82+ Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts for Kids

The official day of love, Valentine’s Day is coming up! And before your child can go “eww, I hate Valentine’ day!” We have created 82 valentine day writing prompts for kids. And you know something, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for grownups! Your child can too spread the love through writing to their parents, friends or teachers. Forget about those mushy flowers or chocolate boxes and write a good old-fashioned love letter or poem to show your appreciation to a loved one. And to inspire you, here are our 82 Valentine’s Day writing prompts just for kids!

Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts:

Get your pen and paper ready and get writing some sweet Valentine’s Day stories and poems:

  1. Who do you love most in this world? And what makes them so special?
  2. Make a list of everything you love. Try to think of at least 10 things. 
  3. Write out a conversation between you and Cupid. (Hint: what would you tell him to do?)
  4. Write an acrostic poem using the words: Valentine, Love, Friend and Hearts
  5. Do you think animals feel love? Even the scariest ones, like spiders or snakes?
  6. Finish the following sentence in at least 20 different ways: Love is…
  7.  The word “love” has been forbidden in the future. Anyone who speaks of love will be punished. How will you convince everyone that love is good?
  8. Describe love, using the five senses (sight, hear, smell, taste and feel)
  9. Do you like celebrating Valentine’s Day? Explain why or why not
  10. What do you think people mean when they say, “My heart skips a beat when I see you?”
  11. Use the following sentence as a story starter: I was locked up until love set me free…
  12. I wonder how a vampire or a witch might celebrate Valentine’s Day. Think about the gifts they might buy or what they might wear and say.
  13.  Write a Valentine Day’s story about a group of pets. How would a cat, dog or hamster celebrate this special day?
  14. Write a love letter to someone very special in your life. This person could be a best friend or a parent.
  15. You’re hosting a big Valentine’s day party at your house. What kind of food would you serve? What about the entertainment and decorations? You could even create your own party invites.
  16. Create your own Valentine’s Day greeting card. Don’t forget to include a heartfelt message inside!
  17. Write a newspaper article titled, “Is Valentine’s Day Outdated?”
  18. Some people say that they love things all the time. For example, I love cars… I love dragons and so on. But what is the difference between loving things and loving a person? Try to think of at least three differences and three similarities.
  19. Write a haiku poem about the colour red.
  20. Can you explain love in your own words? What is love?
  21. If someone is feeling lonely or upset, how can you make them feel loved? Make a list of at least five ways to show someone that you love them.
  22. Write a love story about a dragon who falls in love with a knight. 
  23. Complete the following sentence in at least 10 different ways: I feel loved, when…
  24. Write out an action-packed battle scene between love and hate. Imagine that love and hate are like two people or creatures – How would they battle each other. 
  25. What does it mean when people say that ‘opposites attract’? How does this relate to love?
  26. Is there a science behind love? Do certain people fall in love based on a set of criteria? Or is it just a magical feeling that just happens?
  27. An alien lands on Earth and is surprised when it notices people saying, ‘I love you’ to each other. “How can people love each other?”, it wonders. Can you explain the idea of love to this alien?
  28. Make a list of your top 10 favourite songs about love.
  29. What does the following phrase mean: “Love makes the world go around.”
  30. Write a story about a robot that falls in love with a rare flower it discovers on Earth. 
  31. Research the origins of Valentine’s day. Why do people celebrate Valentine’s day each year?
  32. Why are some people against the idea of celebrating Valentine’s day? Some people think that love should be celebrated every day not just on one single day of the year – What do you think?
  33. On a distant planet, the Pergan alien race celebrates Valentine’s day differently from humans on Earth. How do these aliens celebrate Valentine’s day?
  34. Write a short story titled, “A Sad Valentine”. In this story, the main character will experience the most upsetting Valentine’s Day ever.
  35. Write a story about a deadly spider who falls in love with a fly.
  36. Have you ever been to a school dance? If not, would you be interested in going to a school dance? Explain your answer.
  37. What ingredients are needed to create a love potion?
  38. Write down a magical spell for making two people fall in love with each other. The spell can start like this: Smoochie, Moochie…
  39. Write down a recipe for some sweetheart cupcakes.
  40. Write down three short stories of finding love. Each story can be about a different person who discovers love in a different way.
  41. In fairytales, normally the princess finds her prince, and they live happily ever after. Why is love more complicated in the real world.
  42. They say ‘a true love’s kiss can break any curse’ – why is true love such a strong power? How is true love different from fake or untrue love?
  43. What does it mean to love someone unconditionally?
  44. Would you rather experience true love, or have a million dollars? Explain your choice.
  45. Create a logo to represent Valentine’s Day at a local holiday parade. Then write a caption to describe your logo.
  46. SeeWrite a short story about a teenager who hates Valentine’s day. Then after a series of events, this once hated holiday becomes one of their favourites. 
  47. Make a top ten list of the best Valentine’s Day gifts to give someone.
  48. If you wanted to ask someone to be your Valentine, how would you do it?
  49. Draw a big heart on a piece of paper and fill it with as many words that remind you of love.
  50. Write a song about love. You can use the following starter as inspiration for your lyrics: When love hurts…
  51. What does it mean to have a heart of ice? Why would someone have a heart of ice when it comes to love?
  52. If you could pick a celebrity as a Valentine, who would you pick and why?
  53. Some people believe that love is a battlefield. What are the dangers of being in love?
  54. Write about the best Valentine’s day that you have experienced.
  55. Write about the worst Valentine’s day that you have experienced.
  56. How would a T-Rex celebrate Valentine’s Day?
  57. Write a love story between a mouse and a slice of cheese.
  58. What is your favourite sweet treat or candy to eat on Valentine’s day?
  59. Complete this sentence in at least 10 different ways: Love is like…
  60. What sort of traits do you love in a person? Make a list of at least 5 personality traits.
  61. Sometimes the things we love, can also bring pain and hurt. Can you explain with some examples, how love can bring pain?
  62. Would you rather receive a Valentine’s Day greeting card with a sweet message or a box of chocolates? Explain your choice.
  63. Who is your favourite celebrity couple and why?
  64. Plan a romantic meal. What food would you serve and why?
  65. Imagine you write for the Agony Aunt column for your local newspaper. Someone has written you a letter, “Dear Agony Aunt, I really want to show someone that I care about them and love them dearly. How can I do this?” Provide this reader with some advice on how to show love to someone that they care about.
  66. Design your own superhero called the Lovenator. What is their superpower? What are their weaknesses? And who is their ultimate enemy?
  67. Why is love the most important thing in the world? Explain at least three reasons.
  68. When was the last time you felt loved? How did this feel? Who made you feel this way?
  69. Create a list of all the people you love in your life right now. And write at least one thing you love about them.
  70. One flower is on a mission to find love. Tell the story of this flower as they search for love. 
  71. Paris is known for being the most romantic city in the world. Can you research and write down at least 5 fun facts about Paris?
  72. Write a short five-line poem, where each line begins with, “Love is..”
  73. Make a top ten list of your favourite things that are pink coloured.
  74. Complete this sentence in at least five different ways: “People love me because…”
  75. Why is it important to tell people that you love them? Explain your answer.
  76. You’ve just received a gift from a secret admirer. It’s now your mission to find out who this secret admirer is. How will you go about finding this person? What was the gift you received?
  77. Many people believe that you can’t buy love – What does this mean? Do you agree with this statement? Is it possible to buy love with money?
  78. Valentine’s day is all about love. If you could start a new holiday about something that you love, what would it be and why?
  79. What does the phrase, “The same love never comes twice” mean? Is all love the same or different?
  80. Write a valentine’s day story called, “The Perfect Gift”. This story could be about finding the perfect gift for a best friend or crush.
  81. Write an eight-line rhyming poem dedicated to someone that you love in your life.
  82. Something strange has happened to the world. It’s Valentine’s day but everyone is doing the opposite. What has happened?

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Bonus Valentine Prompt – Cos we love ya!

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Valentine's Day Writing Prompts

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