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Looking for some Christmas story ideas to get those creative juices flowing? Well, you’ve come to the right place! With Christmas just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to cosy up with some hot cocoa and start writing a festive tale. In this post, you’ll find 105 Christmas story ideas ranging from humorous mishaps to heartwarming tales of holiday magic.

Whether you’re an aspiring author or a student looking for some festive writing inspiration, these Christmas story ideas have got you covered. From entertaining catastrophes like the Christmas Cookie Catastrophe to mysterious adventures like the Case of the Missing Presents, there are so many directions you can take your Christmas story. So grab a notebook and pen, put on some holiday music, and get ready to bring these Christmas story ideas to life!

Christmas Story Idea Generator

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Christmas Story Ideas

When inspiration strikes, nothing brings more joy than sitting down to write a Christmas tale. Browse the list below for over 105 Christmas story ideas spanning friendly Christmas competitions, disastrous mishaps, heartwarming magic, and beyond to spark your imagination.

  1. The Magic of Christmas: A young girl doesn’t believe in Santa anymore. On Christmas Eve, she hears a noise on the roof and discovers it’s Santa stuck in the chimney. She helps him out and realizes the magic of Christmas is real after all.
  2. The Perfect Gift: A boy wants to get his parents the perfect gift but doesn’t have much money. After unsuccessfully trying to make gifts, he realizes the best gift is something from the heart, like a poem saying how much he loves them.
  3. Christmas Cookie Catastrophe: Children try to bake Christmas cookies while their parents are out. Chaos and hilarity ensue as they make a huge mess of the kitchen.
  4. The Case of the Missing Presents: Presents start disappearing from under the Christmas tree days before Christmas. Siblings try to solve the mystery of the missing gifts.
  5. Christmas Carol Karaoke: Friends hold a Christmas karaoke party singing their favourite Christmas carols together. One shy friend finds the courage to sing solo for the first time.
  6. The Christmas Play Surprise: A young girl lands the lead role of the angel in the school Christmas play. She practices singing her solo but loses her voice on the big night, resulting in comedic chaos on stage.
  7. Holiday Helper: A child volunteer’s time on Christmas Eve to help distribute gifts and meals to those in need, learning the value of giving back.
  8. The Stray Reindeer: Children find a lost reindeer who followed Santa to their town. They work to reunite it with Santa before Christmas morning.
  9. The Snow Globe: A snow globe with a miniature Christmas village inside is passed down to a child from their grandparent. Looking at it helps keep the Christmas spirit alive.
  10. Christmas Around the World: Twins learn how Christmas is celebrated in different countries and cultures around the world. They share these traditions with their own family.
  11. Mistletoe Mishap: A girl tries to arrange for her crush to meet under the mistletoe but accidentally gets stuck there herself with the class bully. 
  12. The Christmas Concert Catastrophe: A boy practises endlessly for his Christmas concert solo but ends up with laryngitis on the big day. 
  13. Saved by the Nutcracker: A young ballerina feels she’s not good enough for the lead role in The Nutcracker until the Christmas Eve performance proves her wrong.
  14. The New Neighbour’s Christmas: New neighbours seem sad at Christmas so some kids include them in their family traditions to cheer them up.
  15. Christmas in Hospital: To lift the spirits of sick children, hospital staff and families secretly decorate the wards while the kids sleep on Christmas Eve. 
  16. Turkey Trouble: Chaos ensues when two families realise they ordered the same turkey and scramble to find a solution before Christmas dinner is ruined.
  17. Snow Day Surprise: School is cancelled on the last day before Christmas break due to a surprise snowstorm, allowing friends to play in the snow.
  18. Christmas Wish Gone Wrong: A girl wishes to become an elf. She wakes up Christmas morning with pointy ears in Santa’s workshop and has to quickly learn how to be an elf!
  19. Christmas Camping Calamity: On a Christmas camping trip, everything that can go wrong does. The family still bonds and embraces the holiday fun.
  20. Secret Santa Surprise: Classmates draw names for Secret Santa gift-giving. One boy ends up picking his crush and stresses about finding the perfect gift.
  21. Christmas Cookie Competition: Rival siblings or neighbours hold a Christmas cookie bake-off with the winner taking home a special prize.
  22. Yule Log Trouble: A family honours their tradition of lighting the Yule log on Christmas but nothing goes to plan and hilarity ensues. 
  23. Carolling Mishap: Some enthusiastic but not exactly tuneful children form a neighbourhood carol-singing group with amusing results.
  24. Treehouse Treasure: Kids secretly build a Christmas treehouse where they stash homemade ornaments and treats to exchange on the big day away from their parents’ prying eyes.
  25. Santa’s Stuck: Santa gets his boot and belly stuck in a chimney. The kids he’s delivering presents to have to figure out how to get him loose. 
  26. Snow Fort Sleepover: Friends have a secret sleepover in the giant snow fort they built, excited for Christmas morning.
  27. Finding the Perfect Tree: A family or group of friends go through hilarious troubles trying to find the perfect Christmas tree for the season.
  28. Assembly Disaster: The school Christmas assembly goes awry thanks to props malfunctioning, forgotten lines, and more.
  29. 12 Days of Christmas Chaos: In the 12 days leading up to Christmas, kids try to pull off daily good deeds and Christmas planning, but silly troubles get in their way.
  30. Snowed In on Christmas Eve: An unexpected blizzard leaves a family snowed in at a relative’s house on Christmas Eve. They make the best of it.
  31. The Gingerbread House: Kids build an elaborate gingerbread house and guard it from neighbourhood children who want to eat it before Christmas. 
  32. Santa’s Helper for a Day: A child wins a contest to be one of Santa’s helpers for the day but it doesn’t go as smoothly as they expected.
  33. Christmas Lights Competition: Neighbours compete to have the most festive and elaborate holiday light display. One family employs the kids’ help in beating the others. 
  34. The Empty Stocking: On Christmas morning, one child finds their stocking is empty and tries to solve why Santa didn’t come.
  35. Tree Trimming Troubles: Decorating the Christmas tree becomes a hilarious, trouble-prone affair with tangled lights, broken ornaments, and a naughty kitten.
  36. Operation Secret Santa: Siblings try to secretly find or make gifts for their parents without the other knowing until Christmas morning.
  37. Snowball Fight: The neighbourhood kids stage an epic snowball fight the day after Christmas with forts, teams, snow ‘grenades’, and more. 
  38. Santa’s Elf Training School: An ordinary boy mistakenly arrives at Santa’s North Pole training camp for elves and has to complete courses to graduate on Christmas Eve.
  39. The Christmas Star: Siblings staying with their grandmother at Christmas Eve learn about the Nativity story while tracking a dazzling star through the telescope. 
  40. Christmas Parade Adventures: Excited to attend their town’s famous Christmas parade, siblings wander off and get lost in the crowd, trying to find their way back.
  41. Holiday Bakers: Friends hold a holiday bake sale to raise money for charity, facing funny mishaps and challenges along the way.
  42. Santa’s Switcheroo: Santa mixes up two kids’ presents, delivering them to the wrong houses. The kids try to switch them back on Christmas morning secretly.
  43. Christmas with the Cranks: Getting stuck spending Christmas with eccentric relatives always leads to chaos, surprises, and laughter.
  44. Twelve Pups Nipping: To get on Santa’s ‘nice’ list, a boy volunteers at an animal shelter caring for a litter of rambunctious Christmas puppies. 
  45. Oh Christmas Tree: No matter what they try, a struggling family can’t seem to find and keep a decent Christmas tree up through the holiday.
  46. White Christmas Gone Wrong: Kids spray artificial snow around their house on Christmas morning but end up causing a huge slippery mess.
  47. Santa’s Helpers: Children left home alone around Christmas unknowingly help a burglar dressed as Santa, thinking he’s the real deal. 
  48. Treehouse Treasures: While exploring a neighbour’s abandoned treehouse, siblings find a box of old Christmas decorations and gifts to give their family.
  49. The Christmas Show Must Go On: A young performer determined to save the struggling holiday pageant must first rally her bickering castmates. 
  50. 12 Mishaps of Christmas: In a parody of the 12 Days of Christmas, all the things that could go wrong around the holidays do for one chaotic family.
  51. The Tiny Reindeer: A child finds an injured baby reindeer and secretly takes care of it before guiding it back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve.
  52. Holiday Pranksters: Sibling rivalry leads to an escalating prank war in the days leading up to Christmas.
  53. Secret Santa Mix-up: A girl gets her crush for Secret Santa and wants to impress him with the perfect gift, but accidentally gives it to the wrong person.
  54. Snowglobe Wishes: A magic snowglobe grants a sceptical little girl three Christmas wishes, giving her the holiday cheer she was missing.
  55. The Nutcracker Curse: A girl is cast as the lead in The Nutcracker but believes she’s cursed with bad luck before performances.
  56. Trapped in a Snow Bank: Children get trapped inside a giant snowbank after it snows and have to find a creative way out before Christmas morning.
  57. Holiday Cookie Caper: Neighborhood kids compete to see who can sell the most holiday cookies, using funny sales tactics.
  58. Jingle Bell Jinx: A superstitious boy believes he’s put the whole town under a jinx that will ruin Christmas with his mishaps.
  59. Secret Santa in Disguise: A Secret Santa dresses up in increasingly silly costumes to covertly give gifts and cheer up classmates.
  60. Talking Turtle Doves: Two doves escape a holiday petting zoo and a little girl discovers they can talk, leading to various hijinks.
  61. Tree Trimming Tournament: Competitive Christmas tree trimming turns into a neighbourhood contest judged on creativity and holiday cheer.
  62. Santa Paws: A family’s new puppy keeps eating the holiday treats left out for Santa on Christmas Eve.
  63. Snow Day Follies: When a snow day cancels exams, students have to remind themselves that school’s purpose isn’t just tests, but friendship.
  64. The Gift of Giving: Feeling jealous of a wealthy classmate, a girl learns the value of giving back by volunteering at a homeless shelter.
  65. Blizzard on Christmas Eve: There’s only one last-minute shopper in a store when a blizzard hits, forcing staff and customers to take shelter and bond.
  66. The Naughty List: Certain he’s on the naughty list, a boy tries to shift blame for his bad behaviour onto his sister.
  67. A Recipe for Disaster: Kids try to bake a cake for Santa but face over-the-top chaos and destruction in the kitchen.
  68. Too Many Presents: Buried under an avalanche of gifts, a girl comes to understand quality time with family is the greatest gift of all.
  69. Yes, Santa!: A curious girl captures Santa’s sleigh on video, forcing an overwhelmed Santa to answer endless questions.
  70. Frozen Hot Chocolate: Trapped inside by a blizzard, siblings warm up with peppermint hot chocolate and stories by the fire.
  71. The Christmas Ghost: A sceptical boy starts seeing the ghost of a young Victorian-era girl around Christmas time.
  72. Holiday Hat Heist: Someone is stealing all the Santa hats in town days before Christmas. Some enterprising kids try to crack the case.
  73. Tree Troubles: A family struggles to get their huge Christmas tree inside the house without damaging anything.
  74. Snowball Fight Tournament: The neighbourhood kids stage an elaborate snowball fight tournament complete with brackets, rules, referees and prizes.
  75. Secret Santa Switcharoo: Identical gifts appear under the tree leading the family to believe the Secret Santas coordinated accidentally.
  76. Santa’s Cookies: Santa writes a grateful thank you note to a little girl for the delicious cookies, inspiring her baking passion.
  77. Stuck on Christmas: A car radio gets stuck on a Christmas carol soundtrack which drives a girl crazy until she learns to embrace the cheer.
  78. Christmas Candy Catastrophe: Left in charge of dessert for Christmas dinner, kids bake so many sweets they make themselves sick.
  79. Christmas Lights Mystery: A mischievous goat keeps eating strands of lights, forcing the family to get creative with high-up and pet-proof decor.
  80. ‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas: Sibling holiday pageant leads bleed to constant bickering threatening the show’s production.
  81. The Perfectly Imperfect Christmas: Determined to have a picture-perfect Christmas, siblings learn to accept imperfections.
  82. Hot Chocolate Mustache: Little siblings with hot cocoa moustaches pretend to be Santa, delivering gifts to cheer up neighbours.
  83. Trapped by Tinsel: A kitten gets tangled in tinsel, knocking over the Christmas tree and forcing the rescue of ornaments.
  84. Too Many Gingerbread Houses: Classmates all build replications of their homes with gingerbread leading to a very full classroom.
  85. Secret Holiday Admirer: Cheery but anonymous holiday gifts start appearing in mailboxes throughout the neighbourhood.
  86. Santa’s Sneeze: Allergies hit Santa hard causing a sneezing fit that leads to delivering presents to the wrong houses.
  87. Holiday History Hunt: Kids explore town history after finding historic decorations in Grandma’s attic.
  88. The Perfect Tree Topper: Crafting the perfect tree topper becomes a hilarious family bonding experience.
  89. Christmas Candy Competition: Neighbors hold a candy-making contest with carolling judges and festive taste testing.
  90. Secret Santa Mixup: Classmates get their Secret Santa gifts confused leading to funny incorrect gift exchanges.
  91. Lost Ornament: A special ornament breaks leading the family on a mad hunt to replace it before Christmas morning.
  92. Holiday Lights Tour: Annual neighbourhood tour of best holiday light displays unites community in cheer.
  93. Christmas Cookie Crunch: A girl practises competitive cookie eating to beat the class bully in an upcoming contest.
  94. Nutcracker Rockstar: Though lacking technique, exuberant child casts as the Nutcracker brings the most energy and joy.
  95. Hot Chocolate Hullaballoo: Little kids hyped up on candy canes and hot cocoa wreak spirited havoc at a family party.
  96. Blizzard Blackout: Blizzard knocks out power threatening to ruin Christmas, but family bonds over traditions.
  97. Tree Troublemakers: Mischievous pets wreak havoc by climbing and knocking over the Christmas tree.
  98. Caroling Calamity: Overzealous carolers keep adding lyrics leading to ridiculously long songs.
  99. Gingerbread Gabfest: Gingerbread men magically come to life and discuss cookie philosophies all night, keeping a young boy awake.
  100. Saving Santa’s Reindeer: Girl discovers injured reindeer and helps nurse it back to health before Christmas Eve.
  101. The 12 Days of Christmas Chaos: Siblings take on increasingly crazy Christmas challenges over the 12 Days of Christmas leading up to the holiday.
  102. Holiday Hijinks: With the parents away, kids turn the house upside down with their wild Christmas celebrations and antics.
  103. Santa Selfies: Kids try to capture photographic evidence of Santa on Christmas Eve with elaborate traps and cameras.
  104. Snow Place Like Home: Snowed in over the holidays, a family bonds over games, music, stories and making the most of the situation.
  105. Frozen Festivities: A winter storm knocks out power so neighbors hold Christmas festivities outside like caroling by candlelight.
  106. Christmas Cookie Catastrophe: A Christmas bake-off turns into a kitchen disaster with spilt ingredients and burnt cookies.
  107. Undecorating Day: Kids get into the creative spirit by dismantling the Christmas decorations on December 26 in the most fun way possible.
  108. Secret Santa Spy: A Secret Santa mystery sender leaves clues with gifts, challenging kids to uncover who it is before Christmas.
  109. Christmas Tree Thief: Someone is stealing decorated trees from people’s homes only to return them magically on Christmas.
  110. Winter Wonderland: An overnight snowstorm transforms the neighbourhood into a winter wonderland for the kids to play in on Christmas morning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I make my Christmas story about?

First, think about what excites you most about the holiday season. Are you all about the food, like cookies or hot chocolate? Or do you love the aesthetics of decorations and nature in winter? Christmas movies and songs also provide great inspiration.

Themes like family togetherness, the magic of Christmas, and spreading holiday cheer never get old either. Or you can put a spin on classics like A Christmas Carol or The Nutcracker. Our list of Christmas story ideas also has fun options too like holiday mishaps, friendly competitions, and overcoming hardships.

Christmas stories shine the brightest when the tone and characters come from the heart. If a particular idea on the list sparks joy or nostalgia, run with it! Rather than worrying about originality, focus on developing characters and plots that move you.

Of course, not all Christmas tales need to be cosy and cheerful either. A humorous, mischievous or even sinister take can also be refreshing. Ultimately, your interests and passion should drive the story. So dream up something that excites you personally – that’s what Christmas spirit is all about!

What makes a great Christmas story?

When it comes to Christmas tales, the most memorable ones have an element of magic, wonder, and feeling that truly captures the holiday spirit. The best Christmas stories include:

  • Captivating characters. Well-developed, interesting characters that readers can relate to and root for make any story more engaging. Give your characters personality quirks, backstories, motivations, and flaws.
  • Evocative descriptions. Set the festive scene with rich details about surroundings, food, decorations, weather and Christmas traditions. Help readers feel immersed in the yuletide atmosphere.
  • An intriguing plot. Have a creative, fun storyline with some conflict to resolve. This could be overcoming a holiday mishap, solving a seasonal mystery, or spreading Christmas cheer.
  • Heartwarming themes. Focus on beloved Christmas motifs like the value of family and friends, generosity of spirit, finding magic in everyday moments or faith in human kindness.
  • Moments of wonder and joy. Sprinkle in Christmas miracles big and small, whether it’s a special gift, a prayer answered, a romantic moment under mistletoe, or a visit from Santa.
  • A powerful ending. Close your story with a resounding message about the meaning of Christmas, leaving readers moved and filled with the holiday spirit!

How do you write a short story for Christmas?

Writing a short story for the holiday season has its own special considerations. First, establish why Christmas matters in your tale. Much can happen in a few pages when embracing the Christmas spirit theme. Drive the characters, plot, motivations and outcomes from a place of holiday significance.

When structuring your Christmas short story, plan it even more concisely than your average short fiction piece. Introduce vital backstory during festive scenes like Christmas tree trimming or holiday bakery visits. Unfold the main conflict quickly and resolve it sharply for maximum impact.

For detailed tips, refer to our guide on how to write a Christmas story in 16 steps. But when adapting that framework for a Christmas tale, focus sharply on Yuletide elements the entire way through for resonance. Getting swept up in Christmas magic for even a short time can inspire wonderful storytelling. So make the most of your limited space by pouring genuine holiday spirit into every paragraph!

What is a great story about Christmas?

The most heartwarming and impactful Christmas stories capture the intangible magic, wonder, and generosity of spirit that make the holiday so special. Classics like “A Christmas Carol”, “The Gift of the Magi”, and “The Little Match Girl” focused on holiday themes that still resonate today.

Great contemporary Christmas stories do the same through plot, character, and carefully crafted yuletide details. For example, hits like “The Polar Express” and “Elf” immerse readers in the childhood joy and belief around Christmas. Uplifting films like “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “Miracle on 34th Street” highlight the goodness in human nature with holiday flair.

Whether focused on mishaps, adventures, miracles or family, great Christmas stories reflect themes of hope, kindheartedness and the power of faith during the season. Through gleaming characters, clever plots and Christmas spirit, they allow us to reconnect with the magic of the holiday that can so easily get lost in the stresses of adulthood. So a great Christmas story should reawaken your inner child!


The next time you feel inspired to write, revisit this post bursting with Christmas Story Ideas. Whether you take your tale in a comedic, heartwarming or completely unexpected direction, embrace the holiday spirit fully. As you start crafting delightful characters and vivid scenes, remember – the Christmas magic is in the details!

Once finished, share your Christmas stories with family and friends, or even in the comments below. We’d love to hear your take on these ideas or learn about other plans for upcoming festive tales. However you take advantage of these Story Ideas, I wish you an abundance of Christmas creativity, wonder and cheer!

Christmas Story Ideas

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