130+ Poetry Writing Prompts

Poetry comes in all forms, from seasonal Haiku poems to funny limericks set out to entertain the reader. Whatever type of poem you’re writing, the first struggle is normally inspiration. What do you even start writing a poem about? Whether you’re a seasoned expert or a beginner starting out, here are over 130 poetry writing prompts to help you.

This collection of poetry prompts covers everything from weather, life and even some random funny stuff like giraffes on unicycles or talking apples. 

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Over 130 Poetry Writing Prompts

Turn that blank page into a beautiful poem of your choice with these prompts:

  1. Pick any object in your room. Now write a poem describing this object.
  2. Look outside your window. Look at the sky – How do you feel when you look at the sky?
  3. Struggling to sleep? Find a paper and pen and write down your feelings.
  4. Write a poem for a friend’s birthday.
  5. Think about a thing you recently learned. Write a poem about how this made you feel.
  6. Write a 7-day poem. This is a poem where you write one line a day until you have a whole poem by the end of the week.
  7. Pick any colour you like. Now write about this colour.
  8. Imagine if fruit could talk. Pick any fruit you like and write a poem about it talking to you.
  9. Write a poem, where each line begins with the letter E.
  10.  Fluffy clouds are nice. Write about them.
  11. Sunflowers are known as friendship flowers. Write a poem about sunflowers.
  12.  What’s your favourite food? Write about this in your poem.
  13. Imagine you’re going to a tea party.
  14.  What are you most scared of? Write a poem about your fears.
  15. Dreams and ambitions are important. Write a poem about your dreams in life.
  16. Write a poem about eating a tasty pizza.
  17. Using the letters that spell ‘Happy’, write an acrostic poem
  18. Write an ode to your favourite toy.
  19.  From the perspective of a cat, write a poem about your life.
  20.  Continue this poem: Lights in the night sky…
  21. Keep on trying, is an important message. Write a poem titled, ‘keep on trying’.
  22.  Write a poem for your favourite pair of shoes.
  23. There’s a giraffe on a unicycle – write about it.
  24.  What do you think of Mondays? Write a poem about them.
  25. Now think about Fridays.
  26.  Who is your favourite superhero? Wonder Woman, Batman, Spiderman? Write a poem dedicated to them.
  27.  The sound of birds and nothing else. 
  28. The most magical unicorn you’ve ever seen.
  29.  Weather is a common theme in poems. Pick any weather of your choice, such as rain, snow, a sunny day and then write a poem about it.
  30.  Write a poem about writer’s block. How do you feel? Will you ever overcome it?
  31.  Don’t cry, my friend. Write a poem about how to stop crying and holding back the tears.
  32.   Continue this poem: Lean on me, when…
  33.  Write a poem about a dancing pencil in your room.
  34.  Cold winter air feeling.
  35.  Boredom is the worst. Write about it.
  36.  Deep underground there lives…
  37.  Write about a recent dream you had.
  38.  In the mouth of a whale.
  39. Sitting on a flying carpet.
  40.  Looking in the mirror you see…
  1. The smell of breakfast in the morning.
  2. Losing your favourite thing or something important.
  3.  A rainbow outside your window.
  4. An alligator wearing a pink tutu skirt. 
  5. Dancing with the leaves in Autumn.
  6. The sound of car horns and sirens in a busy city.
  7. Someone who inspires you and why.
  8.  From the perspective of a  falling leaf.
  9. A bear playing an acoustic guitar.
  10.  A sandcastle of your dreams.
  11.  Finding a fairy in your garden.
  12. That night before Christmas feeling.
  13. Your favourite cartoon character
  14. In 20 years time, how will the world be?
  15. Your favourite subject at school.
  16.  Write a poem using smell only.
  17. Using the sense of taste write a poem.
  18.  Something that happened to you today.
  19.  About the monster under your bed.
  20. Your favourite fairytale character.
  21.  The taste of your favourite sweets.
  22. Lost alone in the desert.
  23. Walking through a forest.
  24. Finding a secret garden.
  25. Meeting a caveman.
  26.  Dedication poem to your favourite celebrity. 
  27.  A talking flower.
  28. Finding a new planet in the solar system.
  29.  Your favourite sandwich fillings.
  30.  Acrostic poem using the letters of your favourite animal.
  31. A poem dedicated to your mother.
  32.  Tiny people living in teacups around your house.
  33. A piece of old furniture in your home.
  34. A flying pig with feathered wings.
  35. Going to Japan on holiday.
  36. Getting stranded on an island.
  37.  The contents of a treasure chest you found. 
  38. Time travelling to the past.
  39. Ruling the world.
  40. Meeting a group of talking monkeys in the jungle.
  41. Being turned into a vampire.
  42. Creating your own Frankenstein monster.
  43.  Sitting in silence.
  44. Being lost in a dark tunnel.
  45. The wild waves of the ocean.
  46.  Sitting on a cloud.
  47. The cars passing you by on the highway.
  48.  The taste of a juicy orange.
  49. The sound of buzzing bees at a picnic.
  50. A mysterious cat that keeps following you.
  51. The happiest day of your life.
  52. The worst day of your life.
  53. About feeling cold or hot.
  54. The fireworks on New Year’s Eve.
  55. About the first day of school
  56.  Saving the environment and recycling.
  57.  An endangered species that is going extinct. 
  58. Dinosaurs roaming the Earth.
  59. Being stuck in the middle of an alien invasion.
  60. From the perspective of a talking tree.
  1. Waking up in a new place.
  2. About your favourite sports activity.
  3. The smell of fresh air at your local park.
  4. The sound of aliens talking.
  5. A bad dream or nightmare you recently had.
  6. The feeling of being underwater.
  7. The night-time sky.
  8. A newspaper headline you recently read.
  9. The creepy shadows in your room.
  10. The truth that everyone should know.
  11. A poem about daydreaming.
  12. Sitting at the beach on a nice Summer’s day.
  13. Describe your favourite smell.
  14. Being able to fly.
  15. Write a poem about being invisible. 
  16. Everything about the colour yellow.
  17. Meeting a pink poodle on your way to school.
  18. Being on stage with everyone looking at you.
  19. About going to the dentist.
  20. Write a poem about Springtime.
  21. Look into a mirror and write a poem about yourself.
  22. Home sweet home – Write a poem about being home.
  23. Describe the city of the future.
  24. Write about the full moon.
  25. Write a poem about the smell of melted cheese.
  26. Describe the feathers of a peacock.
  27. Write an ode to your school bag.
  28. The lucky number seven.
  29. A poem about your favourite board game.
  30. From the perspective of a brain-eating zombie.
  31. Being inside a baking oven.
  32. A thunderstorm inside your bedroom.
  33. Being the outsider in a group of people.
  34. The feeling of pure loneliness.
  35. Having a money tree in your backyard.
  36. The feeling of buying new things.
  37. Keeping a big, dark secret from everyone.
  38. Write a poem about eating lunch at your school’s cafeteria.

Use this huge list of over 130 poetry writing prompts to create your own unlimited collection of poetry. Thes best way to use this list is as daily writing exercises and soon you’ll be on the road to becoming a master of poetry and writing. Feel free to share your poems with our online writing community for feedback or in the comments below.

Poetry Writing Prompts

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