The Secret Garden Review: Frances Hodgson Burnett

The Secret Garden story revolves around a certain distasteful and arrogant girl by the name of Mary Lennox. As the book unfolds the story, she resides in India. Later on, she is forced to go to England to stay in her Uncle’s mansion in order to escape a shocking cholera outbreak. Ideally, the book details about how the finding of a secret garden can transform someone into the character of Mary and another personality described in the book as well.

Professionals from Thesis Rush service say that it is a story of lives being changed through the healing power contained in beauty. Mary’s parents are wealthy and are more willing to leave Mary in the care of a nanny. However, there is a turn of events occasioned by the cholera outbreak claiming her parent’s lives. The only option left for Mary is to go for this mysterious old house of her uncle located in Yorkshire Moors.

After being left to her own making, with no one else to talk to other than the chambermaid Martha, Mary suddenly becomes even more unpleasant. However, Martha tells her about a secret garden that has been hidden in the grounds for 10 years after the passing away of Mary’s aunt.  The grieving uncle didn’t want to enter the secret garden and that’s why he chose to hide the key. However, he was not aware of Mary’s curiosity. Mary finally gets hold of the key and tries it out with on the door to the garden that gets to open to a whole private world. Even without knowing the garden yet, Mary’s life would be changed for good.

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General Assessment and Personal Review

Indeed, I liked the book because of its interesting story about Mary who goes from an undesirable, horrible girl to take up a completely different character – a good-hearted person. Among the best scenes is possibly when Mary gets to find the garden that was not known to many for a decade. The description of this scenario leaves a very clear image in the mind of the reader. It is for this reason and many others that the book has also found a lot of application and use in modern times.

This is a classic book that many people have probably come across and read. It is worth reading and an intriguing piece of literature that you should read. You might, however, find some slow bits inside the book but the general feeling throughout is a great one. Despite the title of the book, it may not be a fancy one for girls. Generally speaking, it is an exciting piece of writing that can apply to either gender.

For people who have no love and concern for nature, this is not the book for them. There is an immense description of trees and flowers and several other things touching on nature. However, it may change the reader’s mind concerning it. If you really have a passion for nature, this is a book that you would love reading. The book can be a perfect one for anyone aged 9 years and over. However, advanced reader aged between 7 and 8 could also manage to read and related with the events unfolding in the book.

There are awesome imagination and a great feel throughout the book from the beginning to the end. The reader is only left to guess the next turn of events. However, there is a somewhat good ending as Mary transforms from the bad girl she was. All thematic concerns in the book are well-illustrated among other things summing to what can be termed as a great writing entirely. The author does well to pass on the message to the reader, who can easily identify with the turn of events in it.

Impact Felt through the Book over the Years

The Secret Garden got published first in 1909. It was written by Frances Hodgson Burnett who was a strong believer of Christian Science that gave her a lot of spiritual comfort following the death of Lionel, his son.  Such beliefs pain The Secret Garden, specifically in the understanding that both positive thinking and imagination have a real tangible power to change lives. Since it was published, The Secret Garden is children’s favourite and has gone a long way to influence a lot of modern writers. There have been sequels written both official and unofficial on The Secret Garden in recent times and that tells how good the book is.

Final Book Ratings:

Imagination: 9/10

Illustrations: 8/10

Writing: 9/10

Message: 10/10

Overall Rating:  9/10

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Review of The Secret Garden Frances Hodgson Burnett

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