5 Fairy Tale Ideas for writing Your Next Fairy Tale Masterpiece

Before starting the main topic of 5 fairy tale ideas, let me tell you something about fairy tales. Fairy tales are filled with wonder and magic, this is what attracts children the most. Everybody likes to hear stories, especially in their childhood, from their parents or an older family member. At that time, with the emotional narration and voice of an older narrator, young listeners become enchanted and amazed by the wonder of such stories.

Some common features of a Fairy Tale

Before wring your fairy tale, you have to know the common features of one. Features that have been used in fairy tales from thousands of years ago to even now.

  • It begins with “Once upon a time”, “Long ago”, “You must have heard the name of…”
  • The main character comes from a relatable background and faces some sort of hardship.
  • There is a courageous hero/heroine.
  • Location of the story is an imaginary or “far away” land.
  • There are mythical animals that talk and use magic.
  • It has legendary creatures like unicorns, giants, flying horses, etc.
  •  Good doesn’t surrender but always beats evil and the villain meets his/her doom.
  • The story concludes happily ever after. But it doesn’t always have to! It could have a surprising twist at the end!

You can take a look at this amazing step-by-step guide on how to write a fairy tale for further help and ideas. If you think getting ideas for a fairy tale is a difficult task, don’t worry, here are some short fairy tale ideas to get you started:

5 Fairy Tale Ideas to Inspire You:

  1. Fairy Tale Idea 1: A lovely mermaid who wants to resurrect her passing father…

A lovely mermaid has to find a way to enter the human world and get a magic book of spells that she ought to examine to her deceased father. She can only appear human and live on backyard water for seven days. She finds the magic book but falls in love with a handsome prince who is already engaged to an evil princess. This princess discovers that the prince is falling for the stunning “stranger” and starts making existence hard for her… a mission the mermaid should overcome to get back to the sea on time with the magic book. Check out this super cool mermaid name generator to name your mermaid character. You might also be interested in these 12 mermaid writing prompts for more inspiration.

  1. Fairy tale Idea 2: A little princess who is taken away from her parents…

A little princess is stolen from her mother and father and locked away in a tower. The kidnapper is the palace royal chef who replaces her toddler with the princess and makes use of her darkish magic to persuade the king and queen that the child is theirs. The chef’s assistant finds out the fact and embarks on a mission to rescue the real princess and wreck the spell forged on her parents.

  1. Fairy tale idea 3: A princess seeks to save unicorns from an evil sorcerer…

Unicorns are being hunted and offered to an evil sorcerer who kills them to have greater power. The princess of the kingdom discovers the villain’s hideout and tells her old friend who is a speaking goldfish. Together, they set out to expose the evil sorcerer and rescue the unicorns. As they face challenges, assistance comes in the shape of an elf.

  1. Fairy tale idea 4: A handsome prince is turned into a pig every night…

A handsome however evil and arrogant prince has been cursed by way of a magician. Every night, he turns into a pig. To break the curse, he should locate a female to love him even after discovering that he turns into a pig at night…a venture that would force him to be humble and respectful.

  1. Fairy Tale idea 5: A courageous soldier must resolve three riddles to defeat a creature…

A courageous soldier must resolve three riddles before he can defeat an evil large creature tormenting his hometown. He faces many challenges when discovering the riddles and seeks the assistance of a smart historic woman, who helps him to solve them and overcome the evil creature.

Use these fairy tale ideas to jump start your imagination, and use them any way you want. Change the characters, the settings and take different ideas from each different fairy tale prompt to create something different and new. Now it’s your turn to write your own fairy tale.

For further fairy tale writing resources, take a look at our post on how to retell a fairy tale in 5 steps and find more fairy tale writing prompts in our writing prompts section. If these fairy tale prompts have inspired you to write your own fairy tale, then our online community of writers to write a story online easily! 

5 Fairy Tale Ideas for writing your next Fairy Tale Masterpiece

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