10 Storytelling Activities for Kids on Storytelling Day

Did you know that March the 20th is storytelling day? If not, don’t worry! We have your day sorted. Our list of storytelling activities for kids is filled with quick and easy activities to set up. So you too can get involved this storytelling day! I have roamed the internet to find a list of the top 10 storytelling activities for kids to improve their creativity, visualisation skills and communication skills.

Here is our list of 10 storytelling activities for kids perfect for storytelling day:

1. Storytelling Prompts Jar

Grab an empty jar from your kitchen and some torn up pieces of paper. On each small piece of paper write a random word or phrase. This could be anything, such as cat, princess or a phrase (list of story prompts for kids). Put all the torn up pieces of paper inside the jar. Then take turns to take out a piece of paper. Whatever the word is on that paper, that person must tell a story using that word or phrase. If your child gets stuck, you can use prompts, such as:

”What does your character see or hear?”

“Who else is there?”

“What does the place look like?”

Storytelling Activities for Kids on story-telling day_story-telling prompts jar_imagine forest

Image from education.com

2. Using Maps to Tell Stories

This next storytelling activity for kids was inspired by the old DIY pirate treasure hunt activity for kids. I have slightly changed the idea to fit any occasion.  First tell your child to draw a map of a town, imaginary or real. They could include places such as a school, hospital, library, park and shops. Now with your map created, you can use it as a prompt for storytelling! If your map is of an imaginary town, you can imagine what it would be like to live there. Tell a story about the day-to-day activities in that town or of different scenarios. For example “one day a hurricane comes and destroyed the town…” or “Aliens coming to the town…” Of course you can still pretend that you’re a pirate on a treasure hunt or a tourist trying to find your way around town!

Storytelling Activities for Kids on story-telling day_DIY story maps for kids_imagine forest

Image from theboyandme.co.uk blog

3. DIY Paper Finger Puppets

DIY finger cone puppets are extremely good for creating dialogue between characters. You can make some quick finger puppets out of paper, using this tutorial. Your paper puppets can be any characters you like, such as some fairy-tale characters or even family members. Try practising dialogue between the characters in different scenarios, such as “You stole my toy…” or “I’m going on holiday to…” If your child gets stuck you can use the 5 W’s and 1 H technique as a prompt. For example “What is your character doing?” or “describe who your character is in this story?”

make paper finger puppets tutorial

4. Story Stones

I found this idea on the happyhooligans website and is a great addition to any toy box. Story stones are smooth rocks that you can find at the beach or purchase at a craft store. You can use stickers, paints or magazine cut-outs to decorate your story stones. Depending on what is printed on the stone, you can use it in many ways. For example as characters in a dollhouse or as building blocks. Similar to the storytelling prompts jar, you can randomly pick up a story stone or multiple story stones to tell a story.

Storytelling Activities for Kids on storytelling day_DIY story stones for kids_imagine forest

Image from happyhooligans.ca website

5. DIY Story Cubes

Just like the story stones and storytelling prompts jar, the DIY stone cubes can be used to provide some inspiration on how to start your story.  Follow the instructions over at our story cubes blog post to create your own story cubes. Once done, you can toss the cubes around and see what object they land on. Whatever you land on, that’s the object you can include in your storytelling! You can also use multiple story cubes to structure your story. For example, your story cubes can be used decide on the hero in your story, the setting, the villain and any other extra props to include.

story cube images story

6. Family Photos

Get those old family photos out and tell some memorable stories! Sometimes you can capture the most interesting things in photographs. You can play a game, such as tell a story in less than 10 photographs. Or flip through different photos, saying what you see in each one. Don’t worry if your child keeps repeating the same story over and over again. Just provide them with some extra suggestions to help change the story. You can try using the the 5 W’s and 1 H technique as mentioned above to help your child.

7.  Draw a Picture Game

This one is a fun little group activity. Everyone starts off by drawing any picture they like on a piece of paper. Then they swap their drawings with the person next to them. That person now tells a story based on the drawing they have. This is a great game for bonding with each other and improves your child’s visualisation skills as well as interpretation skills! Try it out, you may get some funny stories out of your kids.

Outdoor kids summer activities - story map-imagine forest

8. Paper dolls in a Paper City

Made by Joel has a great collection of printables with paper dolls in a paper city. The pintables are perfect for your colour-crazed kids. Colour in your paper people and paper buildings any way you like! When done, you are ready for some storytelling. Best of all, all his pintables are free!

Story-telling Activities for Kids on story-telling day_paper dolls in paper city_imagine forest

Image from madebyjoel blog

9. Toy Box

Yes, your toy box is an excellent source of storytelling. Filled with dolls, Lego, animal pieces and who knows what else, you’re spoilt for choice on story ideas. You can organise your toys into different story characters. Who will play the villain and who is the hero? And use your home as a setting, any other toys as props or side characters. Then let the storytelling commence!Outdoor kids summer activities - treasure hunt-imagine forest10. Upcycled Story Magnets

Of all the storytelling activities for kids, I love this idea on the sun hats and wellie boots website. What makes this idea even more brilliant, is that you can recycle any old books you no longer need. Cut out the images, stick them on a sheet of cardboard and add some adhesive magnets on the back. You can do the same with copies of family photos! And your upcycled story magnets are done! You kids will love sticking these story magnets on your fridge and re-arranging all the items to make a unique story.

Story-telling Activities for Kids on story-telling day_diy story magnets_imagine forest

Image from sunhatsandwellieboots.com blog

Any more suggestions on storytelling activities for kids?

Got any more ideas for storytelling activities for kids? Let us know in the comments below. Have these creative storytelling activities inspired your kids to write? Then join our online community of young writers to create your own story online!

In the meantime why not check out our other kids activities on the Imagine Forest blog.

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