Christmas Elf Name Generator: 150+ Elf Names

With Christmas around the corner, it’s the perfect time to tell some festive stories featuring Santa Claus, reindeers and elves. While Santa Claus’s name is all sorted out and even your reindeers have perfect names. Now you might be wondering what to call your Christmas elf? This festive Christmas elf name generator has over 150 name ideas for your elf characters or Christmas elf family. From cute names like Cookie SparkleEyes to more sinister names like Patchy PickleFace (perfect for an evil Christmas elf), this Christmas elf name generator has it all:

Christmas Elf Name Generator

Please, click the button to generate a random elf name.

You might even be interested in this fun and festive Christmas book title generator. It has over 150 book title ideas for your festive Christmas stories. We also have a fantasy elf name generator if you’re looking for names for the other kind of elves.

How to Create Your Own Christmas Elf Name

Not feeling so jolly about our Christmas elf name generator above? Try your hand at creating your own Christmas elf name with these easy tips:

  1. Make a list of festive words, such as tinsel, snow, angel, turkey, cocoa and so on.
  2. Add some cuteness to those festive words. For example instead of snow, you can say, ‘Snowy’ or instead of ‘Star’, you might say, ‘Starry’.
  3. Think of cute-sounding general words, such as snooty, snappy or sprinkles.
  4. For the surname or elf family name, try combining festive words with cute words, such as CandyMittens or CookiePuff. 
  5. It is quite common for Christmas elf family names to include pieces of clothing or facial features in the surname. Take these elf family names as an example, SugarSocks, FloppyToes or TinselPants.

Based on these tips we even created this wonderful Christmas elf name generator printable:

Christmas elf name generator

Just pick the first initial of your first name and surname to get your very own Christmas Elf Name! Now it’s your turn to create your own Christmas elf name! Let us know your elf names in the comments below! And have fun creating your own Christmas elf names for your festive stories this Christmas. 

Random List Of Cute Christmas Elf Names

Here’s a really long list of over 150 cute Christmas elf names that you can use in your festive stories or for fun anywhere you like!

  • Lucky TinselFlakes
  • Stampy CandyEyes
  • Dancer CocoaDoodle
  • Dancer CinnamonDust
  • Frosty JollyFlakes
  • Figgy MerryButtons
  • Sprinkles GummyMittens
  • Cocoa GlitterCakes
  • Figgy FizzyBread
  • Cookie JollyFlakes
  • Lucky CandyMan
  • Jingle SparklePot
  • Cookie SparkleMittens
  • Dancer CookiePlum
  • Dancer FizzyPie
  • Frosty PepperFingers
  • Snooty BrightEyes
  • Jolly BellPie
  • Pixie CookieFluff
  • Buddy JingleEyes
  • Cocoa PepperButtons
  • Stampy IceButtons
  • Figgy PuffyShorts
  • Cookie MerryMan
  • Cutie GlitterNose
  • Sprinkles GingerButtons
  • Tinsel SnazzyBerry
  • Molly ToffeeFingers
  • Molly JingleMan
  • Figgy GummyBread
  • Patchy PickleFace
  • Figgy PuddingTree
  • Frosty PuffyShorts
  • Cutie CookieShorts
  • Carol StarToes
  • Frosty JollyBread
  • Jazzy PepperCheer
  • Patchy JingleCakes
  • Patchy CinnamonPants
  • Stampy CocoaSnowBalls
  • Cutie FloppyBottom
  • Twinkle IceBells
  • Twinkle PickleLights
  • Buddy GlitterDoodle
  • Holly SnazzyFlakes
  • Happy GingerCakes
  • Cookie SparkleEyes
  • Stampy CandyShoes
  • Carol StarCakes
  • Bubbles SparkleToes
  • Cocoa PepperMittens
  • Snowy SnowFlakes
  • Baubles PepperToes
  • Sprinkles SugarFingers
  • Tinsel SparkleBerry
  • Sprinkles FizzyShorts
  • Jolly BrightBerg
  • Pixie GingerEyes
  • Jingle JinglePot
  • Buddy ToffeeSnowBalls
  • Jazzy JollyTree
  • Twinkle PickleDoodle
  • Patchy CocoaFluff
  • Figgy BellTree
  • Jazzy GlitterMan
  • Buddy GlitterPants
  • Bubbles ToffeeNose
  • Buddy JollyPlum
  • Merry ToffeeMan
  • Merry JollyEyes
  • Bubbles StarPie
  • Snooty ToffeeMan
  • Tinsel CandyFluff
  • Twinkle BellFlakes
  • Lucky PuffyToes
  • Happy ToffeeCakes
  • Holly PuddingPants
  • Cookie CookieDoodle
  • Carol FloppyPie
  • Dancer SnazzyBerg
  • Happy JingleDoodle
  • Frosty MerryBells
  • Jolly TinselFluff
  • Cutie PickleButtons
  • Merry SugarSocks
  • Pixie ToffeePot
  • Happy GummySnowBalls
  • Cookie GingerSnowBalls
  • Cocoa IceFingers
  • Pixie BrightBerg
  • Holly BrightShoes
  • Figgy CandyFingers
  • Cutie CandyNose
  • Merry FizzyCheer
  • Bubbles SnazzyPants
  • Tinker CocoaBells
  • Cutie PuffyDust
  • Twinkle GlitterFluff
  • Starry PepperShorts
  • Cocoa IceBerg
  • Tinker PepperEyes
  • Happy BellNose
  • Bubbles BrightCheer
  • Patchy SnazzyBottom
  • Carol CinnamonBread
  • Carol SparkleFlakes
  • Baubles SparkleToes
  • Lucky PepperFingers
  • Snappy PuffyBelly
  • Happy JollyFlakes
  • Buddy FloppyBerry
  • Tinker FrostLights
  • Buddy ToffeeBerry
  • Jazzy TinselToes
  • Bubbles CocoaFlakes
  • Frosty IceBottom
  • Buddy PuddingBottom
  • Tinker CandyFluff
  • Merry SugarShoes
  • Cookie CocoaBottom
  • Starry TinselFlakes
  • Tinsel PuddingButtons
  • Snooty PuddingLights
  • Lucky GummyBelly
  • Tinsel SparkleCheer
  • Sprinkles JollyPot
  • Jingle IceMittens
  • Snappy MerryCakes
  • Starry JollyFluff
  • Sprinkles SparkleToes
  • Happy CookieCakes
  • Merry PuffyCakes
  • Starry ToffeeBread
  • Jingle GingerPot
  • Pixie TinselPlum
  • Happy GlitterPie
  • Dancer TwinkleCheer
  • Starry PepperBells
  • Lucky PickleLights
  • Jazzy CocoaPie
  • Jolly CinnamonPants
  • Baubles GummyPot
  • Molly GingerShoes
  • Dancer ToffeeNose
  • Tinsel PepperPants
  • Baubles CinnamonDoodle
  • Holly ToffeeBelly
  • Figgy BellFlakes
  • Snappy GummyShorts
  • Baubles ToffeeBerry
  • Snooty IceMittens
  • Happy JingleMittens
  • Molly TwinkleFingers
  • Twinkle JollySnowBalls
  • Snowy PuffyBells
  • Lucky PickleCheer
  • Molly GingerBells
  • Molly PuffyBells
  • Merry SnazzyPot
  • Snowy JollyCheer
  • Figgy BrightLights
  • Twinkle GlitterNose
  • Pixie FloppyShoes
  • Sprinkles CandyDust
  • Happy JingleDust
  • Starry FloppyFingers
  • Dancer GummyShorts
  • Tinsel TinselTree
  • Stampy PuffyFlakes
  • Merry PuffyButtons
  • Merry PickleBells
  • Cutie SugarShorts
  • Jingle GingerFluff
  • Holly PuffyMittens
  • Tinsel MerryMittens
  • Snowy JollyBerry
Create Your own Elf Name - Christmas Elf Name Generator

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