10 Writing Prompts About Cats for Kids

Cats are everywhere these days. All over the TV, the internet and if you’re a cat owner probably all over your lap right now! They really are the world’s most popular pets! And to top it off, there’s even an annual holiday to celebrate cats, National Cat Day. On the 8th of August the world celebrates these curious little creatures in all their glory and splendour. Here at Imagine Forest, we honour cats the Imagine Forest way. That is though providing you with 10 writing prompts about cats. Even if you don’t have a cat, you still can be inspired by our cat writing prompts to write a story about these cute little felines.

10 Writing Prompts About Cats for Kids:

So, its cat day and your sitting in front of desk with blank piece of paper driving yourself crazy looking for inspiration! Don’t worry, just take a look at our 10 writing prompts about cats:

  1. Write a day in the life story from the perspective of a cat.
  2. Dogs are better than cats – Write a story about dogs versus cats.
  3. Your cat lives a secret life as a cat burglar.
  4. You live on the streets and become friends with a cat just as poor as you.
  5. You find out that your cat is actually the king of a secret kingdom of cats.
  6. At night, your cat solves crimes by collecting evidence and leaving it at the police station.
  7. A black cat keeps following you, what does it mean?
  8. The crazy cat lady keeps speaking to her cats, but is she really crazy?
  9. Your cat keeps stealing things and hiding them under your bed. One day you find a human bone under there…
  10. Your cat thinks that he is a dog.
  11. Write a series of poems inspired by cats.
  12. Write a fanfiction book based on your favourite Warrior Cats character. You can use our awesome warrior cats name generator for some cool character name ideas.

Check out our September writing prompts for more cat-inspired writing ideas, What do you do when you run out of story ideas? Do you keep a bank of writing prompts anywhere? Maybe in your mini ideas journal or research online for writing prompts? Let us know your ideas or share your cat stories in the comments below!

Have you tried out our summer writing challenge yet? That’s 31 days of summer writing prompts!

10 Writing Prompts about cats for kids

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