The Imagine Forest Story

From humble beginnings to the best creative writing website for youngsters.

Founded in the summer of 2015, Imagine Forest has always had one goal. To improve the writing skills of children. For century’s individuals and organisations have been promoting literacy skills through going into schools, creating new schemes and exciting resources. So, what makes Imagine Forest so different? We go to the root of the problem! A fundamental reason why children don’t write more often, is lack of inspiration! Yes, not because writing is boring or too “old-fashioned”. It’s inspiration!

Since the idea of Imagine Forest was conceived in 2015, we have spoken to parents, teachers and kids. Our research was extensive, but clear. Children needed guidance in writing. Whether this was in the form of writing prompts or worksheets. As long as we could ignite the lightbulb inside those young minds, their attitude towards writing could change. Our goal is more than just creating some creative writing resources for kids. It’s the idea that everyone can write stories, as long as they have the ideas to write about!

Here at Imagine Forest, we have created the ultimate collection of inspirational creative writing resources for kids. But we did not stop there! The new Imagine Forest creative writing website will be launching soon. A safe environment where young writers can share stories with their friends and classmates to get feedback on their writing. Our creative writing website will be jam-packed with inspiration, activities and lessons! Everything you need to start writing! Best of all there are no bad marks for poor spelling or grammar. What! Really? Yes, we want all our members to have fun and feel excited by the idea of writing stories. Who would love writing if they were criticised for every misplaced comma and full stop? To find out more about the concept, see how Imagine Forest works.

To summarise our motto at Imagine Forest is to inspire, learn and write. Based on these three concepts, we together can improve the writing skills of children. Our creative writing website is growing day by day, in features and in members. So, if you’re not a member, you should be! Register for free and get writing some stories!

In the meantime if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

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