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would you rather questions for kids
Writing Games
200 Would You Rather Questions For Kids + FREE Printable Cards

The would you rather game for kids (or WYR questions) is a great ice breaker activity to use in schools or at home with the family. Get the conversation started with quick and easy would you rather questions and the results might even surprise you! Our collection of would you ...

finish the story game
Writing Activities, Writing Games
Finish The Story Game: Game Tips & Story Prompts

The Finish the story Game is a great way to encourage reluctant writers. Whether it’s down to laziness or just the lack of inspiration, these finish the story game prompts are a great source of inspiration. You can even take this fun activity one step further, by turning it into ...

8 Fun Storytelling Games Using Image Prompts_imagine forest
Image Prompts, Writing Games
8 Fun Storytelling Games Using Image Prompts

We all know that image prompts are a brilliant way to inspire you when you’re struggling to find ideas. But did you know that you can play some really fun games using image prompts? Using image prompts not only improves creativity, but if used in a group activity it can ...

story cube game free templates
Writing Games
Story Cubes Game: How To Play + FREE Story Cube Template

Story Cubes are one of the most valuable story-telling tools for writers of all ages. Similar to writing prompts, they inspire writers to come up with cool story ideas. And since they are in the shape of dice, you never know what idea combination you’ll get when rolling them! In ...

Writing Games
Telephone Pictionary Game: How to Play

Telephone Pictionary (or paper telephone pictionary) is a great game to play on a rainy day in or with your friends during a sleepover. Not only is it great fun, but it’s a good way to improve skills, such as creativity, team-building and not to mention the really funny end-results ...

Paper Story Idea Generator for kids - Imagine Forest
Paper Crafts, Writing Activities, Writing Games
Make Your Own Paper Story Idea Generator!

Today's paper craft activity is based on the classic paper fortune teller – but with a very educational twist! You may have used a paper fortune teller in the past to tell the fortunes of your friends or even as a way of tricking them into doing silly things! The ...


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