8 Magical Unicorn Poems to Brighten Up Your Day

Unicorns don’t exist or do they? Out of all the mythological creatures out there, the Minotaur, dragons, the phoenix, vampires, werewolves – The unicorn is the most magical and the most majestic. It even appears in many children’s books, such as Harry Potter, The looking glass by Lewis Carroll and let’s not forget the My Little Pony franchise. They truly do deserve their own day and you know what? They do have their own day! April 9th is National Unicorn Day. The day was created to celebrate these beautiful creatures and to remind both adults and kids alike that a little magic and make-believe never hurt anyone. So, to celebrate National Unicorn day we worked with Story Saturday to create a writing challenge, where Twitter users share their own poems about Unicorns. We got many fun and magical entries from the community and here are our top 8 unicorn poems.

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Magical Unicorn Poems:

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“Across Arabian Desert sands & through Arctic seas
On Tibetan plains & among Vietnamese forest trees
This is the place where real unicorns roam
The place oryx, narwhal, chiru & saola call home.”

By @rob_bounds


Never be afraid
To puncture through the grey,
To be the unicorn
Amongst the dragons,
The diamond sparkling
Admist the daisies…
Navigate your own unique
And beautiful way.

By @epower05


Early morning mist
Lies thick along the moor
His eyes search
Hoping to catch a glimpse
Of her perfect beauty
a myth
Existing only in dreams
Or the imaginings of poets
In his heart he knew she lived
Prancing in the fields
The magical,
Elusive unicorn.

By @cyclemaniac


Born from the dark
The mane with burning silver fire
The horn with bravely sharp light
But always have sadness
Where are you going, unicorn
With all of us?

By @kitsune34


Out from the darkness
Rises a creature so deadly
Here to steal your soul
The underworld unicorn
Unknown hero of the night.

By @imagine_forest


Behind the mist,
The shadow of a beauty emerges.
A horn on its forehead,
Made from rare pearl.
Stars glisten in its hair.
Skin covered in rainbow markings.
The legendary unicorn is born.

By @saf_begum


In the moon-glow, bright and white,
On the midnight’s deep,
In the beams of dreaming light,
Over the city asleep,
On the clouds’ white glaze,
Past the stars, on night’s dark ways,
Something is softly stamping its feet.

By @orpheus777


Rainbows, falling stars
Winged horse across the skies
To magical lands.

By @storysaturday

How will you celebrate National Unicorn Day?

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8 Magical Unicorn Poems for National Unicorn Day imagine forest

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