Comics in the Classroom

Regardless of who opens the cover and dives into the fantasy-laden pages, a comic book is considered to be “pleasure reading.” This may be a true assessment, but it doesn’t mean that readers pursue the pleasure myopically, as escapists who would dodge responsibility. In fact, some comics actually foster selfless learning, in a way that encourages students to embrace cultural diversity.

Childrens Books Coming Out Fall 2019

No matter how old you are, there’s nothing quite like a skillfully narrated, beautifully illustrated children’s book. I’m sure my fellow grown-ups will remember the magic of books like Green Eggs and Ham and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs — and want to share that same magic with their own kids (or students or neighbors or nieces and nephews)….

7 Books That Teach Children to Be Global Citizens

The children of today will eventually grow up to be the world’s future, and that is precisely why it becomes crucial to raise our kids with the intrinsic values of global awareness. They need to be made very aware of the conditions that people from other places live in to make them grow as responsible and empathetic global citizens. As a parent myself, I know what a challenge it is to raise a kid right. In this era of globalization, it becomes imperative to teach your kids to be able to think about the world that exists far beyond the geographical ambit they live in.

12 Hilarious Back to School Picture Books To Excite Your Kids

Going back to school or the first day of school can be an exciting and scary time for grownups. But for kids it can be the most nerve-wracking time of their early years.  The anxiety, the worry and the fear of something new can be a really scary thing for most kids. If your child is worried about going back to school, then these 12 hilarious back to school picture books will lift the fear right out of them. And who knows they might even be excited about their first day of school! So take a look at our list of 12 extremely hilarious back to school picture books that will have your kids excited about school!

10 Childrens Books about Dogs You Should Read _ imagine forest

What about ending the day curling up with your child and his favourite book about dogs? No doubt, it would be great. After all, dogs and books have been two of the best companions of mankind. You may have grown up reading those books with doggy pictures but memories don’t fade, right? You must want your child to grow up with them as well. Indeed, every dog loving family would love that. So here are our 10 children’s books about dogs you should read. You’ll find the world’s cutest, funniest and smartest dogs here.