12 Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts for Kids

The official day of love, Valentine’s Day is coming up! And before your child can go “eww, I hate Valentine’ day!” We have created 12 Valentine’s day writing prompts for kids. And you know something, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for grownups! Your child can too spread the love through writing to their parents, friends or teachers. Forget about those mushy flowers or chocolate boxes and write a good old-fashioned love-letter or poem to show your appreciation to a loved one. And to inspire you, here are our 10 Valentine’s Day writing prompts just for kids!

Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts:

Get your pen and paper ready and get writing some sweet Valentine’s Day stories and poems:

    1. Who do you love most in this world? And what makes them so special?
    2. Make a list of everything you love. Try to think of at least 10 things.
    3. Write out a conversation between you and Cupid. (Hint: what would you tell him to do?)
    4. Write an acrostic poem using the words: Valentine, Love, Friend and Hearts
    5. Do you think animals feel love? Even the scariest ones, like spiders or snakes?
    6. Finish the following sentence in at least 20 different ways: Love is…
    7. The word “love” has been forbidden in the future. Anyone who speaks of love will be punished. How will you convince everyone that love is good?
    8. Describe love, using the five senses (Sight, hear, smell, taste and feel)
    9. Do you like celebrating Valentine’s Day? Explain why or why not
    10. What do you think people mean when they say, “My heart skips a beat when I see you?”
    11. Using the following sentence as a story starter: I was locked up until love set me free…
    12. I wonder how a vampire or a witch might celebrate Valentine’s Day. Think about the gifts they might buy or what they might wear and say.

Looking for more Valentine’s Day prompts? Check out our February writing prompts calendar.

Bonus Valentine Prompt – Cos we love ya!

Got some stories to share with us?

Share your Valentine’s Day stories with us using the #imagineforest on social media or commenting your stories below. If you loved reading this post, why not see our selection of 6 Valentine’s Day picture books for kids or look at our collection of writing prompts for kids.

Valentines Day writing prompts for kids imagine forest

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