Vampire Poems for Kids Written by Our Story Saturday Community

All October, the Story Saturday community has been celebrating Scaretober to get into the Halloween spirit. Last week to kick Scaretober off, we gave our community a very spooky writing prompt. Which was, vampires! And we loved the vampire poems our Story Saturday members came up with. Here are our top 10 vampire poems for kids written by our Story Saturday community.

Vampire Poems for kids:

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Rat a tat tat
At my window
In the black velvet night
Eternal death awaits
If I invite
Him in

– Poem by @epower05

The bat stalks the man, out of sight.
Ready for the perfect time to bite.
The vampire’s on her hunt tonight.

– Poem by @tyrannopaulus

Vinnie the Valiant Vampire vowed never to vacillate between vamps & vixens, until he met a vaquero who tasted like vanilla.

– Poem by @_Irene_Dreams_ 

Indecision in daylight. The vampire must make the choice tonight. The path to darkness awaits. He hungrily makes the change.

-Poem by @JenniferAPatino

In darkness
I sing
With shadows
I hunt
With vampires
I dance
With nightmares
But still I am alone

-Poem by @paperbuddhist

vampire poems for kids _story saturday

My heart turning cold
A new thirst for blood rises
Darkness my new friend.

-Poem by @saf_begum

vampire poems for kids _ imagine forest _ story saturday

Trees grow to the light
I sink damned tonight
Dining with vampires vagabonds
& fiends
Swallowing midnight with sugar & cream

-Poem by @1papertiger1

For more vampire poems for kids, check out our full collection here. Remember you can join in with the Story Saturday fun, by sharing your stories or poems on Twitter using the hashtag #storysaturday. This weeks Halloween writing prompt is, zombies. We would love to read your zombie poems or stories!

vampire poems for kids _ imagine forest _story saturday

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