365 Daily Writing Prompts

Looking to improve your writing skills? Then you’ll have to practice writing every day! To provide you with daily inspiration, we have created these 365 daily writing prompts for you to use. These writing prompts make wonderful ‘warm-up’ activities to supercharge your brain before actually writing. You could even use these daily prompts, as inspiration for your journal or diary entries. To keep things light, we separated the writing prompts by month, from January to December.

35 Mothers Day Writing Prompts

With Mother’s Day coming up, I’m sure most of you are thinking about how you can show your appreciation for your mother’s hard work and support over the years. One way to show your appreciation can be by writing your feelings down in a card or even in the form a poem. This is a brilliant way to show your mother how much you care and appreciate everything she has done for you. We know it can be difficult to put your feelings down on a piece of paper, so have created these 35 Mother’s Day writing prompts to celebrate mother’s everywhere. We also suggest you take a look at our post on 10 books for mother’s day to get some more inspiration.

5 Fairy Tale Ideas for writing your next Fairy Tale Masterpiece

Before starting the main topic of `5 Fairy Tale Ideas’ let me tell you something about fairy tales. Fairy tales are filled with wonder and magic, this is what attracts children the most. Everybody likes to hear stories, especially in their childhood, from their parents or an older family member. At that time, with the emotional narration and voice of an older narrator, young listeners become enchanted and amazed by the wonder of such stories.

back to school writing prompts

I bet the last thing your child wants to do when going back to school is writing (or more homework as they’ll say)! Not to worry we have come up with 12 back to school writing prompts that will help your child settle in and take away those first day fears. We all know how the first day of school daunting for most kids, that’s why it is important to slowly prepare your kids into the back to school routine. One way to support your child is encourage them to write down their feelings in a journal or notebook. Getting your child to think about school before actually going will help to prepare for any challenges or fears they might have. We have specially created these writing prompts to not only prepare your child for going back to school, but also to help them with their writing skills.

summer Creative Writing Prompts To Get Kids Writing

Summer holidays can be so exciting at first, with so many things to do and so many places to go. But as the weeks go by or even after a few days they can get a little boring! If you find your child getting bored, take a look at these 12 summer creative writing prompts to get your kids writing this summer. It is important to keep your child’s mind busy over the holidays with quick writing tasks to develop their creativity and writing skills. It is even more important to create a nice balance between work and time to relax. We don’t want to bore them with long writing assignments and we don’t want them sat at their desks all day long. Therefore we encourage the child to go outside with a clipboard when trying out these summer creative writing prompts. And to work with their friends and family members to develop ideas and to write together.