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If you’re planning on writing a swashbuckling tale about pirates, then you’ll need some awesome pirate names for your characters. We have created a mega list of over 1,000 cool pirate names to use in your story and a cool random pirate name generator. Whether you’re looking for a leading female captain or a lazy, low-down crew member on your ship, we got the perfect pirate names for you. You might also want to check out our pirate ship name generator for some cool names for your pirate ship.

Pirate Name Generator

In the meantime, if you’re struggling for some cool pirate names, use our pirate name generator below for some quick suggestions.

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The key to creating a good pirate name is to start with a simple, yet expressive adjective, such as skinny, big or silly. Then add a similar sounding name after your chosen adjective. For example, Stinking Pete or Silly Shelly. Another way to come up with your own pirate name is to think about some pirate or sea-related terms, such as tide or skull. From these terms, we could come up with the following names, Old-Tide Sammy or Davey Dark-Skull.  Try these two techniques for yourself and see if you can come up with any creative pirate names! 

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Pirate Captain Names

Need a tough or funny name for your captain? Take a look at these cool and wacky pirate captain names:

  • Cap’n Dreadful
  • Captain Justeene
  • Captain Seadog
  • Captain Mack Calabran
  • Captain Vex Totem
  • Captain Black Jack
  • Captain Blackbeard
  • Captain Silver-Tongue
  • Captain Silver-Hook
  • Admiral Davey
  • Admiral Williams
  • Captain Jolly
  • Captain O’Fish
  • Admiral Storm
  • Captain Booty
  • Captain Crabby
  • Captain Redbeard
  • Captain Puffypants
  • Captain Cannon
  • Admiral Spike
  • Admiral Wade
  • Captain Lazyjacks
  • Admiral Mullins
  • Captain Rattlebones
  • Cap’n Skully
  • Captain Crawford
  • Sir John Winters
  • Captain Vera Brave
  • Captain Liza Scallywag
  • Captain Cecila Jagger
  • Admiral Hawk
  • Captain Drake Deranged
  • Captain Slyvester Shadows
  • Admiral Simpson
  • Captain Deepsea Davey
  • Captain David Death
  • Captain Mildred McCoy
  • Captain Rivers McGee
  • Captain Julie Jagger
  • Captain Patty Price
  • Captain McKraken
  • Captain Van Horne
  • Captain Sandy Shores
  • Captain McFilthy
  • Captain Scurvyshorts
  • Captain Randell Red-Lord
  • Captain Fish-Lips
  • Admiral Henry Heart
  • Captain Renshaw Vance
  • Captain Eldar Nightwind
  • Cap’n Chipper Toes

Male Pirate Names

Here are some crazy pirate names for your male crew members:

  • Pete Blackbeard
  • Bill Bones
  • Peteplank
  • Black Bill The Feared
  • Wainwright ‘Bird Eye’ Shelley
  • John Blackeye
  • Poopdeck Pete
  • Big Jones
  • Maximus Dark-Skull
  • Toothless Pete
  • Crimson Seadog
  • Musclemouth Mike
  • Winter Greybeard
  • Chipper Goldheart
  • Thunder Dave
  • Stinkin’ Pete
  • Davey Dark-Skull
  • Old-Tide Sammy
  • Pistol-Grin Gary
  • Old Chipper
  • One-Tooth John
  • Hunter Brendan
  • Speechless Mike
  • Mad Michael
  • Handsome Jimmy
  • Rascal Jimmy
  • Cannonball Conner
  • Jason Sea Legs
  • Barnacle Bill
  • Silver-Tooth Samuel
  • Pete Peg-Leg
  • Lazy-Eye Louie
  • Paddy Sparrow
  • Vince Puffypants
  • Jack Red-Locks
  • Gordon Rough
  • Oscar Foul
  • Wyatt Gold
  • Edwin ‘No Money’ Mables
  • Theo Stinkalot
  • George Balding
  • Hansel The Handsome
  • Jonas Rattler
  • Jacob Cutter
  • Wade Wilds
  • Randell Rummy
  • Garrick Roach
  • Malvo Razor-Face
  • Roger Starky
  • Finn O’Fish
  • Dirty Danny
  • Churchhill Evans

Female Pirate Names

Give your leading lady a beautiful or villainous pirate name to suit her personality:

  • Celia ‘Butcher’ Tyde
  • Elnora ‘Evil Grin’ Neale
  • Shiverin’ Shelley
  • Mighty Mary
  • Kellie Strong-Heart
  • Misty Winters
  • Voodoo Wendy
  • Salty Sarah
  • Shark-Fin Suzie
  • Penelope Precious
  • Sugar-Tongue Shelly
  • Silvera Snake-Eyes
  • Boney Brenda
  • One-Leg Nellie
  • One-Eye Wendy
  • Lady Tide
  • Cut-Throat Connie
  • Nancy Tall-Tide
  • Moonie Two-Toe
  • Esme Dark-Waters
  • Jilly Buckets
  • Mary Gun-Powder
  • Liza Mcgee
  • Sadie Waters
  • Joy McStubby
  • Betty Tuna-Breath
  • Opal Sea-Wolf
  • Nancy Lobster-Legs
  • Bella O’Greed
  • Ella Treasures
  • Ruth O’Patches
  • Miranda Gold-Tooth
  • Vera Sparrow
  • Carrie Atlantis
  • Mazie Deep-Waters
  • Peggy One-Leg
  • Evie Shark-Bait
  • Lou-Lou Stubbs
  • Polly d’Plank
  • Pearl Bailey
  • Glory Jones
  • Clara Shadows
  • Sally Black
  • Daisy O’Jelly
  • Suzie McGraw
  • Janie Big-Lips
  • Vicky FishMonger
  • Mabel Hook-Hand
  • Mae Whiskey-Woo
  • Martha One-Eyed
  • Crazy Kellie
  • Lady Cassandra
  • Lady Marilyn Man-Eater
  • Mary Jane Death-Bringer

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