Witch Name Generator: 300+ Spooky Witch Names

This Halloween unleash your inner witch with this spooktacular witch name generator. Spooky times are ahead. It’s time to get your cauldron out, clean the dust off your broomstick and get stirring with some magic! With over 300 witch names to choose from, this is the ultimate list of witches, good or bad, male or female, wacky or serious.

What is the secret to a good witch name? Witch names can seem so normal like Eva McDaye. A name fit for any everyday girl or they can have a magical fantasy name-feel like Luna Thornheart. If you want to give your witch characters a magical touch, try thinking about their powers, family history and even nature-elements. If your witch is all about nature and flowers, try giving her a name like flora rose-petal to symbolise her flowery nature. Alternatively, if you’re creating an evil witch for your story, you might want to use a name like Hera Ripper who has been descended from pure evil.

For more cool fantasy names, check out our ultimate fantasy name generator. And, if you need a cool name for your witch’s cat, you might want to take a look at this warrior cat name generator for some feline inspiration! Harry Potter fans may also be interested in this cool Harry Potter name generator.

Witch Name Generator

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See our mega list of witch names below. From everyday witch names to cool fantasy-style witch names. Plus see our tips on creating your own witch name below!

Everyday Witch Names

Female Names

  • Mona Olden
  • Isabelle Graeme
  • Victoria Delgado
  • Adalyn Thornton
  • Aliya Griffon
  • Evangeline Peyton
  • Saffron Vickers
  • Sabrina Black
  • Tori Blackweather
  • Heather Thorn
  • Rae Oakwood
  • Jasmine Clayton
  • Clover Shannon
  • Summer Littlewood
  • Juno Simmons
  • Lillian Palmer
  • Lily Shaw
  • Hazel Mcentye
  • Dawn Rosenberg
  • McKenna Borewood
  • Violet Laurens
  • Olivia Waters
  • Lyra Williams
  • Edna Newborn
  • Grace Edwards
  • Morgan Hall
  • Elsa Rivera
  • Camille Jenkins
  • Cleo Flores
  • Angelica Grimm
  • Helena Foster
  • Celeste Burns
  • Gwyneth Freeman
  • Anita Boyd
  • Ingrid West
  • Jade Knight
  • Belinda Tempest
  • Anastasia Perkins
  • Maya Rose
  • Cordelia Payne
  • Willow Creighton
  • Beatrix Orlando

Male Names

  • Wayde Cloven
  • Hades Greystone
  • Grey Evilian
  • Darius Longwood
  • Devin Borges
  • Michael Weathers
  • Issac Rivers
  • Trey Michaels
  • Erik Webb
  • Henry Grimson
  • Alastair Black
  • Brendan Grant
  • Drake Shaw
  • Edward Wagner
  • Clayton Simms
  • Tate Gardner
  • Keenan Matthews
  • Cornelius Stone
  • Gunnar Hicks
  • Keanu Snyder
  • Forrest Blake
  • Jasper Bradley
  • Finn Cunningham
  • Conan Lawson
  • Elwin Schmidt
  • Xander Carson
  • Adam Meyer
  • Gerard Hansen
  • Aidan Howell
  • Lucius Stanley
  • Marcus Fuller
  • Kayden Dean
  • Marsden Hoffman
  • Conrad Silva
  • David Pearson
  • Lincoln Caldwell
  • Kaiser McKinney
  • Maverick Dawson
  • Callum Sharp
  • Troy Newton
  • Orlando Norwood
  • Trent Borges

Fantasy Witch Names

Female Names

  • Sian Owllight
  • Rose Rainwater
  • Silver Queen
  • Jasmine Lightheart
  • Cora Deepwaters
  • Moonie Day
  • Runa Deepthirst
  • Hera Ripper
  • Kali Stone
  • Zanami  Kane
  • Octavia Silvas
  • Gwendolyn Wildblood
  • Proserpina Redmoon
  • Gabriella Bloodthirst
  • Aura Starlight
  • Lilith Darkcurse
  • Aurora Darkwaters
  • Desree Lovelong
  • Esme Shadows
  • Ariel Seaevil
  • Cassandra Youngblood
  • Sabine ShadowWing
  • Cybelle Serpent
  • Amritta Sniperhood
  • Ophelia Airstone
  • Astrid Loveheart
  • Isolde Wolfbane
  • Selene Iceheart
  • Venus Heartbreaker
  • Tasmin Crescent
  • Faerlie Earthwalker
  • Sophillia Heartstrong
  • Peraden Fang
  • Rosalin Hunt
  • Ursula Deepsea
  • Opal Moonfall
  • Onyx Bloodwolf
  • Luna Nightwolf
  • Juniper Tempest
  • Maera Snowheart
  • Destiny Hallows
  • Trinity Whisper

Male Names

  • Spike Bloodhorn
  • Romeo Nightblood
  • Tristian Hawkeye
  • Timinus Toadstool
  • Jupiter Knight
  • Marcellus Bloodlust
  • Mortimer Oldblood
  • Dilwyn Moth
  • Lazrus Ravenclaw
  • Ulrich Bloodhook
  • Aldridge Moonfall
  • Lucian Steeleyes
  • Rain Coldheart
  • Paxton Shadowcall
  • Chalmers Bloodthirst
  • Cullen Wolf
  • Wolfe Moonspirit
  • Angelus Nightstalker
  • Kadir Everbleed
  • Derwin Bloodworth
  • Gabriel Starmine
  • Goran Tide
  • Berak Shadows
  • Dashiel Night
  • Galen Shade
  • Kane Blood
  • Caspar White
  • Azriel Horn
  • Maddock Woods
  • Conan Calus
  • Acelin Mallor
  • Zander Craftwood
  • Oberon Stoneheart
  • Cosmo Wykers
  • Xenos Warblood
  • Zeneith Cryheart
  • Tybalt Sunrise
  • Hector Lifeless
  • Quirinus Frost
  • Taurus Malice
  • Merlin Griefworth
  • Galahad Charmworth

Good Witch Names

  • Luna Halfmoon
  • Daisy Flores
  • Glenda Goodheart
  • Cassandra Pure
  • Jasmine Young
  • Celeste Moonlight
  • Sweetie Madam
  • Lulu Starley
  • Aurora Heartly
  • Tritian Pureblood
  • Angelus Knight
  • Faerlie Flores
  • Apollo Spirit
  • Lucius Loneheart
  • Romeo Lovelace
  • Spirit Wanderer
  • Merlin Grande
  • Moonie Daye
  • Michael Young
  • Forrest Keeper
  • Rose Purewater
  • Lady Brave
  • Queenie Heartfall
  • Jasper Youngblood

Evil Witch Names

  • Hades Greystone
  • Kali Nightstalker
  • Hera Ripper
  • Cornelius Blood
  • Jinx Wolfborn
  • Moira Villanus
  • Magnus Darkheart
  • Viper Scarheart
  • Violet Shivers
  • Leonard Victus
  • Kane Killer
  • Gunnar Wilde
  • Delvin Curse
  • Olden Grimm
  • Octavia Snipers
  • Marsden Runes
  • Sabina Treacherous
  • Beatrix Meller
  • Darkus Mucus
  • Tori Tornheart
  • Dantes Chaos
  • Mildred Wagner
  • Ravana Diabolos

Create Your Own Witch Name

To magic formula to creating your own witch name is easy. First think about the personality of your witch, such as are they good or evil? And then the type of witch your character is or their specialists area of magic. From there you can give your witch a suitable first and last name.

Types of Witches

Here are the main types of witches you might encounter:

  • The Hedge Witch: Has no formal education in magic.
  • The White Witch: A good witch bringing light to the world.
  • The Siren: A sea witch that lives underwater. Specialising in water magic.
  • The Sorceress: A highly advanced female witch.
  • The Enchantress: A female witch specialising in illusions.
  • The Crone: A very old and wrinkly witch.
  • The Voodoo Queen: A female witch specialising in cursing or hexing someone.
  • The Shapeshifter: Their specialism is to transform into anything.
  • The Pot Stirrer: A witch that is always causing trouble.
  • The Dreamer: Can see visions and predict the future.
  • The Warlock: A male who practices magic or witchcraft
  • The Wizard: Usually a male who uses magical items and creates potions. No natural magical abilities.
  • The Sorcerer: A highly advanced male witch.
  • The Voodoo King: A male witch specialising in cursing or hexing someone.
  • The Enchanter: A male witch specialising in illusions.
  • The Necromancer: A witch that specializes in raising the dead or communicating with them

First Name

Here are some first name ideas for your witch:

  • Glenda
  • Wanda
  • Merlin
  • Marvin
  • Rose
  • Phillius
  • Moonie
  • Desree
  • Violet
  • Edward
  • Alastair
  • Devin
  • Esme
  • Hazel
  • Dawn
  • Tristian
  • Goran
  • Astrid
  • Elma
  • Gwendolyn
  • Rayn
  • Paxton
  • Jupiter
  • Venus
  • Kane
  • Lillian

Last Name

Here are some cool last name ideas for your witch character:

  • Redmoon
  • Nightblood
  • Greystone
  • Thorn
  • Hunter
  • Shadow
  • Norwood
  • Eastwick
  • Vickers
  • Knight
  • Rivers
  • White
  • Black
  • Shade
  • Stone
  • Wolf
  • Oakwood
  • Sharp
  • Dawson
  • Love
  • Hart
  • Cloven
  • Diablos
  • Blackridge
  • Grimm
  • Ogg

Can you create your own witch name? Share your witch names with us in the comments. Plus let us know if you found our witch name generator useful.

Witch Name Generator

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