200 Would You Rather Questions For Kids + FREE Printable Cards

Bored at home with nothing to do? Check out these 200 would you rather questions for kids. Plus free printable cards to create your own DIY would you rather game at home!

The would you rather game for kids (or WYR questions) is a great ice breaker activity to use in schools or at home with the family. Get the conversation started with quick and easy would you rather questions and the results might even surprise you! Our collection of would you rather questions includes, funny, gross and even Disney inspired questions. Go ahead, use our generator below to get a random would you rather question online or select a category to jump straight to a list of hilarious would you rather questions for kids:

Would You Rather Question Generator

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Would You Rather Game: How To Play

The Would You Rather Game for kids has been proven to encourage communication, improve problem-solving skills and even build creative thinking in kids. And best of all, it’s a fun way to keep your kids busy during a lockdown or a long stay at home. To play the Would You Rather game you need at least three players and a set of printed WYR questions or cards. See our printable would you rather cards to get your free set of WYR cards. 

Once you have a set of WYR question cards, you can follow these instructions to play the would you rather game:

  1. Turn the cards over. The text side should be hidden.
  2. Player one picks a card. They then read it out to the group.
  3. Player one answers the WYR question first and provides a reason for their answer.
  4. Player two then answers the question and so on.
  5. The winner is the one who is able to convince the group of their answer. For example if the group agrees with player one’s answer, then he/she gets the point.
  6. Keep going until you run out of cards.
  7. Tally up the points for each player.
  8. Announce the winner.

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Example Would You Rather Game

Here’s an example of how to play the Would You Rather game for kids with three players:

  • Round one begins (out of twelve rounds, thats four rounds per player)
  • Player one picks up a card and reads it, “Would you rather eat a worm or lick a slug? ”
  • Player one answers and tries to convince the group of their answer, “I would rather eat a worm because I can swallow it straight down, instead of tasting it.”
  • Player two’s turn.
  • Player two answers, “Well…I disagree. Licking a slug is better because I can have one quick lick and then throw it away.”
  • Player three’s turn
  • Player three replies, “I agree with player one because I would be sick if I had to taste a slug’s disgusting slime…”
  • Player one wins round one, as the majority of players agreed with their answer.
  • Keep going until the final round (round twelve in this case) ends.
  • All players tally up their scores.
  • Player two wins with four winning arguments.

Printable Would You Rather Question Cards

Try the game offline with our would you rather question cards for kids. Our printable has 200 would you rather cards to play with. That’s hours of fun and all for free! Download our printable WYR questions cards below:

Download printable Would You Rather Question Cards

Funny Would You Rather Questions

  1. Ride a donkey to school or a llama?
  2. Dance in your underwear or dance with an embarrassing uncle?
  3. Never go to the toilet again or never sleep again?
  4. Sing every time you open your mouth or never talk again?
  5. Locked in a room with your worst enemy or locked in a room all alone?
  6. Listen to the same song every day for the rest of your life or watch the same movie for the rest of your life?
  7. Speak backwards or speak in rhyme?
  8. Have all your teeth fall out or go fully bald?
  9. Get stuck in your favorite video game or in your favorite movie?
  10. Have super long hair or super long hand nails?
  11. Never-stop dancing or never stop singing forever?
  12. Float about like a ghost everywhere you go or slide around everywhere?
  13. Be known as the kung fu master or the smooth-talking assassin?
  14. Speak like a chipmunk or a giant?
  15. Live under a bridge like a troll or at a swamp like an ogre?
  16. Have a sing-off with Ariana Grande or a dance-off with Beyonce?
  17. Walk around backwards or skip wherever you go?
  18. Have flowers growing out of your hair or snake hair like Medusa?
  19. Have an elephant the size of a hamster or a hamster the size of an elephant?
  20. Shave your eyebrows or shave your hair off?
  21. Play soccer in high heels or basketball in roller skates?
  22. Wear clown shoes everyday or a clown nose everyday?
  23. Live in a fish bowl or in a dog kennel?
  24. Have hiccups that last for hours or sneeze every minute for hours?
  25. Drink out of a baby bottle in public or wear a visible diaper in public?
  26. Get chased by a hundred ant-sized elephants or one elephant-sized ant?
  27. Have really short legs or really long arms?
  28. Go to a dance with a well-mannered pig or an ill-mannered swan?
  29. Start every conversation with, “Hey mom” or end every sentence with, “ha ha, I’m just joking!”?
  30. Get your hand stuck in a jam jar or your head stuck in a water bucket?
  31. Get turned into a cute pink rabbit or a baby blue horse?
  32. Have teeth live beaver or a neck like a giraffe?
  33. Live near an airport or with a crying baby?
  34. Always giggle when someone speaks or always start weeping when someone starts talking?

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Would You Rather Food Questions

  1. Give up pizza forever or never eat fries again?
  2. Be allergic to chocolate or allergic to candy?
  3. Eat a rotten egg or expired yoghurt from the fridge?
  4. Ban fruit forever or never eat broccoli again?
  5. Ban sugar or salt?
  6. Eat a whole tub of mayonnaise or a whole tub of ketchup?
  7. Drink melted ice-cream or eat cold fries?
  8. Eat a raw fish from the sea or a potato straight from the ground?
  9. Live in a world made of chocolate or a world made of marshmallows?
  10. Eat 100 cupcakes or 10 pieces of broccoli?
  11. Drink a strawberry smoothie or a chocolate milkshake?
  12. Eat a box of cookies or a packet of crisps?
  13. Eat pizza everyday or eat chocolate cake everyday?
  14. Eat a burger or a pizza?
  15. Put ketchup on your chips or mayonnaise?
  16. Have your own cooking show on TV or be the owner of a 5-star restaurant?
  17. Only drink water for the rest of your life or only eat tomatoes forever?
  18. Have a magical fridge which is always stocked or a magical oven which bakes you food?
  19. Eat chicken nuggets or fish fingers for lunch?
  20. Drink apple juice or orange juice?
  21. Eat all your food cold or all your food hot?
  22. Have to eat dessert at every meal or never eat dessert again?
  23. Eat broccoli flavored cookies or avocado ice cream?
  24. Only ever eat with a spoon or with a fork?
  25. Eat a whole raw onion or a suck a whole lemon?
  26. Have cake for breakfast or pancakes for dinner?
  27. Eat ten deep-fried spiders or a huge plate of twenty cooked snails?

Would You Rather Summer Questions

  1. Would you rather have a three month summer break at home, or a one week holiday at your dream destination?
  2. Go camping with your family or hang out at the beach with your friends?
  3. Get really bad sunburn or forget your beach towel?
  4. Make sandcastles at the beach or snowmen at a winter destination?
  5. Do homework all summer long or cut down summer holidays to 1 week only?
  6. Get stung by bees during a camping trip or get a bad sunburn at the seaside?
  7. Have a pool in your backyard or a home theatre room?
  8. Go to a fun fair this weekend or to the beach?
  9. Play with water balloons or relax by the pool?
  10. Wear a thick winter coat at the beach or a swimsuit at the top of a snowy mountain?
  11. Go skateboarding or bike riding with your friends?
  12. Go camping outdoors or stay in a hotel?
  13. Go to a water park or a ski lodge?
  14. Take a private jet anywhere you like or own a private ship?
  15. Eat a watermelon flavored popsicle or a fresh watermelon?
  16. Travel for the rest of your life or never leave your home again?
  17. Visit every country on Earth or go into space?
  18. Go on a vacation to China or India?
  19. Go on a vacation to a major city or a remote location?
  20. Go on a cruise ship or stay in a hotel?
  21. Spend 7 days relaxing on a train ride or go on a week-long vacation doing extreme sports?
  22. Win a free trip to the moon, or free trip to 20 cities of your choice?
  23. Sit next to a smelly person on a airplane or an extremely chatty, annoying person?
  24. Travel in a hot air balloon or in a helicopter?
  25. Go on holiday to Brazil or Canada?
  26. Travel to Rome or Tokyo for your summer holidays?
  27. See the Northern Lights in Iceland or the sunrise in the rice terraces in Japan?
  28. Go on a cruise to the Caribbean Islands or Canoeing in Bangkok?

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Gross Would You Rather Questions For Kids

Here is a list of disgusting would you rather questions for kids:

  1. Would you rather eat a worm or lick a slug?
  2. Would you rather kiss a frog or a rat?
  3. Would you rather have eight arms or eight legs?
  4. Would you rather go on a date with a burping swan or a farting elephant?
  5. Would you rather have rotten teeth or a huge nose?
  6. Would you rather vomit all over your best friend or get caught picking your nose?
  7. Would you rather sit in class with smelling socks or with sweaty armpit stains?
  8. Would you rather eat a pot of soil from your backyard or drink a glass of toilet water?
  9. Would you rather eat ear wax or a nose booger?
  10. Would you rather have a face full of pimples or a bald head?
  11. Would you rather have spider legs as arms or octopus tentacles?
  12. Wet yourself in public or vomit on someone in public?
  13. Have onion breath while speaking to your friends or stink of moldy old cheese?
  14. Would you rather have super fart powers that make you fly or super burp powers that blow objects and people away?
  15. Poop in a dirty, smelly public toilet or poop behind the bushes at a park?
  16. Would you rather burp the alphabet at a party or make fart noises to everyones favorite song?
  17. Have a non-stop runny nose or red watering eyes?
  18. Have feet for hands or hands for feet?
  19. Lick the bathroom floor or lick the outside of a dumpster?
  20. Would you rather have diarrhea for a month or feel constipated for three months?
  21. Trapped in an elevator with a man with smelly armpits and bad breath or a woman with three wet dogs?
  22. Everything you eat tastes like boogers, or have bad breath all the time?
  23. Would you rather lick an old man’s sweaty armpits or chew a yellow, rotten toenail?

Would You Rather Disney Questions

  1. Borrow Cinderella’s glass slippers or wear Elsa’s dress?
  2. Keep Lady and Tramp as pets or Pongo and Perdita?
  3. Go sailing with Moana in Motunui or ice-skating with Anna in Arendelle?
  4. Ride Aladdin’s magic carpet or ride Pegasus (Hercule’s Horse)?
  5. Have ice powers like Elsa or have the ability to live on water and land like Ariel.?
  6. Have superhuman strength like Hercules or the ability to fly like Peter Pan?
  7. Visit Wonderland with Alice or visit Neverland with Peter Pan?
  8. Go to a restaurant with Lumiére and Cogsworth or with Timon and Pumbaa?
  9. Have your own fairy godmother or a genie to grant three wishes?
  10. Have Edna Mode (From The Incredibles) design you a costume or the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella?
  11. Have Remy (from Ratatouille) cook dinner for you or get a big hug from Baymax (from Big Hero 6)?
  12. Have Pascal and Maximus (from Tangled) as your partners in crime or Olaf and Sven (from Frozen)?
  13. Be raised by three whimsical fairies like Princess Aurora or by a pack of wolves like Mowgli?
  14. Have two horrible, annoying step sisters like Cinderella or have a controlling mother like Rapunzel?
  15. Fall in love with a beast like Belle or kiss a frog like Tiana?
  16. Be forced to eat Sultan’s stale crackers like Lago in Aladdin or squishy forest bugs like Simba in Lion King?
  17. Find Sully from Monsters Inc in your closet or Stitch from Lilo & Stitch under your bed?
  18. Have Elsa’s white braided hairstyle or Merida’s big red curly hair?
  19. Sail the high seas with Prince Eric or swing through the jungle with Tarzan?
  20. Be a pro at archery like Merida or have excellent sword-fighting skills like Mulan?

Would You Rather For Middle School

  1. Be the size of an elephant or as small as an ant?
  2. Meet a fire-breathing dragon or a telekinetic alien?
  3. Have a pet T-rex or a shapeshifting alien?
  4. Have big ears or a big nose?
  5. Skiing on the moon or surfing on Neptune?
  6. Lie to your best friend or your parents?
  7. Go to an amusement park or to the cinema?
  8. Be locked in a library or locked in a cinema?
  9. Go to a tea party or to the zoo?
  10. Be best friends with your favorite celebrity or win a million dollars?
  11. Be a warrior or a healer in a fantasy war?
  12. Go to school dressed like a clown or a zombie?
  13. Live underwater or in the clouds?
  14. Live forever or be the richest person alive?
  15. Live in a castle or a treehouse?
  16. Have the ability to turn back time or pause time?
  17. Live in a world with no internet or a world where having fun is banned?
  18. Be voted the prettiest person alive or the most intelligent person alive?
  19. Stranded on a deserted island or lost in space?
  20. Wear the same clothes everyday or wear old, ripped pieces of clothing?
  21. Have a beautiful singing voice or rocking guitar skills?
  22. Be invisible or be recognised everywhere you go?
  23. Be able to communicate with animals or speak any language you want?
  24. Wait at a bus stop for hours while it’s raining or be buried in the sand on a scorching hot beach?
  25. Have rainbow-coloured hair or pure white hair?
  26. Be a powerful wizard or a legendary ninja?
  27. Always whisper to people or always shout?
  28. Celebrate your birthday all year round or have Christmas all year round?
  29. Speak every language in the world or play every instrument perfectly?
  30. Always be 10 minutes late or always be 10 minutes early?
  31. See 24 hours into the future or have the ability to read minds?
  32. Be an average person with no responsibility or the King of a huge country?
  33. Be locked in a room with 100 tarantulas or with 100 wasps?
  34. Ban emojis or slang talk?
  35. Be a deep-sea diver or an astronaut?
  36. Get turned into a dragon or keep a dragon as a pet?
  37. Wake up ten years older or ten years younger?
  38. Be a police officer or a firefighter?
  39. Be rich and ugly or poor and good-looking?
  40. Meet a group of aliens on Earth or travel to outerspace?
  41. Live in a world without music or a world without TV?
  42. Be easily forgotten about and hatefully remembered?
  43. Lose your eyesight or your memories?
  44. Hire a personal cleaner or a personal chef?
  45. Have the ability to time travel or teleport anywhere in the world?
  46. Live by the beach or in the countryside?
  47. Spend your birthday alone, but get the best present ever or spend your birthday with your friends and get a bunch of ‘Okay’ presents?

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Would You Rather For Little Kids

  1. Read a book or watch tv?
  2. Have blue hair or green hair?
  3. Eat a cupcake or an apple?
  4. Have a pet dog or a pet cat?
  5. Play at the sand pit or paddle pool?
  6. Eat an apple or an orange?
  7. Keep flamingos as pets or peacocks?
  8. Fly to space or swim to the bottom of the ocean?
  9. Fly a kite or ride a scooter?
  10. Be a famous singer or a vet looking after sick animals?
  11. Be a princess or a dragon?
  12. Be a shark or a crocodile?
  13. Be a laughing elf or a sparkly unicorn?
  14. Get mud on your shirt or on your pants?
  15. Build things or go exploring outside?
  16. Draw a picture alone or play with your friends?
  17. Go swimming or play soccer?
  18. Be a buzzing bumblebee or a roaring tiger?
  19. Be too hot or too cold?
  20. Wear boots everyday or flip flop sandals?
  21. Be a doctor or a movie star?

Would You Rather Questions About School

  1. Would you rather do a whole day of sports or a whole day of arts & crafts?
  2. Would you rather have a 3-hour lunch break or finish school 2 hrs early?
  3. Would you rather get rid of all school exams or get rid of your least favourite subject?
  4. Would you rather win the spelling bee competition, or win a sports tournament?
  5. Would you rather eat school meals or bring lunch from home?
  6. Would you rather go to school for four days a week for 10 hours, or 5 days a week for 8 hours?
  7. Would you rather clean the school toilets or do a daily pop quiz about your worst subject?
  8. Would you rather study on your own or study with a group of students?
  9. Would you rather be a genius in all subjects, or be the most popular kid in school?
  10. Would you rather have no homework ever or no end of year exams?
  11. Would you rather serve lunch at the school cafeteria, or sing an embarrassing song in front of the whole school?
  12. Would you rather ride the public bus to school, or walk it there?

Did you enjoy this list of over 200 would you rather questions for kids? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

would you rather questions for kids

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