300+ Writing Prompts for Kids (+ Free Printable)

This is the ultimate bank of over 300 writing prompts for kids. From creative writing prompts to journal ideas and even quick poetry prompts. Whenever you’re bored or need a little inspiration, here are some fun ideas for kids writing prompts that can be used over and over again.

This list of creative writing prompts for kids includes a mixture of writing exercises, short story ideas, creative prompts and image prompts. All perfect for beating writer’s block and even for helping you write a whole story. If this list is too difficult to read through, you can use the writing prompts generator below to get some quick random ideas. And there’s even a free PDF version of this post available right at the end of this list – Just keep on reading!

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Over 300 Writing Prompts for Kids

  1. “Ready or not, here I come!” shouted Millie in the distance.
  2. 2 million years ago, one curious caveman makes an interesting discovery, which takes him to a city in the year 2020. Here’s a video for more inspiration on this prompt.
  3. A box is delivered to your house. You open it and find…What’s inside the box? Continue this story.
  4. A girl at your school has been hiding her true identity for years. Until one day it’s revealed that she is an alien from outer space with mysterious powers.
  5. A group of young puppies are separated at birth. One of them becomes a circus performer. The other, a well-pampered house pet and the final one a stray dog.
  6. A kind princess gets locked in a tower which once belonged to a powerful wizard. Instead of waiting for a prince or knight to save her, she creates her own spells to get out. Soon the spells start taking over and turn her into an evil witch.
  7. A man obsessed with comic books starts thinking that he is actually a supervillain from one of his favourite comic books. And now he is plotting world domination.
  8. A mastermind supervillain is tired of people always booing him and wishing him to disappear. He decides to become a good guy or a superhero and tries to get people to like him.
  9. A monkey at the zoo wants to run away from the zoo to join a circus.
  10. A mouse believes that he can talk to cheese. The other mice think he’s crazy – but is he?
  11. A new magic shop has just opened in town. You decide to get your brother a magic playset for his birthday from this shop. Instead of just playful magic, the magic set turns your brother into a warlock capable of turning humans into frogs and more
  12. A physics professor at a top university creates a gadget that can turn back time. He starts using it for his own personal gain, such as winning the lottery. Then he realises that he has created multiple timelines, where multiple versions of himself have been created.
  13. A superhero who catches the bad guy, but actually helps the “real” bad guy escape.
  14. A vegetarian shark explains how he feels like an outsider and doesn’t fit in anywhere. 
  15. A witch kidnaps you and locks you up in a tower. How will you escape? Why have you been kidnapped?
  16. A young Prince has locked himself in his castle to avoid eye contact with any human person. One look could turn them to stone.
  17. A young witch turns her three older sisters into dolls and plays with them every day. How will the three older witches become real again?
  18. A zombie who wants to become a vegetarian.
  19. After 30 years in prison, the big bad wolf is finally out. Write a short story about the big bad wolf’s life after prison. You can watch this video for further inspiration and clues.
  20. After a thunderstorm, you find a mysterious egg in your backyard. It starts to hatch and out comes a baby dragon! What do you do next? For help take a look at our dragon invasion video prompt.
  1. After eating a strange-looking vegetable, your pet bunny becomes a disgusting zombie bunny.
  2. After reading a magical book, you gain some magical powers. However, it turns out that you always had these magical abilities inside of you.
  3. After the accident, Nelson never felt safe again.
  4. Aliens are coming to invade Earth! Send them a letter to convince them to stop invading Earth.
  5. All humans eventually get a superpower. However, David is the only kid at school with no superpowers at all.
  6. All your life you knew your best friend. But one day you find out that your real best friend passed away years ago and was replaced by a robot.
  7. An adventurer discovers a glowing cube inside a dark cave in South America. But when they try to leave the cave, the cube summons a secret league of assassins.
  8. An everyday boy walks up from a coma to discover the world has been taken over by aliens – But is this all a dream?
  9. An evil conman (or any other type of villain) turns out to be your hero’s only saviour.
  10. An expedition in the Amazon rainforest gets deadly when you and your team encounter a group of warriors protecting the rainforest from outsiders.
  11. Another tea party, another game.
  12. Blinded by a bright light outside his window, Jake jumped up in horror.
  13. Bridget has been best friends with Charlie since elementary school. Everything changes when a new girl Chrissy becomes Charlie’s other best friend.
  14. Can you help Freddie the ninja cat write up a game plan to rescue his best friend and save the day? Here’s a video for more inspiration on this prompt.
  15. Can you write a how-to guide on how to make friends at a new school? Watch this video prompt for more inspiration.
  16. Can you write a short fantasy story about a strange key that opens up portals to new worlds? Here is a video to help you out with this creative prompt.
  17. Can you write a short story about a group of forest animals working together to save their home from deforestation? You can watch this video to inspire you further with this prompt.
  18. Can you write down at least 10 ways to show love to someone you care about, such as friends and family? You can use this video to help you out with this prompt.
  19. Describe the city of the future. In 100 years time, what will the world look like?
  20. Do you have a favourite magazine that you read? Write a letter to your favourite publication telling them how good their recent issue was.
  21. During a family camping trip, you find a backpack containing a strange-looking map, compass and a solid gold snake ring. What do you do next
  22. During the night, your house gets robbed. Now you’re on a mission to find the stolen items and punish the robber.
  23. Every night the same whispers. Every night the same cries. Who could this be and what do they want?
  24. Everything he touches turns to bananas that must be the worst superpower ever. When will it ever come in handy?
  25. Everything will be automated in the future. Humans won’t even need to walk or get up. The robots can do that for them. In fact, humans don’t do anything, apart from just exist in the world. This gives aliens from a nearby planet, the perfect opportunity to invade and take over planet Earth (see our planet name generator for more inspiration).
  26. Finish this sentence: For lunch today, I…
  27. Finish this sentence: If I could change one thing about myself, it would be…
  28. For years you have had breathing problems and suffered from asthma. You also had an extreme phobia of the ocean and deep water. Then one day, someone from your school invites you to a beach party. At the party, you learn that you’re a mermaid.
  29. For years you have played the role of a good superhero. Always saving lives and watching the people you love disappear. Now you had enough, it’s time to be the bad guy, it’s time to play the villain.
  30. Gavin was always getting the best presents. For once I wish I could be like him.
  31. Having a superpower was cool until Mindy started losing control of her power. It was like the darkness was taking over her whole body. She is now a danger to everyone, including herself.
  32. How was the very first superhuman or human with superpowers created?
  33. If dogs could speak, then Spike would be thanking Chris right now.
  34. Imagine if animals could write. Choose an animal of your choice and write a letter to them.
  35. Imagine that you are a fork. What would your life be like as a fork that humans use for eating with? As a talking fork, what would you say?
  36. In a futuristic world, humans are fighting against robots to keep their race alive. However, it turns out that everyone is a robot anyway and the true human race died out years ago.
  37. In a war between humans and aliens, you lose your best friend. However, he/she is really alive and working with the aliens.
  38. In the damp streets of Manhattan, there lived a fierce little cat.
  39. In the story of Hansel and Gretal, write from the perspective of the witch that lives in the Gingerbread house. 
  40. Is your family wealthy or short on money? Money can be a strong motivator and a source of conflict for many people. How does money make you feel?
  41. It’s ‘Bring a Parent to School Day’. But your main character’s parents are so busy that they can’t make it, so they bring their much older brother to school instead.
  42. It’s the 1930s and you are making your first debut as a circus clown. However, on the first night of the circus opening, things end very badly.
  43. It’s the annual snail racing championships. Pretend that you are a commentator for a snail race.
  44. It’s the year 2070 and crime is at an all-time high. To combat crime, one town has completely replaced its police officers with robot officers. However, the robot police officers malfunction and start thinking that all humans are criminals.
  45. Legend says that if you breathe in and out ten times in front of a mirror something strange happens.
  46. Life is good, life is perfect until you realise everything is a hologram and the real world is a dark and broken place.
  47. Life wasn’t great at all for Mr Pea. It wasn’t even mildly good.
  48. Loneliness is a strong emotion. Write about a time when you felt alone and what did you do to cheer yourself up.
  49. Look through some old family photos and pick one at random. Use this photo as inspiration for your next story.
  50. Make a bucket list of all the places you want to visit.
  51. Meeting a group of talking monkeys in the jungle.
  52. Mother has always warned me about not eating too much cheese before bedtime and now I know why! Cheese makes your nightmares come true!
  53. On her 13th birthday, Cassie was cursed to never speak again. She was such a loud, outgoing girl, now she’s almost invisible.
  54. One day, you notice that cats keep following you home from school. You eventually find out that you’re slowly turning into a cat yourself. How will you stop this from happening?
  55. People ran inside their homes, as the alarm rang.
  56. Pick a fairytale character of your choice and write a letter to them.
  57. Pick an inspirational quote and design a whole page around it in your journal.
  58. Robbie the robin thinks that he is the best singer in the world. But all the other birds think he sounds like a broken flute.
  59. Sitting alone in the dark, Jesse feared the outside world. She just wants to be alone.
  60. Sitting at his computer, Martin noticed something odd about his favourite computer game.
  61. Some say the number 7 is unlucky, but to me, it wasn’t.
  62. Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Spiderman – Whoever your favourite superhero is, write an imaginary letter to them.
  63. Tabitha the house cat knows there’s a mouse hiding in the kitchen. Write a monologue scene of Tabitha dreaming about catching the mouse.
  64. Talk about the struggles of being the most popular girl or boy in school. Think about the peer pressure you face daily.
  65. The desert-like sun burned his skin as he lay scorching in the sand.
  66. The room was a dump, as Jack frantically searched every corner.
  67. The same words over and over again scattered all over the floor.
  68. The sun shone brightly on the Oakland farm, but not all was bright.
  69. The world’s longest game of tic-tac-toe – For some reason, it just never seems to end.
  70. There’s an old ancient belief that the ocean is alive. When pirates pollute it with rubbish and hurt the sea creatures it makes the ocean angry. Write a short story from the perspective of the ocean.
  71. Think about a difficult decision you had to make recently. For example, did you have to choose between going to your best friend’s birthday party or visiting your dad in another country?
  72. Think about how your self-image has changed over the past few years. Has your confidence grown or withered away? Use this as your inspiration for your next short story.
  73. Think about the first time you met your friend. Write a letter to them reminding them of this time.
  74. Think about the funniest thing that happened in your life and use it as an inspiration for your next short story.
  75. This Halloween you decide to go as a simple ghost. What you didn’t realise is that by wearing the costume, you actually became a ghost. And your best friend dressed up as a vampire, is now actually a vampire!
  76. Thomas Saint designed the first-ever sewing machine. Write a story from the perspective of Thomas and how he came up with the idea.
  77. Three brothers are fighting with each other to be the next king of their kingdom – who will win?
  78. Tick… tock… tick… tock… time was going so slow.
  79. To make some extra money on the side, a farmer decides to open a knock-off version of Disneyland.
  80. Weather is a common theme in poems. Pick any weather of your choice, such as rain, snow, a sunny day and then write a poem about it.
  81. What do you think the world will be like in 10, 50 or even 100 years time?
  82. What hobby do you enjoy the most and how did you get into it?
  83. Write a biography of your life, as the child of an infamous pirate living out at sea. You can view this video for more inspiration.
  84. Write a day in the life story of a talking ice-cream family. You can watch this video prompt for further inspiration.
  85. Write a fairytale about a young prince cursed with the power of darkness. Take a look at this video for more inspiration.
  86. Write a letter to a company that you want to work for in the future. Tell them why you would make a good worker and why they should hire you.
  87. Write a letter to cheer someone up who is sad. You could include a funny story or joke in this letter.
  88. Write a letter to your favourite celebrity.
  89. Write a script of a conversation between you and a talking tree. You can view this video for more inspiration.
  90. Write a short story about a dog travelling across America to find his mother.
  1. Write a short story about being turned into a rat. You can use the clues and questions in this video to help you with your story.
  2. Write a short story about the life of being a husky dog working in Alaska to help pull equipment and people around in the snowy landscape.
  3. Write a short story titled, Raining Doughnuts. You can use the information in this video to help you out with this prompt.
  4. Write a story about a young boy or girl, who leaves their home to find that everyone is gone. Their friends, family, neighbours, pets – Everyone is gone. Watch this video prompt for more inspiration.
  5. Write a story dedicated to the best teacher or mentor you ever had so far in your life.
  6. Write about a nightmare you recently had.
  7. Write about a recent achievement or goal you accomplished. 
  8. Write at least 7 journal entries about being lost on a deserted island. You can use this video prompt to help you out.
  9. Write out a simple storyline for a new video game. Think about the year your game will be set in, who the enemies will be and how the game will start and end? Watch this video for more clues on what to include in your video game.
  10. You and your friends finally find the courage to enter the haunted house in your neighbourhood. But what exactly lurks inside the house?
  11. You are a master chef at a top restaurant. To keep the restaurant going, you need to come up with a new recipe or dish to include on the menu. Can you invent a new dish or menu item? Watch this video for more inspiration.
  12. You are going to visit your grandma. It’s a two-hour car drive to get and the traffic is extra busy today. While stuck in the traffic you have some funny, yet strange encounters with other drivers.
  13. You are researching your family tree for a school project. You thought your family was small until you stumbled upon some old family photos All those aunts, uncles, cousins that you never saw your whole life. Why keep them a secret?
  14. You are the best dark assassin in the kingdom. The king’s son has hired you to kill the king in secret. What do you do?
  15. You are the most famous superhero of all time. But what you don’t know is that your father is actually a supervillain which you’ll have to take down.
  16. You become the very first superhuman in the whole world after discovering that you can move objects with just your mind. You decide to keep it a secret and only ever use it when you’re really desperate. But this all changes one day
  17. You finally solve a Rubix cube to get trapped inside a life-size cube. Where you have to solve many cube-like puzzles to get released.
  18. You get an unknown phone call from someone. The person tells you that someone will knock at your door very soon and that you should not open it. You hear a knock at the door – What do you do?
  19. You just landed on a new planet. Describe this new planet to the other people on your spaceship. Watch this video for some clues and ideas to help you with this prompt.
  20. You’re the son of a mad scientist who rides a snail to school every day.
  21. You’re leaving a long adventure and you don’t know when you’ll be back. Write a goodbye letter to your loved ones and friends.
  22. Your best friend and you sneak into the school cafeteria after school to steal some food. But as soon as you open the door you hear the dinner ladies chanting some spell over something that looks like a smoking cauldron.
  23. Your long, lost sister who you thought was dead knocks at your door.
  24. Your main character is a poor farmer’s boy. One day his fortune turns around when he finds a magician’s spellbook deep in the forest.
  25. Your main character is a street thief and a shapeshifter. They can change into any human or animal. As the lowest ranking member of society, your main character is tired of being treated like dirt, so they decide to impersonate the king and take over the kingdom.
  26. Your main character is a werewolf hunter, but it turns out that he himself is a werewolf.
  27. Your main character is plotting the greatest revenge in history in their own mind.
  28. Your best friend died years ago and was replaced by a cyborg. And you only just found out recently.
  29. After going through some old stuff in the attic, you learn that your great grandfather was a war hero.
  30. Earth’s weather system has dramatically changed in the future. Now the weather forecast talks about balls of fire falling from the sky and tornadoes made of water flooding random towns.
  31. Everyone looked up to Lava Knight until he accidentally hurt someone with his superpowers. Now all humans are protesting against superheroes. They demand that all superheroes are stripped off their superpowers.
  32. On your 12th birthday, you’ll be old enough to join any of the four clans: Steel Warriors, Earth Souls, The Healers or the Wise Ones. But a secret group living underground called the Dark Assassins want to recruit you. What will happen next? (If you like cats and warriors, take a look at the Imagine Forest Warrior Cat name generator.)
  33. Your character has a big confession to make to the world.
  34. Your family is hiding a big, dark secret and they’ll do anything to keep it a secret from your other relatives.
  35. Alone sitting at a dinner party fit for 20 people, the main character explains how they lost it all for nothing.
  36. Have you ever felt pressured to do something? Write about this peer pressure from the perspective of your future self in 5 years time.
  37. Write a short story from the perspective of an alien living on Mars. You can use the following sentence as inspiration, “Humans are real! We are not alone! Humans are real” Chanted the crowd.
  38. Every year your family goes on a family vacation. But this year, the annual family vacation has been cancelled.
  39. “Master Jewel Thief Caught And Locked Up!” – That’s what the newspaper headline read on Saturday morning. It’s now Wednesday morning and another diamond robbery took place last night.
  40. During a cruise ship holiday, the ship starts sinking. You end up stranded on an island, where you have to survive until someone rescues you.
  41. You and your best friend find a beautiful sports car parked outside your home. The keys are inside and the door has been left open.
  42. Write a short story about a mad scientist who has found a way to combine human DNA with animal DNA to create superhumans.
  43. As an orphan child, Cassie always felt alone. Until she joined an art club and met her two best friends, Edwin and Miranda. Now she found a family that she never thought she’ll have.
  44. Each snowflake is unique and delicate. With only a few seconds before you melt, write a short monologue from the perspective of a snowflake falling from the sky.
  45. A cure for a rare disease mutates humans into flesh-eating zombies.
  46. Who raised you the most when growing up? What lessons did they teach you? How do they inspire you?
  47. There are many benefits to being a middle child. You don’t have the responsibility of being the eldest and you aren’t treated like a baby like the youngest. But still, you always feel misunderstood by your family and are always on the outside.
  48. Earth was created as a prison for all badly behaved humans. And now that the prison sentence is over, everyone can finally go home to their real planet.
  49. Your main character follows a street cat and ends up in a world where cats rule the planet and humans are their pets.
  50. The lights turn off, as your master goes to sleep. One dog sits by the bed of his master – What is he wondering about?
  51. You find an old pen in a magic shop. Every time you write something down using that pen it becomes true.
  52. A hard-working lawyer decides to leave the city life behind to start a new life in the country. As he ventures off to the country he realises that country life is not as calm or as relaxing as he thought it would be.
  53. Your main character is a spy in the year 1570. They have been hired to protect the queen from a secret league of assassins.
  54. It’s the year 2135, every household has their own robot servant. After years of learning from human behaviour, the robot servants develop a mind of their own and start to attack humans.
  55. For two whole years, you thought Catelyn was your best friend. So many secrets shared. So many moments shared. But she was just a fake friend – She was never there when you really needed her.
  56. One by one students from your class are going missing. It’s up to you to find out what happened to them.
  57. Everyone thinks that you’re this big, tough guy, but really you’re struggling on the inside. In a monologue, talk about your struggles and the judgement, you face every day.
  58. Write about something that brings you great joy in your life.
  59. Jerome the chameleon hates people staring at him, so he always camouflages. One day he sees a human and wants her to adopt him. But she never sees him. From that moment, Jerome doesn’t want to hide away anymore.
  60. It’s the 1930s and you are making your first debut as a circus clown. However on the first night of the circus opening things end very badly.
  61. Sarah can move objects with her mind, but her power is super weak. Until she connects with a group of girls from another high school. Together their bond forms the greatest power that anyone has seen.
  62. In the future, there has been a serious drop in the human population. After viruses, war and human nature have killed the majority of Earth’s population. Now humans are considered an endangered species.
  63. How was the first-ever newspaper or media company started? Your main character in this story is the first-ever reporter.
  64. Your little sister is always bugging you to play with her dolls, but you’re too old to play with dolls. Until one day you actually become a doll. Your parents think you ran away, but really you are in your sister’s bedroom on a shelf with all the other dolls.
  65. After years of horrific weather conditions and natural disasters, humans have learned to adapt to the various environmental changes.
  66. Not everything is rainbows and cotton candy on the planet of unicorns. Something deadly lurks underground.
  67. On a bus ride to an important college interview, your character goes through many self-doubts.
  68. An alpha wolf is kicked out of his pack for playing around with humans. Will he ever become alpha again?
  69. It has always been you and you mom. Until one day your mom introduces you to a lady and tells you that they are getting married.
  70. Mysterious symbols are appearing all over town. It is up to your main character to decipher the code and find out the meaning of these symbols.
  71. It’s the year 2,075 and scientists have discovered a way to make humans immortal. But only the rich and important people are offered this treatment.
  72. Write a monologue scene from the point of view of one of the ugly step-sisters in Cinderella. The scene can be set right after Cinderella’s wedding.
  73. During a football game, the ball falls into the forest behind your school. When you go to find the ball, you discover small fairy-like creatures in the forest. No-one believes you when you try telling them, but you know the truth.
  74. Your main character hasn’t seen their father in over 10 years. Suddenly out of the blue their father turns up asking for a place to stay.
  75. For centuries humans have evolved. From apes to modern-day men and women. This evolution has not stopped. In the year, 2200, some humans have special abilities or superpowers, such as mind-reading powers or the ability to fly. This has caused great destruction on Earth.
  76. After a huge argument, you learn your parents are getting a divorce. Your mom wants you to stay with her, while your dad wants you to come with him. What will you do?
  77. Write a short story about a magpie with a stealing problem. No matter what this magpie does he/she just can’t help stealing shiny things.
  78. Dragons are at war with humans. While foraging for food near the mountains you find a small ice dragon that helps hunt for food. Together you end the war between dragons and humans.
  79. Scientists invent a teleportation machine which allows people to travel all over the world within a few seconds. However, the machine goes bust and starts sending people into different dimensions.
  80. Complete the following story starter: The music stops, everyone turns around and they see…
  81. After the death of your uncle, you inherit his magical sword. When held in a fighting position, the sword turns you into a legendary superhero, called the crimson knight.
  82. A family camping trip gets dangerous when a pack of wolves start circling your tents in the middle of the night.
  83. Cats and dogs rule the world and humans are their pets.
  84. Little Red Riding meets the wolf in the forest. Instead of being scared of him, they become close friends.
  85. It’s Halloween night and you just finished carving a pumpkin with your parents. Later that night when you are alone in the house, the pumpkins start talking to you with the mouth you carved on them.
  86. After years of getting all the attention from your parents. Your parents bring home a baby boy and now it seems like no-one even notices you anymore. It’s all about your baby brother now.
  87. Known as the Floral Slayer, there is a serial killer on the loose. They are going around town destroying all flowers in public places, people’s gardens and front yards. Why are they doing this and who can stop them?
  88. When the world is about to end, a superhero and supervillain must work together to save it.
  89. A poem dedicated to your mother.
  90. Going to Paris on holiday.
  1. Dedication poem to your favourite celebrity.
  2. The creepy shadows in your room remind you of… 
  3. What is life like on a fluffy white cloud?
  4. Being on stage with everyone looking at you.
  5. Can you think of some common stereotypes that people have of women? Why are these stereotypes wrong? For example, some people think women should stay at home and not work – do you agree or disagree with this statement?
  6. Think about something your mom is always saying and write down how you can help out.
  7. You’re on the beach collecting seashells. You then hear a calm whisper from one of the seashells. It whispers, “Come, find me…” What do you do next?
  8. We all heard the legend of mermaids and the loch ness monster. But can you write your own legend about a mysterious sea creature? 
  9. Write a limerick about the summer sun.
  10. Write one journal entry into your nature journal about the great outdoors. 
  11. Your favourite celebrity is about to give a talk on violence against pets. Can you help them by writing a powerful speech for their talk?
  12. Your new pet dog has superpowers! Create a comic strip about this super dog’s adventures. Who’s the villain? What are its powers?
  13. Write a short story which must include the following items: Vanilla Ice-Cream, Jam Sandwiches and a monkey. 
  14. You are the manager of your favourite football team. Create a game plan on how they can win their next game.
  15. Crystal was one of the most powerful witches of all-time. She defeated many evil warlocks and villains. But now she’s locked up in a mental institution. Is she really a witch or is she just crazy?
  16. After reading a forbidden book, the most horrific and disgusting creatures from hell crossover to Earth.
  17. A boy helps out an old lady, in return, he is given magical powers. Instead of using his powers for good, he uses it to destroy the world.
  18. Scientists accidentally create a vaccine which gives humans super strength, along with other traits.
  19. A hurricane destroyed a whole city. Write a story about a search and rescue dog.
  20. You find out that your cat is actually the king of a secret kingdom of cats.
  1. Who created these statues and why? 
  1. Is anything hiding inside this creepy wardrobe? What do you think you’ll find inside?
  1. A giant winged man is attacking the city. Write from the perspective of this winged man.
  1. Imagine if you could fly. Where would you go? What would you do with your power?
    writing prompts for kids - flying
  1. Write a short story including the following elements: An elephant, a balloon, pyjamas and a watermelon.
  2. Walking in a scary forest you find a house that looks like a shoe. Who owns it and what’s inside?
  1. The story of three evil pears out to rule the world.
    writing prompts for kids - three evil pears
  1. Your main character is a cat, which is also a spy.
  1. How do rabbits celebrate a holiday like Easter?
  1. Write a story about a cat who is best friends with three mice.
    writing prompts for kids - cat and mice
  1. The story of seven ducks and their ducklings travelling to Great Britain for the winter.
  1. You are a parrot for an evil pirate named Captain Stallion. 
  1. Your main character is a forest witch. Her job is to keep the forest alive. One day some outsiders come to destroy the forest. Continue this story.
  1. Your favourite board game pieces come alive.
  1. What’s happening in this image? Are these emojis in prison and why?
    writing prompts for kids - emoji prison
  1. Write a story about King Mica, leader of the street cat family.
  1. Why is that robot alien chasing down humans?
  1. Welcome to the Gecko School. What do you think these Geckos are learning?
  1. The biography of a self-conscious robot.
  1. Pick a character from this image and write a story from their perspective.
  1. Princess Liana can control dragons and other mythical creatures through music.
  1. The friendship between a monkey and a socially awkward woman.
  1. A young deaf boy befriends a street cat.
    writing prompts for kids - kid and cat
  1. Army of rubber ducks taking over the world.
  1. A pet food company creates a new food product, where your pets keep growing and growing.
  1. One day in the park, a portal opens and out comes a medieval knight in shiny armour.
  1. A new breed of turtles that can carry mermaids and other sea creatures in their shell.
  1. Your new headteacher is a dog.
    writing prompts for kids - headteacher dog
  1. What are these two kittens looking at? What is their relationship with each other?
  1. Write a story inspired by this picture. What is she touching in the snow? How did she end up here? Is she upset and why?
  1. Your main character is a silly goat causing trouble everywhere they go.
    writing prompts for kids - silly goat
  1. A cat becomes friends with two ducks. What adventures do they go on together?
  1. Two sisters – one evil and one good.
    writing prompts for kids - fairytale good and evil
  1. Describe this setting and use it in your next short story.
    writing prompts for kids - enchanted forest
  1. A posh dog who loves to dress up.
    writing prompts for kids - smug dog
  1. A witch who has the power to control the ocean.
  1. What is this cat thinking?
    writing prompts for kids - evil cat
  1. Write a story about a lost and lonely robot.
    writing prompts for kids - lost robot
  1. What is this strange marking? Where did it come from?
  1. A witch lost in the Amazon Rain forest.
    writing prompts for kids - witch in jungle
  1. What does this huge mysterious cube do and why is it here?
  1. In a fantasy world, humans ride dolphins around.
  1. Whats happening in this image? Who are those kids and what are they stealing?
    writing prompts for kids - stolen goods
  1. Write a character profile for the person in this drawing.
    writing prompts for kids - emperor character
  1. Who is this boy and what happened to his cart?
    writing prompts for kids - boy and horses
  1. The relationship between the moon and the sun.
    writing prompts for kids - moon and soon
  1. Your main character is an underwater fairy.
    writing prompts for kids - underwater fairy
  1. Write a story set in a busy street market or fair.
    writing prompts for kids - marketplace
  1. Tell the story of a family of Venus flytraps.
    writing prompts for kids - venus flytrap family
  1. Imagine if each raindrop had a whole world inside it.
    writing prompts for kids - raindrop world
  1. Complete the following story starter: The moon’s light reflected on the ocean. Maisie sat with her toes deep in the sand, thinking about her future. What would happen next? Now that everyone knows her secret.
  2. Complete the following story starter: Soon I will be powerful enough to beat them all!
  3. Write a story including the following elements: A lobster, two pairs of socks and a party balloon.
  4. Use a good memory from your life as inspiration for your next story.
  5. Use a bad memory from your life as inspiration for your next story.
  6. Complete the following story starter: The nightmares never ended for Clara.
  7. Write a story including the following elements: Your favourite celebrity, a hobby you enjoy doing and your dream holiday destination.
  8. Rewrite your favourite fairytale.
  9. Rewrite the lyrics of your favourite song. But this time make it all about food!
  10. Write a scary story about an evil prince who collects bugs.
  11. Write a short biography of a beautiful lady who ages 10 years in one day.
  12. Describe to your friend a brainy rockstar who hates school.
  13. Describe a day in the life of an old owl who tries to get into the Guinness Book of World.
  14. Write a rhyming story about an old movie star who collects bugs.
  15. Make up a conversation you might have with a nerdy alien who lives on a faraway planet.
  16. Describe the personality of a self-conscious fox who wants to win a dance contest.
  17. Write a short biography of an evil dragon who won a million pounds.
  18. Write a funny story about an ugly knight who tries to get into the Guinness Book of World.
  19. Make up a conversation you might have with a self-conscious ogre who discovers they have superpowers.
  20. Write a travel log for a devious dentist who is lost on an island.
  21. Describe the appearance of a smelly alien who gets lost in the Amazon rainforest.
  22. Write a detective story about a million-year-old zombie who is always getting into trouble with their parents.
  23. Describe to your friend a devious pirate who discovers a talking frog.
  24. Write a rhyming story about a smelly prince who has to save the world.
  25. Describe a very unusual day for a nerdy witch who has to save the world.
  26. Write a scary story about a million-year-old cat who ages 10 years in one day.
  27. Write a scary story about a nerdy rockstar who is lost on an island.
  28. Write a travel log for a devious dog who rides a giant snail to school.
  29. Write a story including the following elements: A magical pencil, a dog and a mischievous eraser.
  30. Complete the following story starter: Darren sat on the bus watching the rain pour down.

Free 150 Writing Prompts For Kids PDF

Now it times to Download your free printable writing prompts for kids PDF! This printable pdf contains 150 writing prompts for kids, which you can print-out and use as inspiration for your next story! For more fun writing prompts, take a look at our dedicated writing prompts section.

Writing prompts for kids pdf printable
Download Writing Prompts for Kids Printable

This collection of writing prompts for kids are great for both young writers and experienced writers. We guarantee that you’ll feel more inspired and ready to beat writer’s block with these creative writing prompts. Share your writing prompts and tips in the comments below.

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