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Nonni’s Moon - Interview with Julia Inserro_childrens book author interviews
Author Interviews
Nonni’s Moon: Interview with Julia Inserro

Nonni’s Moon is a beautiful story about a young girl named Beanie who lives across the world from her Nonni (her Grandmother) and misses her every day. She soon figures out a way to send messages to her Nonni through the moon. The story is a touching reminder of how ...

7 outdoor writing activities for kids by Imagine Forest
Outdoor Writing Activities
7 Outdoor Writing Activities for Kids

When the weather is great outside, its time to get out of your house and enjoy the natural beauty of the great outdoors. Smell the scent of freshly cut grass, hear the birds tweet, feel the warm sun touch your skin and feel inspired by nature. To help you get ...

how to create a comic strip
Writing Activities
How to Create a Comic Strip in 6 Steps

Everyone loves a good comic, whether you’re a comic book geek or just the casual reader of a comic in your local newspaper – Comic Strips are great! While some comic strips just take a few minutes or less to read, don’t underestimate the difficulty of creating one! And because ...

Latest Digital Trends In Education imagine forest
Guest Posts, News & Updates
The Latest Digital Trends Which Education Is Embracing

The Education system and learning environment consistently has to become creative with the way that the learning environment is presented to students and to consistently update teaching methods to appeal to today’s students. With today’s obsession with the digital world and access to social media and wealth of information so ...

earth day writing prompts for kids by imagine forest
Writing Prompts
12 Earth Day Writing Prompts for Kids

April 22nd is Earth day. This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about this beautiful planet and how we can take care of it. To make Earth day even more special why not get writing for this brilliant day. To help inspire you, here are 12 Earth day writing ...

10 Bullet Journal Tips for your first-ever bullet Journal-imagine forest
Bullet Journals
10 Bullet Journal Tips For Your First-Ever Bullet Journal

Keeping a bullet journal not only helps you to stay organised, but can be a brilliant way to encourage children to write on a regular basis. While a traditional journal (or a self-journal) focuses on reflecting on how your day went or reflecting on the past – The goal of ...

how to write a limerick poem with examples-imagine forest
Poetry Examples, Poetry Writing Tips
How to Write a Limerick in 5 Steps + Examples

Did you know that the earliest example of limericks were written up to 500 years ago? To celebrate this funny and humorous form of poetry, May 12th is national limerick day. This is the perfect day to start learning how to write your own limericks. And to help you out, ...

Funniest words in the English language
Fun Word Lists
105+ of the Funniest Words in the English Language Used in a Sentence

Did you know English language is the most complicated language to learn as a second language (Japanese a close second)? Not so surprising when you think about words like, they’re, there and their. And not to mention the confusing plural nouns, like goose is geese, but moose as a plural ...

How to Write Your First Ever Haiku Plus 6 Tips & examples imagine forest
Poetry Examples, Poetry Writing Tips
How to Write Your First Ever Haiku Plus 6 Tips & examples

Most people think writing a Haiku is easy, but a really good haiku takes time and practice. The earliest example of a short haiku dates back to the sixteenth-century and since then there have been a ton of haiku poets, including Matsuo Basho, Anselm Hollo and Kobayashi Issa. For anyone ...

8 Magical Unicorn Poems for National Unicorn Day imagine forest
Poetry Examples, Writing Challenges
8 Magical Unicorn Poems to Brighten Up Your Day

Unicorn’s don’t exist or do they? Out of all the mythological creatures out there, the Minotaur, dragons, the phoenix, vampires, werewolves - The unicorn is the most magical and the most majestic. It even appears in many children’s books, such as Harry Potter, The looking glass by Lewis Carroll and ...


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