22+ Wings Of Fire Writing Prompts

Are you a fan of the exciting world of dragons and the captivating series, Wings of Fire by Tui T. Sutherland? If so, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we have compiled 22 Wings of Fire writing prompts just for you. These prompts will spark your imagination and let you dive into thrilling adventures alongside your favourite dragon characters. So, get ready to spread your creative wings with these amazing Wings of Fire (WoF) writing prompts!

You might also find this dragon name generator and list of fantasy writing prompts useful. We recently also added this list of dragon story ideas to help your imagination soar higher.

Wings Of Fire Writing Prompts

Check out this collection of Wings of Fire fanfiction prompts to inspire you:

  1. Explore the journey of a young dragon from the RainWing tribe who discovers an extraordinary RainWing ability, such as camouflage or venom, and must learn to control it under the guidance of Queen Glory and the other dragonets of destiny.
  2. Imagine a world where dragons and humans coexist in the Scorpion Den. Describe a day in the life of a young NightWing dragon and a human scholar as they collaborate to decipher ancient NightWing scrolls and unravel the mysteries of their shared history.
  3. Write a story set in the Kingdom of Sand about a SandWing dragon with distinctive patterns on their scales, who struggles to find acceptance among their peers due to their unique appearance. Through the guidance of Queen Thorn and the Dragonets of Destiny, the dragon discovers that their patterns hold an important secret and becomes a key figure in uniting the SandWing tribe.
  4. Tell a story about two rival dragon tribes, the SeaWings and SkyWings, who are forced to put aside their differences and work together when a mysterious dark force threatens both their kingdoms. As Tsunami, the SeaWing princess, and her SkyWing friend Clay team up, they navigate treacherous waters and face ancient prophecies to save their homes.
  5. Write about a NightWing dragon who defies tradition and befriends a scavenger (human) from Possibility, sparking tension and conflict between the NightWings and the RainWings. As they forge a deep friendship, they strive to bridge the gap between their species and foster understanding and peace in the Rainforest Kingdom.
  6. Imagine a SkyWing dragon who harbours a fear of flying due to a past traumatic experience. With the support of the SkyWing queen Ruby and the dragonets of destiny, the dragon confronts their fear and undergoes rigorous flight training to fulfil their destiny as a protector of the SkyWing tribe.
  7. Write a story set in the Ice Kingdom about a young IceWing dragon who stumbles upon an ancient IceWing artefact that holds the power to control frost and snowstorms. As they harness this newfound power, they face the challenge of mastering it and preventing it from falling into the wrong claws.
  8. Write about a dragonet of destiny from the MudWing tribe who is born with a disability, like a deformed wing or a missing claw. Despite their physical limitations, they use their sharp intellect and determination to outsmart their adversaries and become an inspiration to other MudWings.
  9. Tell a story about a RainWing dragon with a special ability to communicate with animals, a power believed to be extinct. As they uncover their unique gift, they embark on a quest alongside the LeafWing village of the Poison Jungle to restore harmony among dragon tribes and creatures of Pyrrhia.
  10. Imagine a NightWing dragonet who is constantly overshadowed by its powerful siblings. Through their courage, intelligence, and an unexpected alliance with a rogue dragon, they prove their worth, ultimately playing a crucial role in ending the NightWing dominance and fostering equality among tribes.
  11. Create a story about a SeaWing guardian who is entrusted with protecting the ancient SeaWing scroll of the Lost Continent, containing invaluable knowledge. As they face relentless attacks from enemy tribes and treacherous ocean depths, they must ensure the scroll’s safety to preserve the secrets and history of the SeaWing kingdom.
  12. Write about a young SandWing dragon who forms an unlikely friendship with a human child from the outskirts of the Scorpion Den. Through their bond, they learn about the strength of loyalty, courage, and determination, inspiring the dragon to become a compassionate leader for their tribe.
  13. Tell a tale about a RainWing dragon who stumbles upon a hidden land deep within the Rainforest Kingdom, where mythical creatures thought to be extinct reside. As they interact with these creatures, such as ancient dragons, shape-shifters, and enchanted beasts, they uncover the forgotten legends of Pyrrhia and the vital role their tribe played in the history of dragons.
  14. Imagine a NightWing dragon who possesses the extraordinary ability to enter the dreams of other dragons, just like the NightWing animus powers of Darkstalker. As they delve into the dreamscape, they encounter prophetic visions and unravel the secrets that could shape the destiny of their tribe, navigating the thin line between enlightenment and the danger of becoming consumed by their own dreams.
  15. Write a story set during the time of the Scorching, where a young SkyWing dragon is separated from their family amidst the chaos of war and natural disasters. They embark on a perilous journey across Pyrrhia, facing lava flows, violent storms, and encounters with other dragon tribes, all in a desperate quest to reunite with their loved ones and find a safe haven.
  16. Write about a RainWing dragon who discovers an ancient RainWing temple hidden deep within the dense jungle, containing a lost library filled with scrolls of ancient wisdom. With the help of a human scholar and other dragon friends, they decipher the forgotten knowledge, uncovering secrets about RainWing history, healing methods, and the true potential of their venom.
  17. Tell a tale about a young SeaWing dragon who is chosen by the Talons of Peace to embark on a tactful mission to reconcile tensions between the SeaWings and the SkyWings. Alongside a trusted NightWing companion, they navigate political intrigues, negotiate alliances, and strive to prevent a catastrophic war that threatens the delicate balance of power in Pyrrhia.
  18. Imagine a SandWing dragon who stumbles upon a hidden underground society of SandWings, known as the Oasis Dwellers, who have maintained isolation for centuries. As they connect with this mysterious group, they become a bridge between the surface-dwelling SandWings and the Oasis Dwellers, bringing unity and understanding to their fractured tribe.
  19. Create a story about a RainWing dragon with a unique healing power, like the healing flames of Glory. Initially afraid of the responsibility, they must confront their doubts and embrace their gift when a deadly plague sweeps through Pyrrhia, threatening the lives of dragons from all tribes. With the guidance of Queen Glory and the Dragonets of Destiny, they become a beacon of hope and compassion, leading the fight against the epidemic.
  20. Write about a young MudWing dragon who dreams of becoming a renowned historian and chronicler, capturing the stories of dragons across Pyrrhia. Despite their lack of physical strength, they rely on their wit and determination to overcome obstacles, collecting tales of bravery, sacrifice, and the triumph of the dragon spirit, ultimately leaving behind a legacy of knowledge and inspiration.
  21. Tell a tale about a SkyWing dragon blessed with the ability to manipulate weather patterns, similar to the RainWing’s weather sense. However, their uncontrolled powers pose a threat to both their tribe and neighbouring kingdoms. With the guidance of Queen Ruby and a team of skilled weather-controlling dragons, they learn to master their abilities and use them to maintain balance, protect their homeland, and foster cooperation among dragon tribes.
  22. Imagine a NightWing dragon who embarks on a dangerous quest to seek out ancient dragon dreamers, powerful seers who can access the deepest layers of dream magic. As they traverse forbidden territories and face their own inner fears, they acquire profound knowledge and unlock long-lost secrets that could alter the course of history. 

Bonus: 5 Wings of Fire Character Prompts

You might find our Wings of Fire Name Generator useful with these bonus character prompts:

  1. Choose a Wings of Fire character and imagine their journey to become a leader. Describe the obstacles they face and how they overcome them, ultimately emerging as a powerful and inspiring figure.
  2. Create a backstory for a lesser-known character in the Wings of Fire series. Explore their origins, motivations, and the events that shaped them into the dragon they are today.
  3. Imagine a scenario where two rival dragon tribes must work together to overcome a common threat. Select two Wings of Fire characters from different tribes and write about their initial conflicts, gradual understanding, and eventual alliance.
  4. Take a prominent Wings of Fire character and place them in a completely different environment. How would they adapt to this new world, and how would their personality and abilities influence the outcome of their journey?
  5. Explore the concept of redemption for a character in the Wings of Fire series who has made grave mistakes. How do they seek forgiveness and strive to make amends? Write about their transformation and the challenges they face along the path to redemption.

We hope these Wings of Fire writing prompts have ignited a fiery passion within you to dive into the magical world of dragons. Let us know in the comments below if you find these useful!

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Happy writing and may these Wings of Fire story prompts take flight in the realm of storytelling!

Wings Of Fire Writing Prompts

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