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Safe & Secure

Imagine Forest complies with a range of data protection laws including GDPR and COPPA. Only a parent can create a child account on Imagine Forest by verifying their email address and completing a permission slip for each child added to the site. Read our privacy policy for details on the information we collect, and why we collect it. In addition to this, all books published in the public library are manually moderated by our team to ensure appropriate content for your children. You can also control settings, such as public library settings, block add friend feature and more for extra safety online!

See our full list of safety features.


All parent and child accounts are 100% ad-free. Explore all areas of our website with no ads from third-party companies or advertisers. This means your children can focus entirely on their writing, and not get distracted by unwanted or inappropriate ads.

100% Free

We are proud to be 100% free. Every feature you see on the site can be used freely with no limits, or hidden costs. Publish as many books you like, participate in challenges and activities, download PDF versions of your books and read books by others - All for free! As a parent, you can even add an unlimited amount of children- All free, of course!

Improve Creative Writing Skills

Imagine Forest is on a mission to encourage more children to write books for pleasure! Writing should not be a chore or something forced on a child. It should be a desire, a want to write books simply because it's fun and enjoyable. We are continuously updating our site with new resources, videos, challenges and more to encourage your children to write for pleasure.

Track Child's Activity

Once you have added a child account, you can track their site activity from the moment they join the site. From the books published to books read, commented on or liked and even challenges completed - You as a parent can see everything that your child does on Imagine Forest. Tracking child activity allows you to see how often your children use Imagine Forest and how they are using the site.

Add Multiple Child Accounts

With the parent's account on Imagine Forest, you can add multiple children to the site all under one email address. That means siblings can read each other's books, and like and favourite them. You as the parent can also access these books and even download PDFs of them!

Access Family Library

The family library allows a parent or child to view all books published by other members of their family. Feel free to download PDFs of these books, like, favourite or comment on them. Remember the parent must add all family members under their parent account to view these books by other family members.

Feature Requests

Imagine Forest is new and improving! Our team is happy to work with parents to make this the best creative writing tool for parents and children. If you feel that a crucial feature is missing or if there is an issue on our site, then please complete the feedback form or contact our team. We will happily make updates to the site, all for free, of course!

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