10 Writing Prompts About Dogs for Kids

10 Writing Prompts about dogs for kids _imagine forest

Few weeks ago we shared our 10 writing prompts about cats.  It’s only fair to share you our 10 writing prompts about dogs this week. Through the hard times and the good times, man’s best friend, Dogs have accompanied their owners through it all. To honour this beautiful bond between dog and man, National Dog Day is celebrated on the 26th August. This is the day to appreciate the love and loyalty of these spectacular animals. Here at Imagine Forest, we appreciate these beautiful creatures the Imagine Forest way. That’s through creative writing! To help you write some “dog-terrific” stories we created some awesome writing prompts for kids. To celebrate man’s best friend on National Dog day, use these 10 writing prompts about dogs for kids.

10 Writing Prompts about Dogs for Kids:

  1. Write a step by step guide on how to train a dog.
  2. A hurricane destroyed a whole city. Write a story about a search and rescue dog.
  3. Write from the perspective of a dog who hates dressing up in all the embarrassing costumes that their owner makes them.
  4. Write a story about a secret agent dog who solves crimes.
  5. You find out that your dog can speak. Write a conversation between you and your dog.
  6. Your dog finds a strange glowing object in your backyard. What happens next?
  7. What would it be like growing up as a puppy?
  8. Write a story of true friendship between a dog and a squirrel.
  9. Write a story about a dog who helps Santa deliver presents.
  10. By day your dog lays around the house, by night he saves lives.

How will you celebrate National Dog day? Will you be writing a poem or story about dogs? Our writing prompts about dogs for kids are the perfect tool for writing “dog-terrific” stories. You can even share your dog stories in the comments below.

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  • Jeuelle Ottley Sam

    My girls have been BEGGING me to let them adopt a dog. Now is not the best time for us to add another family member, lol, but I’m encouraging them that when they get older we may revisit the topic. In the meantime, writing about dogs sounds like a great idea! Your prompts also will encourage them to learn more about pet ownership! Great list here 🙂

  • Sahar

    I really like these writing prompts! I also feel like this would be a great road trip game–instead of writing the story, they could recite it to the rest of the car. Love it–thank you!

  • Thena

    My girls want a dog so bad, but I keep saying no. So much work!!!!! Loved reading this, thanks!

  • Firenze McCowald

    My girls desperately want a dog, too. In fact it was just last night at the dinner table that we discussed how both my husband and I are (much to my kids’ dismay) allergic…At any rate, I love the writing prompts! 🙂

  • Shell

    These are such cute writing prompt ideas!

  • This Mum At Home

    My kids would love to have a dog but we dont have room at the moment … perhpas Ill get them to do one of these instead 🙂

  • Marie Ann Novak

    Thanks for sharing this! We homeschool and my youngest always struggles with ideas to write about.He is so creative but has problems translating his creativity into words. These are great prompts to help!

  • Meagan Emmons

    Great post! I am going to have my daughter do this in her homeschooling this year!

  • Joseph Matthew

    Now I just need you to post one of these on my Facebook page for my daughter! She writes from a prompt once a week.