8 Fun Storytelling Games Using Image Prompts

We all know that image prompts are a brilliant way to inspire you when you’re struggling to find ideas. But did you know that you can play some really fun games using image prompts? Using image prompts not only improves creativity, but if used in a group activity it can help to build communication skills and teamwork. If you thought the only thing you can do with image prompts is to look at them, then think again! Here are 8 fun storytelling games using image prompts that you really need to try.

For more inspiration take part in our daily picture writing prompt challenge. Each day you will be given a new picture prompt to write about.

8 Fun Storytelling Games Using Image Prompts

For these games, you need a collection of photographs or cut-out images of any sort. Take a look at these 25 image prompts to inspire you or this master list of over 85 picture writing prompts with a free printable.

1. Photo Turnover

Turn over all your photo or image prompts and then choose 5 randomly to tell a story. It doesn’t matter if your images don’t make sense together – In fact, the more random they are, the better your story will be!

2. Round Robin Tournament

In a group, one person selects a random image prompt and says a sentence to start the story off. Then that person passes the image on to the next person to continue the story. Keep passing the image prompt around the group. If a person can’t think of anything to say, they’re out – Keep doing this until one winner stands. You can make this challenge more difficult by asking each member to pick up an extra image prompt on their turn. And then they would have to include all the images in their hand into their story.

3. Snappy Slogans

Use an image prompt to come up with a newsworthy headline or slogan. You can stick your images onto a board or the wall along with their newsworthy captions and then from these you can write your own newspaper articles.

4. Photo Re-order

Pick a selection of photos from your collection and then order them in any order you like to tell a story. You can keep ordering them so the ending or starting changes each time.

5. Where, who, what

One person with the image prompt describes to the other person where they are, who they are or what they are. The other person tries to guess the answer in as many little turns as they can.

6. True words

Anyone from the group can pick up an image prompt at random. Then everyone shouts the first word that comes to mind in turns or they can write it down on a paper and discuss it afterwards.

7. A million stories

Using the same image prompt, ask everyone to write down a sentence on a paper. Then compare your ideas with one another. It is always interesting to see how the same image can have so many different meanings to different people.

8. Free Writing

Everyone can spend 10 to 15 minutes freewriting about any photograph of their choice. Then swap your photograph with the person next to you, so they can free-write using your photograph. Finally, swap over your pieces of writing, so you can compare your writing styles.

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How do you use image Prompts?

Whether you prefer to randomly select one image prompt and then tell a story or play some image prompts games to get some inspiration, you’re sure to find some inspiration! What do you think of these fun storytelling games using image prompts? Have you tried any of these? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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