22 Warrior Cats Writing Prompts

Are you a fan of the wildly popular book series, Warrior Cats, written by Erin Hunter? If you’ve ever imagined yourself joining the brave and amazing feline warriors in their thrilling adventures, then get ready for a blast! These 22 warrior cats writing prompts will take you on an exciting journey into their world, where danger lurks at every corner and courage reigns supreme. Grab a pen and let your imagination run wild as you create epic tales that will keep readers hooked till the very last word!

Whether you’re an aspiring writer, a seasoned author, or simply a lover of creative storytelling, we’ve created a collection of 22 Warrior Cats writing prompts that will whisk you away to the mystical world of ThunderClan, RiverClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, and beyond. You might also enjoy this list of fantasy writing prompts. And if you’re a fan of cats, then you’ll also love this list of writing prompts about cats

Warrior Cats Writing Prompts

From imagining new Clans and their territories to diving into the lives of individual cats, these warrior cat prompts cover a wide range of themes, settings, and character dynamics:

  1. Firestrike, a daring young warrior, uncovers the long-lost Clan of Whispering Shadows hidden deep within the dense forest. As Firestrike grapples with the discovery, they must make a life-altering choice: reveal the existence of this ancient Clan to the others, risking both chaos and newfound allies, or safeguard the secret, carrying the weight of untapped power on their shoulders.
  2. In the forbidden love saga, Willowbreeze, a graceful warrior from RiverClan, falls deeply in love with Nightfang, a mysterious and courageous warrior hailing from ShadowClan. As their hearts intertwine, they must navigate the treacherous path of their secret romance, torn between their loyalty to their respective Clans and the undeniable connection they share. With the threat of discovery looming they must confront the ultimate question: Is their love worth risking everything they hold dear?
  3. Write the tale of Willowpaw, a wise and caring medicine cat apprentice from ThunderClan, as she grapples with the challenges of preserving the delicate harmony between the physical world and the realm of spirits. While tending to the wounds of her fellow Clanmates, Willowpaw finds herself torn between her duties as a healer and her eerie visions that blur the line between reality and the whispers of StarClan. 
  4. Create a warrior cat character who possesses a unique and mysterious power. How does this power shape their destiny within their own Clan and the broader Warrior Cats world? You can use our Warrior Cats Name Generator or this list of Warrior Cat Suffixes to get some character name ideas.
  5. When a devastating disaster strikes, plunging the Clans into turmoil, it is up to Blazestar of ThunderClan, Mistystorm of RiverClan, Fernshade of ShadowClan, and Breezewing of WindClan to set aside their long-standing differences and unite as one. With their territories ravaged and resources scarce, the leaders face a race against time to find a new home for their Clans.
  6. Write the story of Sagefur, a respected and wise elder of WindClan. In the story, you can journey back in time to reveal their extraordinary experiences during their prime as a warrior. From their early days as the ambitious and agile Sagepaw, navigating the treacherous paths of training, to their climactic role in defending the Clan during a dangerous battle, every step of Sagefur’s journey shaped them into the seasoned and respected elder they are today.
  7. Imagine a catastrophic event that causes the boundaries between the Clan territories to collapse, forcing the Clans to come together and form a temporary alliance.
  8. Write about the fierce rivalry between Bramblepaw of ThunderClan and Emberpaw of ShadowClan, as they push their limits, constantly trying to outshine one another and prove their worth as the next legendary warriors.
  9. Describe a new Clan with its own unique customs, traditions, and territory. How would this clan interact with others in the Warrior Cats world and what conflict could arise? You can use this clan name generator or this warrior cats clan generator to help you.
  10. Write an emotional story about Willowstar, a compassionate leader of RiverClan, as she faces an unbearable decision that goes against her Clan’s deeply held values. She must make the difficult choice to forge an alliance with unexpected allies, putting her Clan’s trust and her own leadership at stake.
  11. One clan struggles for survival as prey becomes scarce, pushing them to the brink of starvation. ThunderClan’s resourceful warrior, Reedfur, leads the task of developing innovative hunting techniques and fostering alliances with other Clans to ensure the collective survival of their clan.
  12. Dust, is a loner who is reluctantly taken in by ThunderClan. With a rough past and an inherent distrust of others, Dust struggles to integrate into the structured life of the Clan, wrestling with feelings of isolation and longing for acceptance. 
  13. In a society governed by physical prowess, join Willowtail, a Clan cat born with a physical disability. With determination and resilience, Willowtail defies societal expectations, finding her own unique path within the warrior code. 
  14. Write a story about a young kit who is prophesied to bring about a great change within their Clan. Faced with many obstacles and self-doubt, she must navigate her own destiny, all while grappling with the weight of expectations and the challenges that arise from embracing her unique role in shaping the future of her Clan.
  15. A bitter internal conflict tears a once-united clan apart. Stormstar, the courageous leader, struggles to heal the rift and reunite her Clan. Through forgiveness, understanding, and the power of unity, Stormstar must confront the causes of the conflict and guide her Clan towards a brighter future.
  16.  Swiftclaw is a brave warrior who makes the difficult decision to leave their Clan behind and embrace life as a rogue. Fueled by a longing for freedom and independence, Swiftclaw ventures into the unknown, facing the harsh realities of survival outside the structured Clan life. 
  17. Write a story set in a distant future where the Clans have evolved and adapted to a dramatically changed environment. With harsher landscapes, scarce resources, and new threats, the Clans must navigate uncharted territories. How have they transformed, and what new threats do they face?
  18. Write about a character who discovers a hidden underground network of loners and rogues, known as the Forgotten Shadows. Explore the dynamics between these outcasts and the established Clans as they navigate the delicate balance between survival and secrecy.
  19. Write a story centred around the life of a Clan elder, recounting their experiences and wisdom gained over many moons. Explore the lessons they impart to the younger generations and the role they play in preserving the Clan’s heritage.
  20. Imagine a Clan plagued by a mysterious illness that threatens the lives of its members. Follow a determined medicine cat as they unravel the cause of the sickness and search for a cure, racing against time to save their Clan.
  21. Write about a character who discovers an ancient artefact with mysterious powers hidden within the Clan territories. Explore the consequences of their find and the moral dilemmas they face as they decide whether to harness its power or destroy it.
  22. A curious young kit stumbles upon a long-forgotten, hidden entrance to the mysterious Moonpool. Describe their extraordinary encounters with StarClan warriors and the profound impact these encounters have on their future.
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