dr seuss christmas quotes

Hairy Christmas and not-so happy new year – That’s something the Grinch would say, right? Now that we’ve got the Grinch down to a tee, let’s carry on with some festive Dr. Seuss Christmas quotes. And yes, all the Christmas quotes are from ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas’ book, movies and animated special!

write a short story competition for young writers dr. Seuss day 2018

Out of all the writers in the world, Dr. Seuss is the one we love the most (no offence to the many talented authors out there)! The first book I remember reading was Green Eggs and Ham and how I loved it. It was the very reason I continued reading more books as a child, looking for more knowledge, more worlds to explore and more inspiration to absorb. That’s why for Dr. Seuss Day, we are kicking off our first ever writing competition for young writers, Write a short Story Competition. We hope to get more children writing for pleasure and experiencing the joy of reading (Just as Dr. Seuss aimed to). To simply enter our competition follow the guidelines below.

Dr. Seuss quotes about reading_imagine forest_world book day 2017

Dr. Seuss is one of the most quoted authors of all time. His words have motivated the reluctant reader, inspired the uninspired and entertained the bored. There are many things that Dr. Seuss felt passionately about such as playtime, imaginary worlds, a little nonsense or a lot! But one thing close to his heart was reading.