016 Advent Calendar – 25 Days of Storybook Quotes - Imagine Forest
Book Quotes, Christmas
24 Inspirational Quotes Advent Calendar

It's almost Christmas! With just 24 days away, I have decided to mark this moment with an online storybook quotes advent calendar. Each day you will receive an inspirational quote from a popular children's storybook. Please come and check everyday to feel inspired during this Christmas ...

halloween paper bookmark tutorial - Imagine Forest2
Halloween, Paper Crafts
Easy Halloween Paper Bookmark Tutorial

It’s that time of the year again where creatures from the darkest depths of the world come out to play! Even creatures made out of paper, that help you remember which page you were on in your favourite book. In this tutorial I will show you how to make a ...

10 ways to improve your creative writing skills for kids - Imagine Forest
Story Writing Tips
How to Improve Creative Writing Skills: 10 Fun Ways for Kids!

Want to be a novelist when you grow up? But worried that your English skills may not be up to scratch. Or maybe you just can’t seem to find the right inspiration to get you started! Here’s a list of 10 ways to improve your creative writing skills this summer. ...

Dr. Seuss quotes about reading_imagine forest_world book day 2017
Book Quotes, Dr. Seuss
20 Dr. Seuss Quotes about Reading

Dr. Seuss is one of the most quoted authors of all time. His words have motivated the reluctant reader, inspired the uninspired and entertained the bored. There are many things that Dr. Seuss felt passionately about such as playtime, imaginary worlds, a little nonsense or a lot! But one thing ...

3D christmas card tutorial for kids - imagine forest_v2
Christmas, Kids Activities, Paper Crafts
How To Make A Pop-Up Christmas Card In 5 Steps

There’s only a few days left until Christmas! While everyone else is busy down at the Christmas card aisle at WHSmith or Asda. Why not spend your time creating your own pop-up Christmas card! Creating you own Christmas card is more meaningful and more fun than going out a buying ...

12 words beginning with x used in sentences
Fun Word Lists
25+ Words Starting with X Used in a Sentence

For most writers using words beginning with ‘x’ have never been at the top of their list. Words beginning with x are the least used words by writers. Who can blame them? When we can only expect 0.02% of the words in the dictionary to be listed under ‘x’. If ...

Roald Dahl Quotes
Book Quotes
76+ Roald Dahl Quotes with Pictures

In his life, Roald Dahl has created some of literature's most unforgettable characters. His stories have reached generations of kids. Inspiring the young and the old with his heartfelt messages and loveable characters that any child could relate to. Beneath every story he offered a beautiful and yet inspirational piece ...

Paper Craft Pirate Story Pack - Imagine Forest
Paper Crafts
Paper Craft Pirate Story-Telling Pack

Unleash your imagination with this paper craft pirate story-telling pack! Everything you need to create a pirate themed story in a shoe box. Download our printable paper craft pirate story-telling pack here. It comes with a ship, island, palm trees, pirates and of course a treasure chest! Best of all ...