Five Types of Journals You May Want to Keep

Have you ever thought of keeping a journal? There are many types of journals out there that serve a variety of purposes. For example, you can use a journal to record the things you’re grateful for. Listing these things can help you de-stress and feel more positive about your life. Other journals help you remember joyful events in your life to give you encouragement during the challenging times. Discover five types of journals you should consider keeping.

A Time Capsule Journal

A time capsule journal is for keeping track of your thoughts regarding the events happening at a particular period in time. I kept a time capsule journal during high school that I like to look back on now that I’m an adult. It’s fun to see my thoughts and impressions of teachers, classes, friends and trends happening in that period of my life. A student going off to college may want to start a time capsule journal or a person who’s serving in the military may want to keep one. There are all kinds of situations perfect for keeping this type of journal. You may want to consider a Jofelo refillable journal.

A Dream Journal

A dream journal is just what it sounds like. Keep this journal on a bedside table or somewhere else near your bed. This makes it easy to write down the details of dreams you have before you start to forget them. Plus, if you have a nightmare, you can write down its details in an effort to find out what you may be scared of in real life. I pair my dream journal with a dream interpretation book. I can look in my dream interpretation book to find the symbolic meanings of objects, people and even creatures in my dreams. Of course, a dream interpretation book isn’t the last word on the meaning of a dream, but it can help you start to think about what may be causing a certain type of dream or even a recurring one.

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A Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal is kept as a continual reminder of all of the good things in your life. I keep one in list form. I note ten things I’m grateful for each evening. Of course, you can list more than ten items if you want to! My items can range from finding a convenient parking spot to having a conversation with a good friend about an issue in my life. It’s your journal, so you get to dictate what goes into it. I find it helpful to read my gratitude journal when I feel like everything is going wrong. The journal is there as proof that I have many things to be grateful for.

A Meditation Journal

A meditation journal is useful for de-stressing after a long day at work or school. One person’s meditation journal can look completely different from another person’s. That’s perfectly fine. One person may use it to work through feelings of anger they felt that day at work. Another person may use it to sort out why they are feeling sad after talking to a particular person at school. This journal is the perfect place to meditate on problems and get out all of the feelings you need to before switching gears and having a peaceful evening with family.

A Project Journal

A project journal is a specific tool used to help you work through projects. As an example, if you’re making your own type of craft beer, you would use a project journal to write down the steps of your method. Then, you could go back to the project journal to make notes on what worked and what didn’t. A project journal is designed to help you improve your methods as you undertake any project. This sort of journal could be used as you are knitting a sweater, painting a portrait or growing a vegetable garden. Though it’s a practical item, I like to add notes on how I feel during the different steps of a project. This helps me to remember the fun I had doing a particular project.

Lastly, you don’t have to keep all five types of journals at one time. But, consider trying to keep one type of journal one year and try another type the next year. They can all serve a purpose and give you some more understanding about whatever is happening in your life.

Five Types of Journals You May Want to Keep

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