36 Winter Writing Prompts For Kids

Winter is here! To get you inspired, here are 36 Winter writing prompts to warm up your brain this cold season. 

Winter can be both bitter-cold, and fun. If the snow is nice and fluffy, you can play outdoors and make snowmen. And if the weather is too cold, then there’s plenty of fun indoor activities to keep you cosy and warm. If you do find yourself stuck indoors and bored, then these winter writing prompts are your ‘go-to’ resource. Challenge yourself to complete all 36 prompts in 36 days or even in a week! There is a little bit of everything to explore in our list, from creative winter story prompts to snow-themed journal prompts. We hope you find this list useful.

36 Winter Writing Prompts

From writing about snows days to those wonderful winter holidays, here is our list of winter writing prompts:

  1. One day you wake up and realise that you have turned into a snowman! What do you do next? Continue this story.
  2. Write a haiku poem about snowflakes.
  3. Make a list of at least five games that you can play in the snow.
  4. Design and describe your very own igloo. What would it look like from the outside? What type of furniture and decorations would be inside?
  5. Make a list of five things you love about winter. Then make a list of five things you hate about winter.
  6. “The cold wind rattled outside, as frost covered the windows.” Using this story starter, write a story about the worst snowstorm in the history of all snowstorms. 
  7. Imagine you are a weather reporter for a top news channel. Write a weather report on the weather near you right now.
  8. Do you wish there was more snow or less snow in your area? Do you ever get tired of the snow?
  9. Design and describe your own snowman. What kind of things would you use to build your snowman? How will you dress them? Will you make a whole family of snowmen?
  10. Write a how-to guide on how to win at a snowball fight. Provide at least five tips in this guide.
  11. You spend your winter holidays in your family’s cabin up in the mountains. One night you hear a knock at the door. You open it. It’s the Abominable Snowman (or Yeti as some might call him)! What do you do next? Continue this story.
  12. Imagine that you are stuck indoors for seven days because of the heavy snow. While you are stuck indoors, what do you do? Think about the activities you do indoors and the food you eat. 
  13. If you look out of the window on a Winter’s day, what do you see? Describe this scene in great detail.
  14. List at least five ways to stay warm during winter.
  15. Describe the perfect winter wonderland scene. This scene could be set in a park, your own house or even your school.
  16. What is your favourite Winter Olympics sport and why?
  17. Snow is falling and school is closed for the day! Write a story about the best snow day ever. 
  18. What is your dream winter vacation? Describe where you would go, and what activities you would do.
  19. Complete this sentence in at least three ways: Winter is all about…
  20. Write down your own recipe for hot chocolate.
  21. Would you rather go ice-skating with the Ice Queen or snow-boarding with a yeti? Explain your choice.
  22. Through the thick blizzard, a young penguin waddles along trying to find his way back home. Write a short story using this idea as inspiration.
  23. Make a list of at least five activities you can do indoors when it’s too cold to go outside.
  24. Do you prefer hot weather or cold weather? Explain your answer. 
  25. Write an acrostic poem using the letters that spell W-I-N-T-E-R.
  26. Write a news article about a colony of penguins visiting your town. The news headline could be: Penguins Are Coming To Town!
  27. In Greek mythology, people believe that ‘Old Man Winter’ was responsible for the cold, frosty weather in winter. He had the power to blow frosty winds turning everything to ice and frost. Write a fairytale about a small kingdom which is under the control of ‘Old Man Winter’. The citizens of this kingdom are tired of the icy, cold weather, and want it to change fast.
  28. You are a little snowflake falling to Earth. Write down your thoughts as you slowly fall down.
  29. Your family has just adopted a baby penguin. Write a funny story about how you take care of this penguin over the years.
  30. Imagine you are a tree in winter. You stand there bare with no leaves. Write down your thoughts about losing all your leaves.
  31. Write a conversation between Winter and Spring. If Winter was a person, what would they say to Spring?
  32. Write a short story about a polar bear that wants to become the best snowboarder in the world.
  33. What is the most beautiful part about winter?
  34. Describe snow to someone who has never experienced snow in their life. What does it feel like? Describe its appearance in great detail.
  35. Create a comic strip about a group of snow animals who are on a mission to stop the ice from melting.
  36. Complete the following sentence: When it snows, I like to…

For more winter writing ideas, check out our 31 day December writing challenge. How did you find this list of winter writing prompts? Did you manage to complete all 36 writing ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

Winter writing prompts

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