Town Name Generator

Stuck dreaming up unique names for your fictional towns? Unleash your creativity with our town name generator and craft the perfect place names for your stories or games! 

This guide includes a generator and equips you with tips and tricks to craft a truly unique and memorable town name.

Town Name Generator

Breathe life into your fictional towns with this town name generator which uses a combination of prefixes and suffixes to create a unique town name:

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Feel free to adapt these town names to suit your story or game. Carry on reading for some top tips on creating your own town names.

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How do I create my own town name?

Crafting unique and descriptive town names is a delightful part of world-building, whether for fiction, role-playing games, or simply for fun. This guide will equip you with the tools to generate a range of town names using a prefix and suffix method.

Step 1: Picking the Perfect Prefix

A town’s prefix sets the initial tone and hints at its location or character. Here are some starting points to spark your imagination:

  • Geographical: Aber-, East/West/North/South, Kil-, Lan-, Upper/Lower
  • Descriptive: Bea-/Beau-, Black-, Broad-, High-, New-
  • Historical: Castle-, Port-, Kings-/Queens-, St.-
  • Mythical: Eld-, Faer-, Draken-, Grim-, Whispering-
  • Cultural: Pueblo-, Riyadh-, Nova-, Shangri, Utopia
  • Whimsical: Hobbit-, Snicker-, Fiddle-, Honey-
  • Nature-Inspired: Bloom-, Crag-, Moss-, River-, Wild-
  • Fantasy-Themed: Arcane-, Myth-, Sky-, Star-, Whisper-
  • Foreign Language Influence: Nova- (Latin), Riyadh- (Arabic), Terre- (French), Alto- (Spanish), Lago (Italian)
  • Abstract Concepts: Echo-, Haven-, Hope-, Valor-, Wander-

Step 2: Selecting a Suffix that Speaks Volumes

The suffix completes the name, often reflecting the town’s function or environment. Here are some options to consider:

  • bury: Fortified enclosure (e.g., Canterbury)
  • borough, -brough, -burgh: Similar to -bury (e.g., Peterborough)
  • by: Settlement, village (e.g., Whitby)
  • ham: Village, estate (e.g., Birmingham)
  • ford: Shallow place to cross a river (e.g., Oxford)
  • stead: Place, farm (e.g., Hampstead)
  • ton: Enclosure, farm, homestead (e.g., Brighton)
  • worth: Enclosure, farmstead (e.g., Wentworth)
  • thorpe: Village, outlying settlement (e.g., Scunthorpe)
  • thwaite: Clearing in forest (e.g., Ulthwaite)
  • mouth: Location at the mouth of a river (e.g., Plymouth)
  • ville: Town (French origin) (e.g., Louisville)
  • port: Harbor (e.g., Newport)

Step 3: Combine the Prefix and Suffix

Combine unexpected prefixes and suffixes to create truly unique names. For example, “Whisperdale” evokes a mystical valley with constant breezes, while “Sunhaven Port” suggests a peaceful harbour bathed in sunshine.

Here are some more examples of combining prefixes and suffixes to create unique town names, drawing inspiration from the previous lists:

  • Everbloom: Evokes a valley with eternally blooming flowers.
  • Starfall: Suggests a place where shooting stars are frequently seen.
  • Windharbor: This creates an image of a harbour exposed to strong winds.
  • Suncrest Bay: Hints at a beautiful bay bathed in sunlight.
  • Lostriver Mine: Creates a sense of mystery surrounding an abandoned mine.
  • Drakenford Bridge: A bridge town potentially associated with dragons.
  • Grimhaven Cove: An intriguing name for a peaceful cove despite the “grim” prefix.
  • Skyreach Peak: A mountain peak that seems to touch the sky.
  • Hobbitbrook Creek: Conjures a peaceful stream near a hobbit community.
  • Honeydew Glade: A name suggesting a sweet and peaceful clearing in the forest.

Remember, these are just a few examples. Feel free to experiment and combine various prefixes and suffixes to create town names that perfectly fit your world and imagination!

What Makes a Good Town Name?

A good town name should be more than just a collection of syllables. It should be evocative, memorable, and reflect the essence of the town itself. Here are some key qualities to consider:

  • Meaningful: Does the name hint at the town’s history, location, or character? For example, “Stonecreek Falls” suggests a town built near a waterfall with a focus on stonework.
  • Euphony: Does the name roll off the tongue easily? Avoid awkward letter combinations or harsh sounds.
  • Uniqueness: Strive for a name that stands out and avoids cliches.
  • World-Building: Does the name fit the overall aesthetic and tone of your world?

Here are some additional tips for crafting good town names:

  • Consider the Town’s Culture: Is it a bustling trade centre, a peaceful farming community, or a mysterious elven haven? Reflect this in the name.
  • Think About the Surroundings: Is the town nestled in a valley, perched on a cliff, or built near a shimmering lake? Use descriptive elements.
  • Draw Inspiration from Mythology and History: Real-world place names often have rich backstories. Borrow elements or create your own legends.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative: Invented words or playful combinations can add a unique charm to your town names.

Remember, the best town names are those that spark the imagination and leave a lasting impression. So have fun with it, experiment, and let your creativity flow!

Good Names For Towns

A good town name is a work of art, serving as a miniature story in itself. Here are some good town names:

  • Riverbend Crossing: This name is descriptive, indicating a town situated at a bend in a river, possibly with a crucial bridge or ferry crossing.
  • Windward Spire: This name evokes a sense of height and exposure to the elements, perhaps a coastal town with a prominent landmark.
  • Havenwood: This simple yet evocative name suggests a peaceful haven nestled within a forest.
  • Valorcrest: This name implies a town built on a high point, possibly known for its brave inhabitants.
  • Shimmersand Beach: This alliteration and descriptive language paint a picture of a beautiful beach town with glistening sand.
  • Willowbrook: The repetition of “w” creates a flowing and calming sound.
  • Sunhaven: Light and airy, reflecting the peaceful nature of the town.
  • Faehaven: The soft “f” and “v” sounds evoke a whimsical and magical feel.
  • Clockwork Cove: Intriguing and suggestive of a town with unique technology.
  • Valhalla Peak: A town named after the Norse afterlife, possibly a place of warriors.

Remember, these are just a springboard for your creativity! With a little thought and inspiration, you can craft town names that perfectly capture the essence of your world and resonate with your readers.


This guide has equipped you with the tools to generate unique and evocative town names, whether you prefer to use a handy town name generator or craft your own masterpieces. 

Remember, the best town names spark the imagination and resonate with the world you’ve created. So, don’t hesitate to experiment and have fun! Let us know in the comments below – what are some of your favourite town names?

Town Name Generator

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