conlang generator
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Conlang Generator (Free Template)

Ever dreamed of crafting your own language? A Conlang Generator can be your springboard, empowering you to build a unique system of communication. This innovative tool can be the springboard for your linguistic aspirations, empowering you to move beyond isolated words and craft a complete system of grammar and ...

three act structure
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Three-Act Structure With Examples (+ Free Template)

The three-act story structure is a method of organising a novel. It is useful because it allows you to write a book in manageable chunks, and also provides a roadmap on how to structure your story. In this post, we’ll explain the three-act structure for novels, along with some famous ...

world building questions
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112+ World-Building Questions For Writers (+ Free Questionnaire PDF)

World-building in stories is all about creating a world that makes sense within the context of the story. Essentially a world is made of two main elements, the central idea of the story and a setting. Before we jump into the list of 112+ world-building questions, there are a couple ...

Elements Of a Story
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5 Elements Of a Story Explained With Examples (+ Free Worksheet)

What do all good stories have in common? And no it’s not aliens or big explosions! It's the five elements of a story: Characters, Setting, Plot, Conflict and Resolution. Story elements are needed to create a well-structured story. It doesn't matter if you're writing a short story or a long ...

story mountain
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Story Mountain Explained With Examples + Free Templates

Need help planning a story? A story mountain is a brilliant tool for helping new writers understand story structure and plotting. Behind every great story is a mountain metaphor. You start off on the safe, steady ground. As you make your way up the mountain, you face many conflicts and ...

Ramadan journal ideas
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40+ Ramadan Journal Ideas (+ Free PDF)

Marking the spiritual journey of Ramadan can be enriching and insightful with the help of a dedicated journal. This blog post explores 30 creative and engaging Ramadan journal ideas to inspire young people to document their experiences, reflections, and growth throughout the holy ...

how to write Acrostic Poem
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How To Write An Acrostic Poem In 5 Easy Steps (+ Free Printable)

Acrostic poems are one of the simplest forms of poetry out there. They may seem scary to beginners, but once you know how to write one, you’ll never stop writing! In this post, we’ll teach you how to write an acrostic poem in 5 easy steps, along with a printable ...

Character Development Tips For Developing Characters
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Character Development: 20 Tips for Developing Fictional Characters

Characters are at the heart of any story. They make choices, they struggle, they grow and they change. People can relate to good characters and understand the world they live in. But to create good characters, writers need to start with character development before writing their ...

How To Outline A Book
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How To Outline A Book [Free Outline Template]

Learn how to outline a book in seven easy steps. Don’t rush off and write a book yet! Wait a moment, and explore your book idea in detail. Is it interesting enough? Will there be any gaps in the plot? Can my readers understand it? You won’t know the answers ...

picture writing prompts
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85+ Picture Writing Prompts For Kids (+ Free Printable)

A picture is worth a thousand words. So how many words can you write for these 85 picture writing prompts for kids and grow-ups alike! Pictures, whether something as simple as an apple or as complex as an action scene can spark the imagination in more ways than one. Of ...