25+ Space Writing Prompts

Looking for some cool space writing prompts to inspire you? Space is a mysterious, and highly imaginative topic to write about. It gives you the room to explore your imagination and learn some interesting facts about the solar system and more. Whether you want to write a factual story about life on Mars, or a fictional tale of alien empires, these 25 space-themed writing prompts are here to inspire!

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25+ Space Writing Prompts

From creative writing space-themed ideas to thought-provoking solar system writing prompts for all ages:

  1. You just discovered a new planet. Imagine you are an astronaut, and you just crash-landed on a secret planet in the solar system. Describe this planet in great detail. Think about the climate, atmosphere, appearance, the sky and so on.
  2. Write a series of journal entries about travelling to Mars. You and your family have been selected to live on Mars for a few months, as a trial run for the government. Write a series of journal entries as you travel to Mars in a rocket. Think about the food you’re eating. How do you keep yourself entertained in the spaceship? And even how you go to the bathroom, or have a shower in a rocket. 
  3. Write a short story about discovering a broken spaceship. You wake up in the morning to find pieces of a broken spaceship scattered across your backyard. What happens next in this story?
  4. Describe a new alien race. Start by drawing a picture of this new alien race that could live somewhere out there in the galaxy. Then describe this alien in great detail. And don’t forget to give this new alien race a name. 
  5. You are the captain of a space pirate ship. You travel the galaxy, causing chaos wherever you go. Write about your latest adventure in space. 
  6. Write a futuristic detective story set in space. In the year 3,006, you are a detective trying to solve the case of the missing space children from years ago.
  7. Interview an astronaut about his recent trip to the moon. Don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be a real interview, just an imaginary one! Think about the questions you would ask this astronaut, and how they would reply. Try to think of at least 10 questions and answers for this imaginary interview. 
  8. Write a fairytale about an astronaut who falls in love with an alien princess. Start your fairytale with the line, “Once upon a time…”. Read our guide on how to write fairy tales for further help.
  9. Write the origin story of how Uranus was discovered. On 13th March 1781, Sir William Herschel first discovered Uranus using his trusty telescope. Turn this discovery into an exciting story of how a hard-working astronomer discovered the planet, known as the “ice-giant”.
  10. It’s the year 3,021 and humans have built cities all over the solar system. In just a few hours you can travel to any planet in the solar system and beyond. Write a short story about being the ruler of any planet of your choice, set in the future. 
  11. Write a heart-warming story about a boy who discovers a Meteorite. The discovery of this meteorite changes his life completely. But how exactly?
  12. Write a funny story about a group of space chimps. A group of space chimps set out to break the record for staying in space the longest. What happens next?
  13. Can humans live on Mars? The government has given you the task of seeing if humans can live on Mars. You assemble a team of scientists and astronauts to test this theory. Continue this story.
  14. For years you have been collecting the remains of meteorites on Earth. Your entire shed is filled with meteorites collected from various places on Earth. One day, a strange-looking scientist from NASA knocks at your door, asking to hand over the entire collection. Continue this story.
  15. Write a short story titled, “Paranoid About The Stars.”. One idea for this story could be about a boy who uses his telescope every single night. He believes the stars are trying to tell him something. Is this true or is he just being paranoid?
  16. Write eight haiku poems about the eight major planets in the solar system. These planets include Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
  17. Humans need to leave Earth, as it slowly crumbles away. But only a select few can leave Earth to live on the new habitable planet. Who qualifies as part of this selection? Are there any challenges they have to win? Continue this story.
  18. NASA has selected a group of civilians to live on Mars. You have been given a checklist of basic things to do on Mars, along with a training manual. Continue this story. Think about how you will live on Mars, and what things you will need to do in order to survive.
  19. A trip to the moon goes terribly wrong. Continue this story. Think about all the things that could go wrong while travelling to the moon.
  20. Create a travel brochure for Mars. Remember to highlight all the key tourist attractions, places to stay and eat while on Mars.
  21. A group of space aliens have been travelling the galaxy for years. They have been documenting life on each planet they have visited. And now they have finally landed on Earth. Write a quick guide to life on Earth. Remember to cover the basic things, such as sleeping, eating, going to school and travelling.
  22. Would you rather rule life on Uranus (The coldest planet) or Venus (The hottest planet)? Explain your choice. 
  23. You crash land on a strange planet and are captured by aliens. For years you work as a slave for these aliens, until one day…Continue this story.
  24. You are the chairman of the Planet Peace Committee. The role of the committee is to ensure peace and cooperation between all the planets in the solar system. Make a list of rules you would set to ensure peace between planets.
  25. After Earth is destroyed, humans travel to live on a new planet. You are the lead pilot on a spaceship that is carrying 10,000 human passengers across space. Suddenly a fight breaks out in the ship setting you off course. Continue this story.
  26. It’s been 16 years since you left Earth. Finally, as a grown-up, you return to Earth to discover…Continue this story.

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