Pirate Ship Name Generator: 150+ Pirate Ship Names

Ahoy there Mateys! Continuing from our pirate name generator, we have created an awesome pirate ship name generator. 

When it comes to stories about pirates, the ship name is just as important as the name of the characters. Calling a ship, simply a “ship” in a pirate tale is simply unforgivable. Your ship name should excite readers and set the tone of your story. If you’re writing about a scary, treacherous pirate crew, then your ship should send shivers down the spines of your readers. Try something like ‘The Bloody Lagoon’ or ‘The Cursed Hangman’. On the other hand, if you’re writing a humorous, feel-good story, a ship name like ‘The Stinkin’ Plank’ or “Old James” could fit the script perfectly. 

A good technique for creating your own ship name is picking an adjective and then mixing it with a pirate-related word. For example the Dazzling Pearl or the Jolly Skull. For a list of pirate words, take a look at this pirate lists PDF. In the meantime, you can use our pirate ship name generator below to get a quick random ship name to use in your stories. You might also be interested in this island name generator, which gives you some cool pirate island name ideas.

Pirate Ship Name Generator

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Pirate Ship Names

Looking for a cool ship name to use in your stories, take a look at this master list of over 150 pirate ship names:

  • Abandoned Barnacle
  • Angel of Doom
  • Barbaric Serpent
  • Black Pearl
  • Blood Lightening
  • Blood-Thirsty Rover
  • Bloody Hangman
  • Bone Heart
  • Bone Rattler
  • Broken Slave
  • Broken Soul
  • Burning Rose
  • Cannon Blocker
  • Corrupted Skull
  • Crooked Star
  • Cursed Hangman
  • Cursed Raider
  • Cursed Slave
  • Dark Howler
  • Dark Soul
  • Dazzling Pearl
  • Dead Bones
  • Dead-Man’s Raft
  • Death Fire
  • Demon Sea-Dog
  • Disgraced Anchor
  • Dream Chaser
  • Drunken James
  • Drunken Sailor
  • Fearful Diamond
  • Fearful Slave
  • Ginger Snap
  • Golden Cairn
  • Golden Eel
  • Golden Jewel
  • Golden Mermaid
  • Golden Rose
  • Golden Squid
  • Grand Serpent
  • Hangman’s Hollow
  • Happy Dog
  • Happy Sailor
  • Hellish Captain
  • Hungry Hangman
  • Jolly Skull
  • Jolly Storm
  • Lone Star
  • Lost Dreams
  • Lost King
  • Lost Lagoon
  • Lost Soul
  • Lost Treasure
  • Moon Raider
  • Moon Whisperer
  • Night Blood
  • Night Fighter
  • Night of Doom
  • Night Soul
  • Night Wind
  • Ocean Curse
  • Old Barnacle
  • Old James
  • Old Scallywag
  • Old Sea Dog
  • Old TIde
  • Plague Lagoon
  • Plague Storm
  • Poisoned Arrow
  • Poisonous Maid
  • Red Hurricane
  • Red Pirate
  • Red Wave
  • Revenge Queen
  • Revenge Tide
  • Rising Ghost
  • Ruthless Raider
  • Scream Fire
  • Sea Ghost
  • Sea of Terror
  • Secret Dagger
  • Serpent’s Cry
  • Seven Seas of WIlliams
  • Shadow Storm
  • Shark Rider
  • Sick Walrus
  • Silent Raider
  • Soggy Seaweed
  • Soul Cairn
  • Speedy Sun
  • Stinkin Plank
  • Stinkin Skull
  • Sun Howler
  • Tainted Heart
  • Tainted Rose
  • Thunder Tide
  • Thunder Waves
  • Vanilla Skyline
  • White Night
  • White Wave
  • Wild Storm
  • Wind Raider
  • Drunken Squid
  • Shallow Mermaid
  • Mystic Sea
  • Pirate’s Secret
  • Dream Stealer
  • Shiverin’ Dragon
  • Fallen Fish
  • Fallen Hook
  • New Pearl
  • Serpent’s Revenge
  • Silent Killer
  • Dirty Dragon
  • HellFish
  • Burning Dragon
  • Poseidon’s Revenge
  • Curse of Poseidon
  • Neptune’s Wave
  • Red Tsunami
  • Fallen Captain
  • Damp Queen
  • Fish Fryer
  • Dark Shark
  • Clumsy Sailor
  • Jewel of Atlantis
  • Jewel Theif
  • Dusty Anchor
  • Rusty Bell
  • Pretty Coral
  • Dreaming Wave
  • Tainted Dragon
  • Scurvy Wave
  • Damned Night
  • Squid Blaster
  • Rusty Cannon
  • Brave Titan
  • Stone Shark
  • Ghostly Death
  • Mystic Sirens
  • Pure Sirens
  • Devil’s Heart
  • Stone Angel
  • Fallen Titan
  • Wicked Folly
  • Deadly Destiny
  • Ulgy Kraken
  • Soulless Dragon
  • Royal Pearl
  • Deadly Squid
  • Neptune’s Teeth
  • Hellish Shark
  • Barbaric Ghost
  • Lost Mayflower
  • Lost Screams of Peter
  • Jewel Serpent
  • Speedy Slug
  • Sunken Seaweed
  • Sunken Whale

Here’s a challenge for you – Using the ship names above as inspiration, can you create your own pirate ship name? Let us know your unique ship names in the comments below.

Pirate Ship Name generator

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