Fun Writing Ideas for Kindergarten Children

When we think about some writing activities for kindergarten, for the children of the first grade or something similar, only one thing is essential. That is – to come up with some extraordinary and out of the box ideas. To make a child focus on some useful tasks like writing is difficult, but once we start channelizing their energy and curiosity in some activities by knowing their interest areas, it becomes easy. Today, let’s be a kid again. To teach our children, we should think like a kid, understand like a kid, and learn like a kid. Maybe this little effort can pour us with a lot of ideas of creative writing for our genius kids. Here, I am going to show some of the coolest kindergarten writing games which can motivate children to work hard on their writing skills.

Prewriting Activities

There’s a lot of children in kindergarten. Some of them are just too small to hold a pencil. So first of all, it is essential to make them comfortable with all such things which are going to help them in future. Here are some ideas of pre-writing activities just to make the wrist muscles flexible for better coordination with pencils.

1. Create a Comfort Zone

Buy some colourful pom poms. Take an empty transparent cream bottle with the cap and make few holes in it. Now, tell the kid to insert the pom-pom in the bottle through the holes. Just like the pom poms, you can also take some colourful yarn pipes as well as a spice container and tell them to put them into the bottle through the small holes. It will help the child get a better pencil grasp and better eye coordination.

2. Holding Exercises

Another thing that you should start early is to get the child to start holding writing utensils like pencils, crayons, markers, etc. You can also try for the oval crayons which can be used for children as young as even nine months old! You just have to give them a piece of paper and let them scribble, write, or draw, whatever they want. This activity is going to help them strengthen their hands and muscular coordination for writing later on in life.

3. Attractive Coloring Books

Once the child becomes comfortable with the writing essentials like pencils, papers, erasers, etc., now it’s time to give them a colouring book of their favourite cartoon characters or the figures they are interested in! You can also try giving them a book which contains little animals or numerical. Motivate them to use their hands to colour or draw in that book at this early age. It’s okay not to follow the lines, as such scribbling will help them in many ways.

Structured Activities

Once you are satisfied with the prewriting activities, you should move forward with some structured ways to teach your children various writing skills. You can start showing them vertical lines, horizontal lines, and slanted lines. You can also make dotted lines in a worksheet and ask them to trace all the given dots with their favourite coloured pencil. It is also essential to practice squares and circles (clockwise and anticlockwise), as well as zigzag lines. Let me give you some other ideas for kindergarten writing lesson plans.

1. Rainbow Alphabets

Take a blank sheet and seven coloured pencils. Draw an alphabetical letter on the paper and tell the children to trace it with all the different coloured pens. This activity will attract them to use their favourite colours one by one and help you to teach all the alphabets to them easily and quickly.

2. Whiteboard Artists

Help them to be an artist by providing them a whiteboard and a few markers. As you know that we can quickly wipe out anything from it, allow your children to make a figure or a number you have shown them in their workbook. Then, tell them to compare both the figures and guide them to correct it from the whiteboard. By following this fun activity, they will soon start writing correctly.

3. Draw, Count, and Write

This mentioned method is a highly recommended task to keep children of kindergarten attentive. First of all, draw something on the worksheets like a house, vehicle, snowman, etc. Keep a box in the sheet to write down the figure and ask children to count the total number of windows of the house, or tiers of the vehicle, or the buttons of the snowman. This creative task will attract them and help them to learn fast.

4. Chalkboards and Cardboards

Cut the cardboard into the different shapes like heart, chocolate, flower, truck, specs, television, etc. and paint it with the black colour. Add a second coat, and there you go. Your chalkboards are ready. Tell the children to choose their favourite shape and write their name on the same. This activity can be a perfect combination of creativity and learning. You can also make flower petals and ask them to count and write on them.

5. Use of Sand, Clay, and Dough

It is proven that children get attracted towards sand, flour, clay, and such like things. If you manage to include these things in your teaching processes, you can surely get a fantastic output. Children love to make shapes, alphabets, numbers, and different figures with clay and dough. Use of sand or sandpaper is also helpful for the same. These all are some great mini writing lessons for the children in kindergarten.

… and the list goes on…

The ideas I have mentioned here are just a dewdrop of the ocean. You can always use your instincts and your children’s interest, hobbies, and behaviours to teach them uniquely. You can also download kindergarten writing prompts with pictures from the internet. Art cards, plastic table mats, filling the blanks stories, doodle mats, finger colour writings, etc. are some other fun writing ideas you can try for your child. All we need is to be creative!

Bonus Marks

  • Many children cannot write almost to the age of four. So, do not worry if your child is not writing anything, as all children develop at different rates.
  • It is preferable to teach capital letters, and not the cursive writing at first. Cursive writing is evenly essential but explain it later.
  • Some moms and kindergarten teachers suggest that it is okay not to follow sequences or alphabetical order while teaching the child how to write!
  • Use skinny pencils and not the big or long ones as a child may not be able to hold it properly. Oval crayons can help in muscle building needed for writing.
  • Each child could have their own journal. All the activities done by them – either scribbling, drawing, tracing, or writing should be recorded and filed into their own journal. It helps parents or teachers to track a record of their improvements time to time.
  • Make theme worksheets like the family tree, spider, Halloween, farm fresh, food items, vehicles, seasons, snowman, etc. and give one sheet each day to your child. It may create curiosity and increase the fun factor.
  • Cut out different comics and ask your children to write or draw from it. This activity can also revive their interest in writing and also help to improve their thinking process.
Fun Writing Ideas for Kindergartenen Writing Games imagine forest

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