10 Ways to Awaken Creativity in Your Child

In a world dominated by video games and smartphones, it should come as no surprise that the modern parent is becoming increasingly concerned about their child’s creative development. After all, how can a child’s inherent thirst for creativity, exploration, and knowledge come to light if constantly overshadowed by the allure of modern media? Here to help a weary parent light a creative spark in their child’s heart are ten tips you should introduce into your schedule.

1. Let kids be kids

Before you start implementing concrete activities into your daily schedule, consider the most basic of requirements – freedom. A child is wild, quirky, spontaneous, and insatiably curious, so the first thing you need to do is put them in a setting where they can enjoy unadulterated fun. If you mind the mess, then this could be a designated play area such as their room or a remodelled attic, just don’t stand in the way of their freedom.

2. Foster a creative atmosphere

Although you should allow your kids to move freely about and play on their own terms, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t nudge them in the right direction and plant creative seeds into their welcoming hearts. With that in mind, be sure to offer numerous fun and exciting ideas for your child’s consideration, and then encourage them to come up with new, fun activities of their own.

3. Let them change their minds

Kids are all over the place, okay, and it would be foolish to think that you can get them to commit to a single activity for more than an hour at a time. This is not a bad thing, quite the contrary, they should be allowed to change their minds and pursue another “passion” whenever they feel like it – it will give them the drive they need to stay curious and explore new possibilities.

4. Inspire their inner chef

One of these possibilities that can also have a great educational role in their life is helping mommy (or daddy) out in the kitchen. Teaching your kids how to handle cookware and how to cook is a great way to instil positive habits into their developing minds, and help awaken the tiny chef inside. To achieve this safely, you’ll need some durable kitchenware such as KitchenAid that’s able to withstand the constant bumping and dropping. Next, you’ll need some recipes your kids will actually want to make, but if you’re feeling really creative, then simply give them the ingredients and make it into a game of who can come up with the tastiest treat first.

5. Read to your kids, be a storyteller

Reading, writing, narrating. These are all excellent ways to ignite a passion for knowledge, as well as the ability to imagine whole new worlds right in their own room. Such is the power of a child’s mind, if only you give them the tools they need to make it all possible. You see, you shouldn’t expect of your child to be inherently creative when we as humans are creatures that build our personalities based on our surroundings, and the experiences we collect. Read to them with the passion of a true storyteller, enrich their mind palace, and witness as their curiosity and imagination come to life.

6. Make a beautiful canvas print

Who knows what kind of an amazing artist resides in your child. Perhaps your kid has the potential to become the next Picasso or Andy Warhol, and the only way to find out is to once again give them the right tools for the job. So grab a canvas and help them make their own canvas print with words, something inspiring or a story that’s close their hearts. Now hang their work of art on the wall and just let them relish their achievement.

7. Partake in a healthy discussion

One of the best ways to stifle your child’s creativity is to not allow them to speak their mind, or to disagree with you. Remember, revolutionary minds are not forged through blind obedience but through the healthy expression of one’s beliefs. Indulge in frequent discussions with your child, let them speak their mind about numerous subjects, and don’t forget to nudge them in the right direction.

8. Encourage but don’t reward

Creativity is its own reward. If you start rewarding your child every time they express a creative thought or do something creative in general, you’ll inevitably create a false sense of entitlement and teach your child to expect a reward every time they express their imaginative side. In the long run, this wouldn’t be a good life lesson.

9. Visit the great outdoors often

Children need to nurture a deep connection with nature in order to learn to respect Mother Earth, and also to soak in the vibrant sights and sounds of their surroundings. Be sure to take them on weekend escapades into the great outdoors in order to feed their wanderlust.

10. It’s all just a game

Lastly, no matter what you’re doing, always remember that it’s all just a game. Or at least it should be. Kids respond to positive stimuli, and what better way to get them excited about something creative than to make it all into a fun game? Remember, if everything’s a game, then nothing is hard, not even homework!

A child should not be expected to display their creative side out of the blue. Quite the contrary, it will be up to the mindful parent to influence the creative process and light a flame of imagination and endless curiosity in their child.

10 Ways to Awaken Creativity in Your Child

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