Fantasy Book Title Generator: 120+ Fantasy Title Ideas

Not sure what to call your next fantasy novel or story? Our fantasy book title generator has over 120 ideas for potential fantasy book titles. Whether you need a new idea for a fantasy novel or have already written your book, this generator is sure to help you.

When it comes to fantasy book titles, think magic, faraway lands and mythical creatures. If you have already written your book, then make a list of key nouns and adjectives to describe your tale. From this list, you can easily find inspiration for a brilliant book title for your fantasy novel. And if you’re just looking for an idea, then select one of our fantasy book titles and start planning out your story.  You might also want to see our fantasy world name generator for more ideas.

Random Fantasy Book Title Generator

Whether you’re struggling to come up with a book title or just need a little inspiration for your next tale, this fantasy book title generator is sure to help:

Please, click the button to generate a random fantasy book title idea.

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Create Your Own Fantasy Book Title

Looking for a good book title for your fantasy story? Here are two techniques that will help you come up with an amazing fantasy book title:

  1. Adjective and noun technique
  2. Noun to location technique

Adjective and noun technique

Most of you will already be familiar with the adjective and noun technique for generating book title ideas. This same technique can be given a magical twist to suit your fantasy stories. First start by making a list of fantasy adjectives that are likely to suit your story, such as:

  • Enchanted
  • Powerful
  • Secret
  • Ancient
  • Dark

Try to think of at least 10 adjectives. Next, make a separate list of fantasy nouns that relate to your story, such as:

  • Dragons
  • Elves
  • Castle
  • Mermaid
  • Forest

Now you should have two separate lists, one for adjectives and one for nouns. The final step is to combine the words in these two lists to create potential fantasy book title ideas. For example, you might come up with the following:

  • The Enchanted Castle
  • The Dark Mermaids
  • The Ancient Elves
  • The Secret Forest
  • The Powerful Dragon
  • And so on…

This is a very easy and quick way of generating book titles for your fantasy novel. Here is a printable fantasy book title generator to help you out:

fantasy book title generator

Noun to location technique

The noun to location technique is an expansion of the above technique, which includes the extra element of location. When it comes to fantasy stories, the location or magical world you create is an important ingredient in most great fantasy novels. Just think of Hogwarts in Harry Potter or Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings. Based on this, we have created a technique, especially for fantasy story ideas. 

Again with this technique, you should start with a list of nouns. This list of nouns can relate to characters (i.e. elves or dragons) or to fantasy objects, such as swords or potions:

  • Queen
  • Elves
  • Princes
  • Dragons
  • Sword

Next create a separate list of adjectives, such as:

  • Broken
  • Dark
  • Lost
  • Enchanted
  • Silent

Now comes the extra element, the location. In this list try to include possible fantasy locations that your story is set in, such as:

  • Castle
  • Forest
  • Kingdom
  • Ocean
  • Garden

Finally, combine the three lists to create your own fantasy book title ideas. You may come up with the following ideas:

  • Dragons of the Dark Kingdom
  • Princes of the Golden Garden
  • Sorcerer of the Dead Forest
  • Trolls of the Cold Cave
  • Sword of the Ancient World

If you have an exact name of the location in your story, then you can adapt this technique to include the name of your fantasy world in the book title, such as:

  • Unicorns of Azurus
  • Dragons of Cambria
  • Elves of Argontonia
  • Queens of Aquilla
  • Lord of Saffronous

These are just some quick fantasy location names we thought of and added to the book title. Now using the techniques above and our fantasy book title generator, you should be able to come up with a ton of cool book title ideas for your fantasy novel. Now all you have to do is pick one to be your final title!

See our guide on how to come up with a good book title for more guidance.

Fantasy Book Title Ideas

  • The Magic Tree
  • Arealia, Forest Princess
  • Winter Fairy
  • Wizards of Ice
  • Call of the Forest
  • The Enchanted Ones
  • A Spell Too Far
  • A Potion For The Wise
  • Tower To The Stars
  • Me, Moonie and Magic
  • The Last Flame
  • Lost Warriors Of Elysium
  • Night Light
  • Eye of the Wolf
  • The Hollow Spirit
  • The Ancient Sorcerer
  • The Wicked Sorcerer
  • The Pure Troll
  • The Dark Goblin
  • The Charming Sword
  • The Red Unicorn
  • The Silent Ogre
  • The Red Kingdom
  • The Evil Goblin
  • The Lucky Troll
  • The Gothic Sword
  • The Good Knight
  • The Black Goblin
  • The White Goblin
  • The Whimsical Spell
  • The Wicked Unicorn
  • The Ancient Mermaid
  • The Enchanted Dragon
  • The Red Spell
  • The Cursed Sorcerer
  • The Enchanted Dungeon
  • The Grand Elf
  • The Gothic Kingdom
  • The Majestic Kingdom
  • The Red Castle
  • The Gothic Elf
  • The Majestic Goblin
  • The Cursed Spirit
  • The Secret Werewolf
  • The Dark Warrior
  • The Majestic Spirit
  • The Evil Sorcerer
  • The Fantastic Ogre
  • The Black Knight
  • The Powerful Castle
  • The Ancient Dungeon
  • Queen of the Lost
  • Wizards of the Cold Night
  • Lord of the Dead Winter
  • Princes of the Castle
  • Lord of the Dark Kingdom
  • Dragons of the Dark Kingdom
  • Unicorns of the Broken Castle
  • Lord of the Enchanted Tree
  • Lord of the Silver Ocean
  • King of the Silver Ocean
  • Queen of the Cold Night
  • Trolls of the Enchanted Tree
  • Sorcerer of the Dead Winter
  • Lord of the Dark Cave
  • Witches of the Cold Night
  • Witches of the Dark Kingdom
  • Sorcerer of the Endless Worlds
  • Princess of the Cold Night
  • Princess of the Silver Ocean
  • Elves of the Dark Cave
  • Unicorns of the Dark Cave
  • King of the Endless Worlds
  • Princes of the Dead Winter
  • Lord of the Broken Castle
  • Dragons of the Enchanted Tree
  • Dragons of the Silent Cave
  • Witches of the Dead Tree
  • Lord of the Endless Tree
  • Witches of the Broken Worlds
  • Queen of the Enchanted Kingdom
  • Witches of the Dead Kingdom
  • Princes of the Lost Winter
  • Princes of the Dead Forest
  • Wizards of the Endless Cave
  • Dragons of the Dark Winter
  • Sorcerer of the Cold Woods
  • Dragons of the Lost Woods
  • Queen of the Cold Castle
  • Unicorns of the Enchanted Woods
  • Wizards of the Dead Tree
  • Witches of the Silent Cave
  • Queen of the Dark Forest
  • Wizards of the Lost Woods
  • Queen of the Endless Ocean
  • Sorcerer of the Cold Worlds
  • Elves of the Lost Castle
  • Dragons of the Broken Ocean
  • Queen of the Ancient Night
  • The Mysterious Sorcerer
  • The Grand Ogre
  • The Silent Book
  • The Ancient Elf
  • The Sacred Mermaid
  • The Lucky Book
  • The Wicked Phoenix
  • The Hollow Sword
  • The Charming Phoenix
  • The Magical Forest
  • The Pure Mermaid
  • The Lucky Fairy
  • The Hollow Ogre
  • The Gothic Warrior
  • The Whimsical Mermaid
  • The Dark Spirit
  • The Lucky Elf
  • The Good Mermaid
  • The Secret Sword
  • The Pure Forest
  • The Fantastic Phoenix
  • The Secret Sorcerer
  • The Mysterious Ninja
  • Unicorns of Azurus
  • Dragons of Cambria
  • Elves of Argontonia
  • Dragon Soul
  • Queens of Aquilla
  • Lord of Saffronous

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