How Imagine Forest Works

Some of the key features of Imagine Forest
Write super cool stories

The super sleek Imagine Forest story creator allows your write and publish stories anywhere. Simply choose your cover and start writing away. When you’re done, click publish and voila! Your story is published and ready to printed, downloaded or read online! To make story writing easy for the less experienced writer, we even provide beautiful images and story starters to get you inspired! Write your story today and see your imagination grow!

Get feedback on your stories

Published a story? Now it time for your Imagine Forest friends to read it! Easily like and favourite the stories you want to read again. Comment on the stories that you think are amazing. Discuss their plot or the use of characters with your friends and classmates. They say the most crucial part of writing a story is feedback. And with Imagine Forest you can safely get feedback from the people you trust most like family and friends!

Daily goals to keep you writing

Are you the type of person who keeps putting writing off? With Imagine Forest goals you can keep your writing activity on track! The one key advice most authors would give is to write every day for at least 30 minutes! Writing more often improves both your writing skills and creative thinking. Both important skills for becoming a writer.

Activities to inspire

Your page is blank and your mind is even blanker! Don’t worry we have a number of resources and activities to get that light inside you burning bright with ideas! Our resources and activities are designed to inspire the most uninspired writer. Everyday expect to find something new to write about!

Learn the mechanics of story writing

Where to begin when writing stories? Our library of story writing lessons will help you at each step of writing your first story. Everything from finding ideas to drafting and editing your story. We got you covered, so you don’t have to worry!

Best of all - It’s all free!

Yes, it’s true! You can write, publish and share your stories for free with no hidden costs. We are only interested in one thing and that is improving your writing skills. If we can help thousands or millions of aspiring writers with their writing skills – We will be extremely satisfied!

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