How to Write a Killer Book Review in 5 Easy Steps

For most children who have never written a book review, they find it challenging at first because they do not know where to start or what is expected of them. Book reviews are very important because they help other children wanting to read it get an overview of what the story talks about and if they would consider reading it. Here are my 5 easy steps on how to write a book review for kids.

coralie the cotton candy angel book review2

On my almost daily search for new children’s book authors, I discovered a beautiful and magical tale, Coralie: The Cotton Candy Angel by Julie Hanson. Now there’s nothing more majestic than angels and fluffy cotton candy – So I just had to take a peek at this book. Before we get onto the book review, let us introduce you to the author and illustrator of this magical story, Julie Hanson.

Oliver Twist Book Review_ Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist is a book written by the massively talented Charles Dickens back in the late 1830s and still remains one of the most famous books till date. With the Phrase “Oliver Twist” becoming a metaphor to describe someone who shows lack of disrespect or is someone who requests more than what was given to them. The book focuses on an orphan who went through a lot of hardship following his mother’s death at childbirth and the mysterious absence of his father. He is forced to go through a lot of challenges and has lots of experience that a boy of his age, personality, and character shouldn’t have to go through. In the end, after everything he faces, the main character (Oliver Twist) ultimately finds light at the end of tunnel and lives the rest of his life as a happy and well taken care of lad. Let’s dive into my book review of Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens and go on the rough and almost unbearable journey through life with Young Oliver.

Review of The Secret Garden Frances Hodgson Burnett

The Secret Garden story revolves around a certain distasteful and arrogant girl by the name of Mary Lennox. As the book unfolds the story, she resides in India. Later on, she is forced to go to England to stay in her Uncle’s mansion in order to escape a shocking cholera outbreak. Ideally, the book details about how the finding of a secret garden can transform someone into the character of Mary and another personality described in the book as well.

Childrens Book Reviews

‘The little prince’ tells the story of a pilot stranded in the desert fixing his aeroplane, until one day he meets a little boy – the Little Prince. The Little Prince tells the pilot many stories of his magical journey from his little planet and of his encounters with different grown-ups. The story focuses on how grown-ups are only interested in figures or matters of very little importance in life, in which the Little Prince cannot understand. The story highlights how most grown-ups miss out on the simple things in life, such as friendship, love and the beauty of the world because they are too occupied with gaining wealth and power.