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Story Generator Using Words

Simply enter a few words and press the ‘Generate Story’ button to get a random short story. Enter in character names, adjectives, nouns and more to generate a unique story using words. If you're too lazy to enter the words yourself, then you can press the 'Random Complete' to automatically complete the words with random suggestions. Once done, our story generator will write out a random short story based on the specific words added. The story will normally be between 100 to 1,000 words long.

100% Free

If you have done your research, then you know that most online story generators have limits on how many words can be written. But the Imagine Forest generator is 100% free! You can generate as many stories as you like with no limits and absolutely no hidden costs. We also have no limits on the number of words published or books published.

100% Safe For Kids

A lot of AI story generators out there are dangerous for kids since you never know what stories will be generated or provided. The Imagine Forest short story generator uses a 100% safe dataset for kids. This means our AI story generator will only ever output safe short stories for kids! And if the child enters a bad word as the input, we'll provide a warning preventing them from publishing a book with bad language.

Generate 1,000+ Short Stories

The possibilities are truly endless with our short story generator! Our current online story generator can generate fantasy, fairy tales, fables, and dystopian stories. We plan on adding more genres soon, including sci-fi, Christmas stories, horror, mystery, romance and even pirate stories. Just like any other AI story generator out there, you can get a completely new result every time you press the generate story button, or you can even re-edit the same result for a different outcome.

Edit Generated Story

Once your story has been generated you can edit the finished result to make it even more unique! One great way of using our story generator is to use the generated story as an outline or plan for a bigger story - maybe even a chapter book. Editing the generated result is also a good way to make sure your story makes sense and does not have any grammar or spelling errors.

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