Christmas book title ideas
Christmas, Idea Generators
Christmas Book Title Generator: 150+ Book Title Ideas

We’re feeling very festive this year at Imagine Forest. After posting our Christmas elf name generator last week, we now created a cool Christmas book title generator. Our generator has over 100 festive Christmas book titles to inspire you to write your own Christmas story! From traditional festive book titles ...

Create Your own Elf Name - Christmas Elf Name Generator
Christmas, Idea Generators
Christmas Elf Name Generator: 150+ Elf Names

With Christmas around the corner, it’s the perfect time to tell some festive stories featuring Santa Claus, reindeers and elves. While Santa Claus’s name is all sorted out and even your reindeers have perfect names. Now you might be wondering what to call your Christmas elf? This festive Christmas elf ...

Christmas Poems for Kids And A Super Festive Advent Calendar
Christmas, Poetry Examples
24 Christmas Poems for Kids: Festive Advent Calendar

Tis the season to get creative and write some festive Christmas poems. Christmas poetry is the perfect Christmas gift to a friend or family member. And if you don’t know what to write in a Christmas card, write a Christmas poem! Everyone loves a good poem, right? To inspire your ...

How To Wrap Christmas Gifts _ imagine forest christmas
Christmas, Guest Posts
How To Wrap Christmas Gifts: As Told By A Ten Year Old

The Christmas holiday is just around the corner, which means I'm in prep mode! Most of my shopping is done, so now it's time to start the wrapping process. In chatting with my nieces about how they wrap their holiday gifts for friends and loved ones, the eldest, a ten-year-old, ...

3D christmas card tutorial for kids - imagine forest_v2
Christmas, Kids Activities, Paper Crafts
How To Make A Pop-Up Christmas Card In 5 Steps

There’s only a few days left until Christmas! While everyone else is busy down at the Christmas card aisle at WHSmith or Asda. Why not spend your time creating your own pop-up Christmas card! Creating you own Christmas card is more meaningful and more fun than going out a buying ...

December Journal Prompts
Christmas, Journal Prompts
24+ December Journal Prompts: Advent Calendar 2020

With the year nearly over, most of you might still be in a rush to cram in your new year’s resolutions from last year. With all the rush and excitement of the holidays coming up, it's still important to reflect on the year so far. And wIth this in mind, ...

dr seuss christmas quotes
Christmas, Dr. Seuss
10 Dr. Seuss Christmas Quotes For a Happy Holiday!

Hairy Christmas and not-so happy new year - That's something the Grinch would say, right? Now that we’ve got the Grinch down to a tee, let’s carry on with some festive Dr. Seuss Christmas quotes. And yes, all the Christmas quotes are from ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas’ book, movies ...

Christmas Picture Writing Prompts
Christmas, Image Prompts, Kids Activities
30 Christmas Pictures To Get You Writing ‘Tis Jolly Season

Christmas images play a huge role during ‘tis jolly season. Think about, all those greeting cards you’re looking for, the inspiration you need to decorate your home or even how to lay your table. Christmas pictures inspire everything. Now, while you’re busy with the grown up stuff, let your kids ...

Advent Calendar 2017 24 days of Christmas writing prompts
Christmas, Writing Prompts
24 Christmas Writing Prompts Advent Calendar

Another Christmas has come! This year we are using Christmas writing prompts to countdown the days until Christmas. Not only are our Christmas writing prompts fun, but they will also encourage your child to do a bit of writing each day. I know writing is not the same as getting ...

2016 Advent Calendar – 25 Days of Storybook Quotes - Imagine Forest
Book Quotes, Christmas
24 Inspirational Quotes Advent Calendar

It's almost Christmas! With just 24 days away, I have decided to mark this moment with an online storybook quotes advent calendar. Each day you will receive an inspirational quote from a popular children's storybook. Please come and check everyday to feel inspired during this Christmas ...


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