5 Ways to Nurture Creativity in Your Little One

After a while, the common refrain in every “exciting” summer vacation for every child is “I’m bored”. No matter what you suggest, your child will complain that they have nothing to do or nothing is interesting enough. Fortunately, with a few bright ideas, there are a number of activities you and your child can take up to creatively spend time together. Here are some fun ideas to dismiss boredom and nurture the creativity in your little one:

    1. Fun and Healthy Cooking Ideas:

      Lure your child into the kitchen and teach her or him how to make delicious yet nutritious meals. Incorporate vitamin E foods, vegetables, meat and nuts to make simple yet fun food: everything from delicious pasta sauces to peanut-filled brownies! To get your child interested, let them make a mess in the kitchen. Have them touch and taste various ingredients. Let them concoct unique recipes in their bowls. Most importantly, encourage their efforts and they will be immediately hooked to this creative survival skill. You will be left happy and surprised when your child willingly eats broccoli, just because cooking will leave them with a curious and excited appreciation for all food!

    2. Grow A Barrel Garden:

      A great way of encouraging creativity as well as filling a sense of natural wonder in your child is through gardening. It doesn’t matter if you have limited gardening space: with a barrel garden, your child can grow her own mini-garden! What you need is a non-toxic eco-friendly drum or barrel. Drill equidistant 2.5-inch holes in this drum (except the bottom) and lay it out in your garden. Put a thinner PVC tube drilled with minute holes in the middle. Now comes the fun part. You and your little one can fill this with potting soil, and put seeds (of small plants like herbs and tomatoes) through the holes. For effective waste management, fill the container with food waste and water to act as compost, and secondary container for non-biodegradable waste and your little one’s little garden will flourish!

    3. Science Kits for Making Perfume:

      Here’s one way you can help your child discover the wonders of science while having a lot of fun! Invest in science gifts like the Perfume Science Kit which comes with a variety of different oils and instruction manuals for your child to mix, match and make innovative perfumes! Don’t be surprised if your house smells of roses, lemongrass and strawberries whenever you return from work! Complete with finishing oils and beautiful containers, this science gift will help your child discover the science behind cosmetics as she or he creates unique perfumes through guided steps! This kit is very educational: it provides a beginner’s entry into Chemistry and Biology. This kit has been made ethically and is completely child-friendly.

    4.  Create Beautiful Art:

      Numerous studies have shown that children are drawn to bright, beautiful colours and are more likely to learn and grow through colourful objects. Here is a fun, creative and colourful activity to do with your child! All you need is a broad and mid-depth container, filled with water. Get your child to wear gloves and add different colours of oil paint into this bath. Using a toothpick, create beautiful patterns across the colours. Then, merely dip cardboard or paper into this bath and pull it out: the beautiful pattern will be splayed all over the paper. Hang this out to dry. You and your child can cut this up into a photo frame, or fold it up into thank you cards!

    5. Build a Reading Habit:

      The ultimate way of nurturing lasting creativity in your child is by encouraging them to read. For this, you have to set an example by visibly reading yourself. To encourage your children,  you can even have small competitions with them, challenging them to finish some pages within a certain time. Before long, they will be so engrossed in the book, that the timeline will have no effect on them! Another fun thing to do is to build a fort out of cushions or to have a garden picnic dedicated to reading stories together! Reading will ensure they think creatively throughout their lives, as well as become better people.

As a parent, one of the greatest gifts you can give to your child is making them independent. Creative thinking is the key to becoming an independent person, who also manages to keep the spark of childish joy alive. Do these creative activities with your child to ensure they never have a bored moment again and are instead left with memories of a lifetime.

5 ways to nurture creativity in your little one

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