56 Spring Writing Prompts

Welcome the Spring season with this list of 56 spring writing prompts.

Spring is a time for new beginnings, growth and re-birth. Watch the flowers bloom, as insects invade gardens, and animals awake from hibernation. Everything is alive and full of colour in Springtime. Some of the themes covered in this list of writing prompts about spring include flowers, insects, new beginnings, rain, baby animals, eggs, rabbits, rainbows and much more. These spring creative writing prompts are great for kindergarten students all to way up to adults. 

Spring Writing Prompts

This list includes a mix of fun spring journal prompts, as well as creative story ideas for springtime:

  1. Write an acrostic poem using the letters that spell Spring.
  2. Complete this sentence in at least 3 different ways: Spring reminds me of…
  3. Describe your dream garden. What plants or flowers would you grow? You can use our plant name generator for some plant ideas.
  4. What is your favourite flower, and why?
  5. Write a short story from the perspective of a seed that has just been planted in the ground. How does this seed feel as it slowly grows into a fully grown plant?
  6. Write a haiku about rainy days.
  7. Would you rather go flower picking with a fairy, or splashing in the puddles with an ogre. Explain your answer.
  8. Write a how-to guide on how to grow your own carrots at home.
  9. Write a short story about a talking daffodil that wakes up to discover that they are all alone in the middle of the highway. Will they ever find out what happened to the green field of flowers they once lived in?
  10. Write down a conversation between a slug and a tulip. In this conversation, the tulip wants the slug to stop eating its leaves. How can the tulip convince the slug to listen to it?
  11. Research at least 5 facts about queen bees.
  12. What do you like most about Spring? And what do you dislike about Spring? Try to list at least three things for each.
  13. Write a short story about a colony of bees who must protect their hive from a hungry, local bear.
  14. Write a day in the life story of a worker ant who must forage food for their colony.
  15. Spring is the season of new beginnings. Make a list of at least 5 new things you want to start doing this Spring.
  16. Can you create an A to Z book of flowers and plants? For each flower or plant, try to include at least one fact about it.
  17. Imagine you find a blue coloured egg in your garden. You take care of this egg, and after a few days, it starts hatching. Continue this story…
  18. Write a short story about a baby rabbit that is raised by a family of otters.
  19. Imagine you are a baby bear coming out of your den for the first time in Spring. Describe everything you see, hear, taste, smell and feel in the outside forest.
  20. Make a list of at least 5 indoor activities you can do when it’s raining outside.
  21. Write a short story about a farmer who must stop a family of groundhogs from eating their prize-winning vegetables. 
  22. Write a how-to guide on how to take care of a baby rabbit.
  23. Imagine that you are a frog. This year you are in charge of hosting the big ‘Spring is Here!’ party at the local pond. Create your own party invites to send to the other animals. Think about the theme, food and entertainment at the party. And don’t forget to include the location, time and date of the party on the invites. 
  24. Write an origin story of how the very first Spring was created.
  25. What are the key differences between winter and spring? Can you list at least five differences between the two seasons?
  26. Create a poster highlighting the reasons why plants and flowers are important to the environment.
  27. Make a top ten list of the cutest baby animals.
  28. Spring cleaning is about getting rid of old, unwanted stuff from your house. Can you think of at least three items that you no longer need or use?
  29. Make a list of at least 10 activities you can do during the spring break holidays.
  30. Create your own rainbow poem. Each line of the poem should reference a different colour of the rainbow. For example, Red like …, Orange like …, Yellow like  … and so on.
  31. Write a short story about a baby bird who wants to be a good singer, but has lost its voice.
  32. What do you think will happen to the planet Earth if it never rains ever again? What would happen to the water supply? How about the plants and wildlife?
  33. In Greek mythology, it is believed that Spring happens when the Goddess Persephone returns from the underworld to Earth. Persephone spent Autumn and winter, as the queen of the underworld. And then as agreed with Hades she would return in Spring. Her warmth thaws the snow creating Spring. Can you write a short story about the Goddess Persephone and how Spring is created?
  34. Write a short story about the worst picnic ever. Think about all the things that could go wrong before, during, and after a picnic.
  35. Research at least 10 facts about the spring season.
  36. Write a day in the life story of a nurse bee who is responsible for taking care of newborns and eggs ( pupae and larvae) in the hive.
  37. If the Spring season was a person, what kind of person would they be? Describe their appearance and personality. 
  38. Write a short story about a shy ladybird who is embarrassed because they have no spots like the other ladybirds.
  39. Describe in great detail, a forest during springtime. Think about the physical appearance of the forest and the sounds you might hear. You can even use the five senses technique to describe your forest. You might find this forest name generator useful.
  40. Imagine that you are a Plant Biologist. During your nature walk in the woods, you discover a new species of plant. Write down a description of this new plant, along with a drawing of it. 
  41. Make a list of food you can pack for a picnic at your local park.
  42. Write a short story about a grumpy bear who refuses to leave its cave when Spring comes.
  43. Would you rather have a baby rabbit as a pet or a baby chick as a pet? Explain your answer.
  44. Write a short story about a town that is plagued by ‘Spring Fever’. Spring fever is an illness that makes people daydreamy and tired during springtime.
  45. Which season is better Winter or Spring? Explain your answer.
  46. Write a short story about a lonely robin who becomes best friends with an earthworm.
  47. Can you write a limerick poem about a lazy badger?
  48. Write a letter to the winter season, telling them how much you miss them.
  49. Make a top ten list of the scariest bugs or insects.
  50. Spring is all about positive change. Can you think of at least three ways to become a better person?
  51. Make a top ten list of the prettiest flowers in the world.
  52. Write a romantic story about a forest Woodpecker trying to find love in the big city. Think about the animals the woodpecker might meet in the city.
  53. For centuries a magical forest has been cursed to live in Winter for eternity. Until one wood elf goes on a journey to break this curse and bring Spring to the forest.
  54. Complete the following sentence in at least three different ways: During Spring, my favourite activity is…
  55. Would you rather have a picnic in a field of flowers, or go for a hike through a forest? Explain your choice.
  56. Write a story about a wood frog who wakes up from its sleep in Spring to discover that his family is gone.

What did you think of these spring writing prompts? Did you find them useful? Let us know in the comments below!

spring writing prompts

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