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Did you know English language is the most complicated language to learn as a second language (Japanese a close second)? Not so surprising when you think about words like, they’re, there and their. And not to mention the confusing plural nouns, like goose is geese, but moose as a plural is moose. To celebrate the beauty, the sophistication and the history of the English language there is even a holiday on April 23rd each year named English Language day (which is also William Shakespeare day – The famous English writer). While there are millions of brilliant words in the English Language, today we look at 25 of the funniest words in the English language. I hope you love them, as much as I do!

12 words beginning with x used in sentences

For most writers using words beginning with ‘x’ have never been at the top of their list. Words beginning with x are the least used words by writers. Who can blame them? When we can only expect 0.02% of the words in the dictionary to be listed under ‘x’. If you were told to think of at least 10 words beginning with x, what would say? X-ray, xylophone, anything else? These are likely to be the commons words that you are taught as a kid, but did you know there are around 400 ‘x’ words in the Oxford English Dictionary today? It’s time to improve your vocabulary with these 12 words beginning with X and how they can be used in a sentence: