5 Winter Activities for Kids During The Cold Season

Children love the winter holiday. Actually, children love any kind of holiday! During the winter holiday, there may be days when your child cannot go play outside. This would usually be because of the weather. You can take this time to give your child some activities which will encourage writing too. Fun activities will serve as a break from your child playing alone. It gives an experience different from playing with devices and educational toys. Fortunately, there are many kinds of activities you can do to keep your child entertained. These activities are not only fun, but they’re beneficial too. You can even use them to reinforce your child’s love of writing. Here are some enjoyable winter activities to try with your child

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1. Start a Winter Journal

As soon as the winter holiday begins, introduce this great activity to your child. You can either buy a journal or help your child make one. Also, purchase or create some fun embellishments and decorations. Allow your child to add them to the journal each time they make an entry. This is a great way to encourage your child to write. Each time your child participates in a fun activity during the winter break, let them fill in the journal. Sit with your child and ask them to talk about the activity.

If your child is old enough to write in the journal on their own, allow them too. Younger children may need your help though, so help your child as much as you can with writing the journal. Make this activity more fun by telling your child that each time they finish an entry, they can dress up the page. Give your child the decorations and let them be as creative as they want to be.

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2. Make a Snowman Factory

This is a fun and engaging activity. It needs a lot of preparation from your end, but the results are wonderful. You’ll need to buy or make some white play dough as the main component for the snowman factory. If you want to make it fancier, mix in some white glitter with the dough for sparkly snowmen!

When you have enough play dough, collect different materials. Find items your child can use to decorate the snowmen. These include googly eyes, ribbons, beads, twigs, and other things you can think of. Be as creative as you can when searching for decorative items.

Finally, set up the Snowman Factory on the table. Do the preparations while your child is away and introduce it as a surprise. Your child will definitely have a lot of fun making these snowmen. And the best part is that these snowmen don’t melt!

3. Create a story

Here’s another fun activity for your child. Instead of just telling stories to your child, create a story with your child. You can bring out some puppets, dolls, and other props and play with your child to start the activity. When your child gets into the mood, ask your child to create a story of his own. This is great for developing your child’s language and creativity.

If your child is old enough, you can ask them to write a story of their own. You can even use the Imagine Forest story creator to write the story. Give your child some inspiration or use some of these cool writing prompts for kids and then leave them for a while to write the story. When your child’s done, take some time to listen to the story. No matter how it turns out, make sure to appreciate it and praise your child for the effort. By the end of the activity, your child will surely want to make more stories.

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4. Play winter-themed word games

When it comes to word games, there are endless possibilities. Just because it’s the holiday, that doesn’t mean that the learning has to end. Word games build vocabulary and help hone other skills too. You can create word mats, word scramble activities, and all with a winter theme. Print out some winter-themed words on a paper then stick them all around your house. Along with these, print out some winter-themed pictures. Ask your child to search for all the words and pictures. Then, ask your child to match them.

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5. Paint with snow

Finally, you can have a fun snowy painting activity with your child. Although it’s impossible to paint with real snow, you can make something similar to it. It’s easy to make this special paint, all you need are two simple ingredients! Simply mix equal parts of shaving cream and white glue. Mix them together and you’re done! You can immediately paint with this snowy mixture. Take some colourful paper and paint white snow on them. Either that or you can cut out some shapes and use them as stencils. Cut out stencils of snowmen, snowflakes, Santa hats, and other winter shapes. When painting with the snow paint, make sure to use heavier paper. The best part about this paint is that when it dries, it becomes puffy with a cottony texture! Your child will adore it!

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