Travel Journal for Children

Many people claim that in a world where children have all they want, they are becoming less creative than parents would like them to be. They feel like children would rather spend all their free time playing video games and binge-watching music videos on YouTube than sit and do something creative.

Five Types of Journals You May Want to Keep

Have you ever thought of keeping a journal? There are many types of journals out there that serve a variety of purposes. For example, you can use a journal to record the things you’re grateful for. Listing these things can help you de-stress and feel more positive about your life. Other journals help you remember joyful events in your life to give you encouragement during the challenging times. Discover five types of journals you should consider keeping.

5 Ways to Document Birthdays in a Bullet Journal - Guest Post

The beauty of bullet journals is that they are versatile. They can be adjusted to fit any part of your life, from grocery shopping lists to scheduling study dates. They are also used for fun activities like planning a road trip or documenting your favourite songs. A fun topic, that you may not have considered, is using your bullet journal to document a birthday. There are many ways that people prep and plan for their birthday, each one unique. Why not document them in your journal? We have 5 creative ways that will help you get started!

5 Bullet Journal Layouts for Writers by Imagine Forest

There are so many ways to use your bullet journal, such as for travelling, to-do lists, recipe collections and so much more. One way I love to use my bullet journal is to help me with my writing. For example if I am writing a story, I love to use my bullet journal to track my weekly progress in terms of words written. I also love to take a look at my journal for inspiration and to write down some motivational quotes when I need a little motivating. Here are 5 bullet journal layouts for writers to follow.

10 Bullet Journal Tips for your first-ever bullet Journal-imagine forest

Keeping a bullet journal not only helps you to stay organised, but can be a brilliant way to encourage children to write on a regular basis. While a traditional journal (or a self-journal) focuses on reflecting on how your day went or reflecting on the past – The goal of a bullet journal is to plan ahead and keep your day, month or even year organised. Best of all if your child is feeling overwhelmed with all the tasks or chores they have to complete, a bullet journal can help to map out their day and follow a schedule. If you searched for bullet journal examples on the internet, you might think that bullet journal are only for creative people –That’s so not true! Everyone, whether you’re creative or not, can keep a bullet journal. And if you’re new to bullet journaling, here are 10 bullet journal tips for your first-ever bullet journal.