10 Pirate Writing prompts for Kids + Free Printable

Ahoy there matey, 19th September marks a very special day indeed. That’s talk like a pirate day! A pirate’s life is not an easy one! Imagine fighting off rivals and managing unruly shipmates. But they sure have a lot of fun at sea too. I would love to go on daily treasure hunts and find precious treasure worth millions. To celebrate the culture of pirates and everything they represent, we have created 10 pirate themed writing prompts. We have even included a free printable to get you writing like a real sturdy pirate! You might also be interested in our island name generator, especially if you need some cool island name ideas.

10 Pirate Writing prompts:

  1. Write a how-to guide on how to hide treasure.
  2. Write a short story about a pirate who has been cursed for stealing some forbidden treasure.
  3. Write a funny story about a pirate who keeps a collection of dancing monkeys from all over the world.
  4. Your old nemesis wants to attack your ship. What would you say to them to convince them not to? You might find this pirate ship name generator cool!
  5. On a 10 year voyage, you finally find the mysterious island, you’ve been looking for. Can you describe it?
  6. Your shipmates have kicked you off your own ship! In the middle of nowhere, how will you get your revenge?
  7. Write a couple of journal entries about the life of being a pirate.
  8. Write a how-to guide on how to protect your ship from attacks.
  9. Your father is the captain of the legendary Pearl Pants ship. He is going off on his biggest voyage yet, while you have to stay at home. Write a series of letter’s to your father.
  10. One night, you walk onto the deck to find a mermaid nearly dying. What do you do next?
  11. BONUS: Create your own pirate name. You can use our pirate name generator to inspire you!

Don’t forget your free pirate printable to help you create awesome pirate stories! It includes a word list of pirate words and a list of popular pirate lingo to make your stories really stand out.

pirate word list and lingo for kids _imagine forest
Download your free pirate word list printable for kids.

How will you be celebrating Talk like a pirate day?

Avast mateys! I hope our pirate story prompts help you create spectacular stories about pirates. You can share your pirates using the hashtag #imagineforest on social media or add a link in the comments below. Are there any other ways you are celebrating talk like a pirate day 2017? We would love to hear your stories or see fun pirate pictures! Let us know in the comments.

Have you checked out our free talk like a pirate day activity pack?

10 Pirate Themed Writing prompts for kids _free Printable_imagine forest

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