Talk Like a Pirate Day: FREE Activity Pack!

Ahoy thar, matey! Download ye FREE activity pack here. This pack includes free colouring pages, puzzles, pirate paper craft activities and more…

In th’ meantime, here be some scurvy pirate lin’o to prepare ye fer ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day!’ If you didn’t understand that, I said here is some pirate lingo to prepare you for ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day!’! And why not go a step further and give yourself a fun pirate name – You can use our pirate name generator to help you out.

‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’ Lingo:

Talk like a pirate day 2015

English: Good morning!
Pirate: Avast, tiss a fine sunrise!

English: how are you?
Pirate: How be ye?

English: I am fine, thank you!
Pirate: I be fine, thank ye!

English: What are your plans for today?
Pirate: What be ye plans fer this day?

English: I plan to celebrate talk like a pirate day!
Pirate: I plan to celebrate speak like a scurvy pirate day!

English: Good bye, have a nice day!
Pirate:Jolly bye, have a nice day!

English: Hope to see you soon!
Pirate: Woe to spy wit’ ye eye ye before I sail out!

You can use this brilliant website to translate your english into pirate talk. See ye next time for more freebies – Hardyharhar!

Talk like a Pirate day - FREE Activity Pack!

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