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  1. How do I create an account?

    Simply click the register button on the homepage and complete the form. To sign- up you will need provide a username, password and an email address. If you are under 12, you will need your parents email address to sign-up. And your parent must verify your account before you can log in.
  2. Is Imagine Forest 100% free?

    Yes, completely! All features Imagine Forest are available to all users who are registered to the site.
  3. Can I create multiple accounts using the same email address?

    Sadly, no. To keep accounts secure we only allow one user per email account.
  4. How do I write stories?

    Login to your account and click the ‘Write’ button in the top navigation. You will be taken to the story creator, where you can write as many stories as you like!
  5. Can schools or teachers use Imagine Forest?

    At this stage there is no school/teacher login. This feature is still in developement. You can still sign students up indivdually, but these will be normal accounts on the site. You will not be able to grade work or assign any assignments to these normal accounts.
  6. I have published my book publicly, how come it doesn’t appear in the library?

    Before your stories can be made public in the library, they need to be checked by the Imagine Forest team to make sure they are appropriate. This can take up to 5 working days. You will be notified immediately when your story is made public. So keep an eye on your notifications!
  7. Can I upload my own images in the story creator?

    Yes, you can! Simply click on the add photo option in the story creator. This will open up a media library, where you can either select images provided or use your own.
  8. Some of the areas on the activities map are locked, why?

    You need to complete previous activities fully to unlock new activities on the map. We hope that this will motivate you to carry on writing!
  9. How come I haven’t received the ‘verified’ badge?

    To receive the verified badge your must do the following:
    • Verify your email address, by clicking on the link in the welcome email you received.
    • Change your avatar picture
    • Complete the fields in the profile section i.e. about info, country, D.O.B and favourite book
  10. How do I reset my password?

    Login to your account on click on the settings option on the left side of your activity feed. Then click the reset password button.

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