Writing Challenges

Come back everyday for a new daily writing challenge! From daily poetry challenges to our short story challenge, explore the full list of available challenges below.
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Creature Challenge #273

Can you create a detailed description of this creature or animal?

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Weekly Short Story Challenge #85

Write a short story about a tough housewife who is guilty of a crime. It's a dark fantasy story abou...

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Poetry Challenge #590

Write a acrostic poem using the letters that spell summer.

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Word Challenge #590

Can you write a scene in a story that includes the following word: signature

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Ghostly Town
Book Title Challenge #590

Can you write an opening paragraph using this book title: Ghostly Town

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World Challenge #553

Can you create a detailed world description using this image as inspiration?

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Character Challenge #590

Can you create a detailed character profile using this picture?

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Image Challenge #590

Describe this random image in at least 100 words.

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