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Imagine a place where imagination turns to inspiration...

Imagine Forest was born in 2015 from a deep love of storytelling and a passion for igniting creativity in young minds. Founder Safia Begum has cherished the power of writing since childhood, finding solace and inspiration in crafting narratives even during life's challenges.

Safia's been crafting her own tales for over 25 years, since she could hold a pencil, getting lost in her writing and letting her imagination run wild. Seeing the power of a good story firsthand, especially for young minds, she knew she had to create something special. That's how Imagine Forest was born: a place to make writing fun and help young people discover their inner storytellers!

The Root Of The Problem

For centuries individuals and organisations have been promoting literacy skills by going into schools, creating new schemes and exciting resources. So, what makes Imagine Forest so different? We go to the root of the problem! A fundamental reason why children don't write more often is a lack of inspiration! Yes, not because writing is boring or too "old-fashioned". It's inspiration!

Since the idea of Imagine Forest was conceived in 2015, we have spoken to parents, teachers and kids. Our research was extensive but clear. Children needed guidance in writing. Whether this was in the form of writing prompts or worksheets. As long as we could ignite the lightbulb inside those young minds, their attitude towards writing could change. Our goal is more than just creating some creative writing resources for kids. It's the idea that everyone can write stories, as long as they have the ideas to write about!

Imagine Forest: A Place Where Stories Come To Life!

The name Imagine Forest has a special meaning to us. Forests have always been a captivating setting in stories, especially the fairytales that spark our imaginations at a young age. Lush greenery, hidden paths, and the promise of adventure - these elements create a magical backdrop for fantastical creatures and unforgettable journeys. Imagine Forest reflects this idea. It's a place where you can explore your imagination, just like venturing into a wondrous forest, and bring your own stories to life!

Just like a forest, where every path leads to a new discovery, we believe that there are endless stories waiting to be told. Imagine Forest is about nurturing young minds, encouraging them to explore their creativity and bring their unique narratives to life. So, whether you dream of crafting whimsical fairy tales or heart-pounding mysteries, Imagine Forest is your springboard to embark on a magical storytelling journey!

Meet Marty the Wizard!

While our content is brimming with creative inspiration, it might just be a tad more magical than you think! You see, all the amazing writing prompts, idea generators, and storytelling tips are brought to you by our resident wordsmith extraordinaire - Marty the Wizard! (Okay, okay, so maybe Marty isn't a real wizard… but his passion for storytelling sure is magical!)

Think of Marty as a fictional counterpart to our founder, Safia. Just like Safia, Marty is passionate about storytelling and believes that anyone, regardless of age or experience, can craft captivating narratives. We created Marty to be a relatable character for young writers. He's not a stuffy professor or a know-it-all author, but rather a fellow adventurer on the storytelling journey. Through Marty's playful personality and imaginative prompts, we hope to inspire young minds to unlock their inner storytellers!

A Forest of Resources

Here at Imagine Forest, we have created the ultimate collection of inspirational creative writing resources for kids. But we did not stop there!

Our comprehensive platform goes far beyond a blog. We offer a vibrant ecosystem of resources designed to inspire and equip aspiring writers:

  • Interactive Story Creator: This user-friendly tool empowers writers of all ages to unleash their creativity. Craft picture books, chapter books, or utilise the story generator to jumpstart your imagination and publish your masterpieces.
  • Daily Writing Challenges: Keep your creativity flowing with our daily writing challenges, featuring word prompts, image prompts, weekly story challenges, character development exercises, and more!
  • Extensive Creative Writing Resources: Our blog serves as a treasure trove of valuable tools, from thought-provoking idea generators and captivating writing prompts to curated reading lists and practical guides to hone your writing skills.
  • Engaging Social Media Community: We actively expand our reach across multiple platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), Pinterest, and Facebook, offering a wealth of resources and inspiration to fuel your storytelling journey.

Our creative writing website and social media profiles are jam-packed with inspiration, activities and lessons! Everything you need to start writing! Best of all there are no bad marks for poor spelling or grammar. What! Really? Yes, we want all our members to have fun and feel excited by the idea of writing stories. Who would love writing if they were criticised for every misplaced comma and full stop?

We believe that fostering a love for writing is key to unlocking creativity, building confidence, and enriching young minds. Our motto at Imagine Forest is to inspire, learn and write. Based on these three concepts, we together can improve the writing skills of children everywhere.

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