Paper Craft Pirate Story-Telling Pack

Paper Craft Pirate Story Pack - Imagine Forest

Unleash your imagination with this paper craft pirate story-telling pack! Everything you need to create a pirate themed story in a shoe box. Download our printable paper craft pirate story-telling pack here. It comes with a ship, island, palm trees, pirates and of course a treasure chest! Best of all if something is missing you can create your own props or pirates on a piece of paper. To get you started here is some simple instructions to create an awesome pirate ship.

NEW UPDATE: If this paper craft pirate ship is too difficult to make, try looking at our pirate finger puppets printable!

Paper Craft Pirate Ship instructions:

What you will need:

1. Template printed on card in colour

2. Scissors

3. Glue

Step 1: Print out the printable paper craft pirate story-telling pack.Paper Craft Pirate Story Pack - step 1-Imagine ForestStep 2: Ask an adult to cut all the pieces out.

Paper Craft Pirate Story Pack -step 2-Imagine Forest

Step 3: Begin by sticking together the base of the ship, as shown in the image, but do not stick the bottom of the ship yet.

Paper Craft Pirate Story Pack - step 3-Imagine ForestStep 4: Construct the flag pole and add the flags on. Then stick this in place on the ship.

Paper Craft Pirate Story Pack - step 4-1-Imagine ForestPaper Craft Pirate Story Pack - step 4 - Imagine ForestStep 5: Stick the base of the ship on and now your ship is complete!

Paper Craft Pirate Story Pack - step 5-Imagine Forest

Continue creating the rest of the pirate props and soon you should have a whole scene!

Paper Craft Pirate Story Pack - final - Imagine Forest

Pirate Writing Prompts

Not sure what pirate stories to tell? Here are some pirate writing prompts to get your started:

1. You are the captain of the ‘Deep Pearl’ ship. You and your ship mates are on voyage to find new mysterious islands

2. Captain Blackbeard has stole your treasure, you must get revenge somehow.

3. The sea is alive and you have been hearing voices at night telling you to go to the far end of the sea.

4. Tell a day in the life stories of being the captain of a pirate ship.

5. The captain falls in love with a beautiful, sweet mermaid. However this mermaid really has bad intentions.

Now you can let your imagination really run wild by role-playing over hundreds of pirate themed stories. For more awesome story-telling resources, sign-up to Imagine Forest or see our story crafts section. Did this pack inspire you to create some amazing pirate stories?  Let us know by commenting below!

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